Belosarayskaya Spit.

Azov Sea - warm, small, friendly, gentle - always attracts tourists not only from Ukraine itself, but also from neighboring countries.Vast sandy beaches, reasonable prices, the microclimate - that goes without saying ... One of the jewels of Azov certainly is Belosarayskaya Spit.Holidays in this resort area is very popular.


Belosarayskaya Spit Located in the Donetsk region in the south.Distance to Donetsk - 145 km, while the city of Mariupol - and at 30 km.Belosarayka as it continues settlement Melekino, and clear boundaries between them are not.You can get to the Spit and Mariupol runs (second descent) and from Urzuf, turning on the index.Minus - a direct rail link to Belosarayki not.But buses and taxis go there from almost all cities in the region.

Cleaner place

Rest here - primarily health.Healing the Azov Sea, rich in minerals, the air is saturated with a variety of trace elements, have a beneficial effect on our lungs, clearing them from the dust of the city, and the nervous syste

m is recovering from exhaustion.The water of the Azov Sea in large quantities contains iodine, bromine, calcium, and its composition is a therapeutic.The remoteness of the braids, her entry into the open sea contribute to the preservation of ecology and climate Belosarayki, prevent industrial pollution of the environment.

Excellent children's resort village

Belosarayskaya Spit (holiday in this resort area) is very popular among vacationers family with small children.And this is understandable.After all, the depth of the sea on the spit is not very large even at a respectable distance from the shore.So you can not be afraid that your child swallow the water or, God forbid, will start to sink.In addition, shallow sea warms up in May (that is actually possible to swim - it is checked on personal experience) and maintains a comfortable temperature until mid-September!Here is a nice place - Belosarayskaya Spit.

Pensions, recreation

Currently, there is deep enough developed infrastructure of entertainment and recreation.They work more than fifty boarding houses, recreation centers, hotels, can take up to twenty thousand people at a time.They are located along the sea front, so that direct access to the water provide almost any recreation.Belosarayskaya Spit as a resort also includes a lot of private mini-hotels, villas and cottages.Also important, and so-called private sector.There is almost always you can easily rent a house cheaply (beds).


For a long time (since the days of Kievan Rus of the twelfth century) there was a town of Belgorod, which in the thirteenth century the Mongols renamed the White Barn.Then the city is gradually declining.The Greeks of Azov region to re-colonize the land.Now Belosarayka - mainly fishing and resort village.Every year, the quality of services is improving, recreational infrastructure develops.

Reserve Ukraine

The more famous Belosarayskaya Spit?Vacations - yes, but not only!It is also a nature reserve, which was established in 1980 (Decree of the USSR Council of Ministers).It covers an area of ​​616 hectares.It grows a great variety of plants, including those listed in the Red Book, that is rare, threatened.Many kinds of birds are presented and wild animals, insects and arachnids.The coastal waters are rich in fish, are found goby, perch, flounder, mullet.Flora and fauna are diverse and affect its splendor and originality.It deserves special attention colony of gulls and cormorants in the ornithological reserve on Belosarayke (organized in 1995), as well as egrets on the estuary.There is also a landscaped park and "Meotida".

At the very spit found salt marshes, estuaries, small lakes.In winter, they are flooded with water during the summer dry and overgrown with thick grass.Belosarayku with the mainland connect narrow necks, shelly and sandy sediments, which fringed the surf roll from the sea.Age spit - more than a thousand years.As a result of lifting the soil (tectonic), followed by further reclamation of sand - formed so Belosarayskaya Spit.

Activities (reviews)

Belosarayka is one of the most impressive places for recreation and tourism.In addition, prices favorably, for example, the Crimean, not to mention Turkey or Egypt.Beautiful beaches combined with a rather shallow and clear sea - what we need for our unpretentious travelers (optionally available and a suite with air conditioning, a microwave and a TV, but more expensive).There are rooms for super-accustomed to comfort.And for lovers of active holidays - sea fishing (assuming access to the open sea and catch the famous Azov goby) and walking tours of the famous nature reserve.