What is needed tires for UAZ?

How to choose the right tires on your car?It's pretty topical issue among the owners of the machines.To start with the standard size, which can be found in the service book.Next, choose the "shoes" should be in accordance with the terms of its operation and the season.

In general, it is difficult to buy the right tires.Selling them is so urgent that made the market of this product is too diverse and represented by a mass of different manufacturers.Distractedly not so difficult.

defined the size and seasonality, choose a tread pattern.The most popular tires with symmetrical pattern.They are characterized by good quality and reasonable price.But high speed for such tires are not available.This pattern is capable of removing water from the contact patch.Asymmetrical pattern for different ways - and dry, and slush.Dear tire with an asymmetrical pattern guarantees excellent handling machine in the most appalling conditions off-road.

With respect seasonality of tires, the summer should be used in summ

er and winter, respectively, in the winter.The phrase, of course, turned out stupid, but many drivers and winter travel in the summer.And this is just nonsense.It is not fools come up with different types of products.

winter tires from summer heat are relatively soft, they wear out quickly and do not give the desired level of security.But summer tires from the cold temperature just dubeyut, they can not provide high-quality grip.

Rubber UAZ

off-road tires are selected according to the conditions, not peculiar to them, so to speak, ordinary "brothers."Firstly, the tires on the UAZ be different acceptable percentage of noise and the realization of comfortable conditions for passengers while driving.

Standard tires mean that will ensure high performance adhesion on dry surfaces.But UAZ off-road tires on the required good traction characteristics under different weather conditions, forming a dirty or, conversely, dry surface, the present off-road or light sleet.

main parameters on which the selected tires to UAZ, were the following: a rugged tread pattern;Compounds that are resistant to the appearance of cuts;high strength frame structure for the compression resistance tires and poor road conditions.Typically, off-road tires are divided into season and versatile designs.

season tires on the UAZ should have a fairly wide directional pattern capable of self-cleaning.They are ideal for off-road, but on the paved surfaces they produce a lot of noise and have a higher level of vibration.Universal patterns also imply a figure and protector, which is quite resistant to external impact when driving on the road.

choose tires still is not on the price index, and quality.It is better to pay attention to a proven brand and pay a little more.Life is more expensive than any money, and we need to know where the savings just misplaced!