The best off-road vehicle in different classes

Best SUV, is not adapted to Russian roads, it may not be a powerful machine that can travel everywhere, and ordinary car.Therefore, when choosing a car to better focus on the opinion of those who tested it in our country.So what model it makes sense to pay attention on the basis of international experience?

Everyone knows that SUVs are divided into classes: light, medium-sized (seven seats for passengers and the displacement of 2.5 liters) and full-length (the engine from 3.5 liters).And in each class can be identified is the best SUV.

In terms of reliability in a full-size number of isolated "Ford Explorer".This model was originally not designed for fast driving, but differ substantially cross.For use in Russia is to buy a sample with six-speed "automatic", the 3.5-liter engine producing 294 hpYou can choose either front-wheel drive or 4x4 intelligent all-wheel drive, which reconfigures the vehicle parameters (gas systems, brakes, Traction Control, gearbox, etc..) So that the modes "snow", "sand",

"descent from the mountain" or "dirt "created the optimal parameters of movement.Russians as a racer will enjoy the maximum speed of the model - up to 230 km \ h and acceleration to "hundreds" for 8 seconds.

Experts believe that the best SUV of the middle class are not produced in Russia.This "Volkswagen Touareg" - class car.Its owners, starting in 2007, the issue can use the system plus ABS shortens the braking distance on the sand, gravel, snow 20 percent.Also present at the car cruise control systems, scanning side "blind" zone.Modern "Touareg" is equipped with a rearview camera, a gasoline or diesel engine (5.0 liters up to \ 300 horsepower), it has in its housing lightweight modern materials allow you to manage this "edifice" more easily, and also save on fuel.Some believe that the level of comfort is the best SUV in the world, fueled by heated seats, central locking, audio system, speakers with high sound quality and a host of other useful and pleasant things.

of the cars "light" class emit Honda Si-Er-Bu.The car has a weight of up to 1542 kg depending on the type of engine, the body length to 4.5 with a small meter.Clearance from the latest models of the brand is not very high - 16.5 cm, which directs the vehicle to operate in greater comfort than in the midst of fields and forests.But in terms of the interior is really possible to say that this is the best SUV, well, one of them.The luggage compartment has a volume of almost machine to 1670 liters, the cabin is mounted high on-board computer, but under the hood there is a 2.0-liter engine with 150 hpCars are equipped with a "smart" system of "Real Time 4ViDi", which gives low fuel consumption, unconventional SUV.

If we go back to the expanses of our country, we find that in some areas can only drive the coolest SUV type GAZ-2975, which is an army transport.This "monster" can accommodate 10 people, raised above the ground (mud, snow, etc.) By 40 cm. It is not very fast drives on the highway (135 km \ h), but can climb the hill at an angle of 45 degrees or moveford depths up to 1.2 meters.The machine takes on board one and a half tons of cargo and can be as much pull a trailer.