Foton Ollin - Truck Chinese production

Foton Ollin - light trucks in China, recently appeared in the domestic market.Trucks Foton differ more than an attractive price, and superior performance.Another advantage of this car is the economy that is much important for business.
At Foton Ollin loading capabilities increased by 20% (and up to 5 tons) on the truck of the same class.However, running of the machine was much smoother, which greatly improves ride comfort and allows for maneuverability.

As for convenience, the front disc set (optional) and rear drum brakes, and takde vacuum brake booster and steering (optional), enhance it and ensure the safety of the driver and passenger of the truck.

Another advantage of the car Foton Ollin was a new cab, designed for three people (one bedroom).It is decorated in the style of a passenger car with refined controls, CD player, and an ergonomically designed seat makes you feel comfortable while driving.

quality of Chinese trucks is excellent, no matter how they are equipped with the engine: the Chi

nese or English, they are still ahead of domestic in many ways.Besides fotonovskie engines adapted to the Ukrainian diesel fuel, and this will agree, is an important moment.

Fuel truck Foton Ollin reduced by more than 10%, to 300 thousand km mileage
These trucks are known for their reliability, have long service life.The basis of the new developments laid Comments buyers.That is why the car Foton Ollin did not disappoint the expectations of consumers and is made, so to speak, the conscience.

However, the truck Foton Ollin still has the ability to break down (as well as other automotive equipment), so repair Foton Ollin is described in the repair and maintenance of Foton Ollin.This literature also gives a detailed description of the characteristics and Foton Ollin Foton Ollin.

Truck Foton Ollin can be adapted to perform all sorts of tasks.Apart from the main purpose - the tractor, it can be used as a van, a tow truck, crane and much more, in general, what fancy enough, and what needs to occur.

In the case of a car only one purpose, in addition you can set different types of trucks: Consumer goods, Refrigerator, advertising, emergency repairs, vans, auto shops, bakery, for the transport of animals.
Cars Foton Ollin suitable for use in small and medium business.Since the type of van can be modified to the type of your business and reduce the costs of transportation.That, of course, attracts economical and practical businessmen.

high degree of control, the latest technology, practical multi-faceted research, which are used in the development and production of trucks, provide confidence in the quality, reliability and safety of each car, descended from the conveyor.

Chinese trucks Fotton Ollin - an optimal price / performance ratio, which would be worth it to use.

Specifications Foton Ollin

size truck Foton Ollin:

Length mm 5995
Width 1900
Height mm 2260
Dimensions loading platform Foton Ollin:

Length mm 4230
Width 1810
Height, mm 380 Curb Weight

truck, 2510 kg load

Foton Ollin,

1815 kg Number of seats in the cabin, people.2

Gross vehicle weight, kg 4455

wheel formula 4x2

Wheelbase mm 3360

ground clearance mm 181 Maximum speed

Foton Ollin, km / h 95

Maximum Gradeability,%?25

Engine Foton Ollin BJ493ZLQ

Engine Type Foton Ollin four-cylinder in-line turbocharged and intercooler

Displacement l 2,771

Rated motor power kW 68 at 3600 rev / min

Maximum torque, N • m 202at 2200 rev / min

Transmission Foton Ollin JC521, mechanical, 5 speeds forward, synchromesh

Steering mechanical without power steering

type of brake system hydraulic dual-circuit braking system with

vacuum booster

Fuel tank, l 80

dimension of tires 6 +1 / 6.50R16