What is the recreation area "Troparevo"?

the south-west of Moscow is a relaxation area "Troparevo" - with walking paths, a private pond and leisure activities in different ways.Park was formed in the 20th century and soon became a favorite place for locals and guests.Travelers draws its distance from the city center, as well as the presence of coastline and an abundance of greenery.

What is remarkable park?

Park Recreation Area "Troparevo" was founded on the site of the forest.To elevate a huge area of ​​530 hectares, were imported and planted a variety of trees and shrubs.Landscaping doing the best specialists.In 2002, Park acknowledged protected sites and renamed the reserve "Teply Stan".

The whole area is under video surveillance around the clock.Employees object carefully watch not only for her safety, but also the state of the plants.Periodically carried planting young seedlings are removed diseased plants.The reserve grow ancient pines and white birches.

There is also organized a real "bird city" with feeders.Anyone can feed t

he animals, watch the vital functions of pets.Allowed photoshoot.In a forest inhabited by hares, squirrels, weasels, moles and other rodents.For guests on the central square set arbours, benches, children's playgrounds.


In 1957, the river Ochakovka by the authorities built a platinum, and then formed a dam.The result is an artificially created beach.The pond is continuously monitored by the authorities in compliance with the sanitary standards.The water is regularly fed by springs, so it is clean and cool.

For convenience, a pond built stairs with handrails and a coastline covered with sand.After the appearance of a small coast became even more popular recreation area "Troparevo."Bathing was officially permitted since 2010, after the next test.

Visiting the beach is free.Here come the big companies - in the summer season Coast strewn with tourists eager freshness and coolness.For the safety of people watching the rescue team also opened a medical center.

Ashore built cabanas, there is a toilet and a small fountain with drinking water.Equipped with a play area for children, volleyball nets are strung.Near the pond is located boathouse with catamarans.

summer pond "attack" fishing fans.According to the amateur fishermen, is home to perch, bream, carp and roach.Even in winter the pond do not opustevayut - bathing in ice water hardened people.The main feature is the presence of a spring "chill" near the chapel St. Sergius of Radonezh.How to tell the townspeople, spring water endowed with healing properties.

Summer holidays

Recreation Area "Troparevo" - a favorite area for family and children's entertainment.In the warm open numerous attractions.For a fee, you can ride on a real live gelding in the park.

This place is frequently visited by active tourists to play volleyball, roller skating, or compete in paintball.Regularly perform on the summer stage creative teams, organized concerts celebrities.Every year there are major folk music festivals.

Winter leisure

Park is especially beautiful and poetic under the snow blanket.It does not frighten people nor cold, nor cold air.In winter recreation area "Troparevo" is reincarnated in the center of gay entertainment.People are skating, skiing and inflatable balloon with a large roller coaster.In the New Year's holiday area immersed in fireworks and confetti.Guests lead dances, sing songs and genuinely happy life.

restore health at the center of "Troparevo»

travelers coming from far away, will always be able to stay in the hotel complex "Troparevo", which is concentrated in an ecologically clean area of ​​Moscow - on the territory of the park area.It is a city with its own infrastructure, where there is no dusty roads and annoying noise.

offers shopping centers, restaurants with exquisite cuisine, sports complexes and health facilities.For accommodation offers rooms of different comfort, furnished with the necessary furniture.

There is parking at the hotel, on the implementation of the items w / e and tickets.Guests have the opportunity to undergo beauty and wellness treatments, a sauna, gym and massage room.There is a pension and meeting rooms and banquet facilities.

Recreation Area "Troparevo": how to get to the park?

1. On the subway station we reach the "Konkovo" and then wait for the bus number 295 or minibus number 36 - go through two stop.Next, you need to walk to the park, the road will take about half an hour.

2. The easiest way to select the station "Teply Stan", then change to public transport, we reach the destination.Before you appear recreation area "Troparevo."


«Natural environment helps to relax, escape from everyday work and recharge your positive energy" - that's what people say.It is a real natural reservoir with clean environment in which to breathe differently.Here you rest your body and soul.

Summer in the park, according to guests - a special time when you can swim in clean water, go for a drive through the park on a bicycle, arrange a photo session and boating, admiring the plants and animals.From this paradise did not want to leave.