When there is a desire to raise their hands minitractor

For many people in rural areas, and just love what they do cottagers, you need to increase performance, and often, simply to reduce the burden to have a small, but comfortable in the technique.By far the most popular option today in our country is a walk-behind.This is not surprising - machinery quite convenient and easy to use.But tillers can not handle more or less extensive areas, to move heavy loads.To solve this kind of problems most effectively suit minitractor.

Where to start?

As practice shows, the contingent need of acquiring small tractors, if not to take into account the farmers who received a development loan, does not have sufficient funds to buy a new car factory.For this reason, there are ideas about how to raise their hands minitractor.The forums on relevant topics offer a lot of advice on this procedure.It is worth noting that the universal advice on how to make a mini tractor.The most viable option may be considered an option, "Gather the fact that there is."Most often homemade mini

tractor create based on the existing model of a commercial version, it is absolutely varying issues of components, assemblies and components.The basis taken bearing elements - frame, Carter, Bush - the rest, as they say, the flight irrepressible imagination of the master.At the same time created their own hands minitractor likely will eventually resemble its prototype.

«Chinese" as a starting point

As mentioned above, you can create a homemade minitractor of all that is possible to quickly and, most importantly, inexpensive to get in the region of residence.As an example, consider the option of assembling machines based on popular in our country of tractors from China Xing Tai.It is worth noting that this miracle was designed technical ideas, perhaps in Russia, which, in fact, confirmed the possibility of replacing the many units and units of domestic counterparts, which, of course, cheaper imports.Interestingly, these models provide as bearing elements of a transmission housing (gearbox, clutch) and power unit power.If we use the engine (for example, "Moskvich 408") is not intended to load the chassis, you should think about the installation of the rack.

Gaulle tricky on an invention

course to collect minitractor own hands, we must be, at times the top ingenuity and think outside the box.This is due to the fact that the assemblies and structural elements from different, sometimes radically, types of equipment, for obvious reasons, will dock bad.Dimensions, methods of attachment, the openings, the shafts will vary.In the above example, the problem of how to make connections minitractor complicated problem from the engine "Moskvich" with native clutch housing.Does not coincide with any dimensions or position, or even a number of suitable mounting holes.In this case, very often our Samodelkina used so-called transition ring, which on one side is joined to the first unit, on the other -, respectively, to the second.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the gathering minitractor own hands is not so difficult.It is enough to make a little effort, not only physical, but also, above all, thinking, develop their tool making capabilities - as a result, to prove to myself that something else can, moreover, to please your loved ones and to simplify your work in your own backyard orin the field.Successful to all undertakings.