Where to go for a walk in Minsk with the girl, c child and tourist

Republic of Belarus is situated in the heart of Europe.Minsk, the capital city of this country, like most European cities, has its own history, unique architecture, majestic monuments, etc.Today, the Republic of Belarus attracts tourists from different countries.

Minsk as the capital of travelers interested in the first place.In this city you can explore the numerous attractions, go to a concert, or simply stroll through the cozy streets.


Where to go in Minsk?His familiarity with the city tourist, who arrived at the railway station, can begin immediately after arrival.The first thing that appears to travelers is the "City Gate".That is called the two houses on the Railway Station Square and the surrounding buildings.Where are they located?Directly opposite the train station.Kirov Street, which is located between houses, is a great place for walking.On one of the two buildings are located hours which are the biggest in Belarus.The diameter of the dial is 3.5 m. In the old days they were in

stalled in Germany.After the war, as a trophy they brought to Minsk.

If the weather is favorable, then the capital of Belarus can be viewed during the tour in the format of a walk.Just passing on the city streets unhurried pace, any traveler will experience the atmosphere of the city and will be able to enjoy the peace of small alleys where ever I stop tour buses.

far from the "Gate City" is the heart of the old city - the Freedom Square.The main decoration of the place, as in the old days, are Catholic, Orthodox and Uniate churches.Near the cathedral is the town hall.While walking through the alleys of the Upper town you can admire the estate and House Vankovichey Masons.

Route walking tour of Minsk certainly passes through the Trinity Suburb.Walking through its streets and courtyards will take you to the 19th century.In the surrounding suburbs, on Trinity Hill, is an architectural monument of the early 20th century.- National Theatre of Opera and Ballet.From this building on shady avenues Kupala Park, tourists get to October Square and Independence Avenue.In this part of the capital of Belarus, you can get acquainted with the best examples of architectural solutions era of the Soviet system, which are candidates for entry into the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.It ends with a walk in the Alexandrovsky park - one of the oldest in Minsk.


Where to go for a walk in Minsk?It is said that the capital of Belarus is rich in various parks.That is why it is recommended to visit in the summer.

Where to go in Minsk tourist?The first park that visitors tend to visit the capital, is the Central Children's Park named.Gorky.Here hitherto preserved carousel rides and the Soviet period.In addition, running the Ferris wheel and opened a small planetarium, where you can not only look at the stars, but also learn a lot of new and interesting things about the planets and the universe.

somewhere else to go to Minsk?During the trip to the capital of Belarus recommended to walk in the park to them.Yanka Kupala.It was founded relatively recently in the place where previously was a residential area, completely destroyed during the war of 1941-1945.They laid the park in 1949. His current decoration are young trees, as well as a sculpture dedicated to Belarusian Yanka Kupala Pesnyary.It also built the fountain "Crown".

Where to go in Minsk with a girl?Many residents of the capital, and many tourists prefer to relax in the Victory Park.He broke it in 1940 at a time when you created the Komsomol Lake.However, before the war, open it and failed.Today in the park as green space, it resembles a forest zone.On its territory operate rides.Decorate the park fountain with backlight.Enjoy this place and those who enjoy outdoor activities.The park operates a boat station.There are playground and beach.

far from Minsk, there is a park-museum of stone.It is situated in Uruchcha.The park boulders, created in 1985, can be found on the map Belarus, created from stones.Its scale is 1 in 2500. More than two thousand boulders were brought to the park from all over the country.With their help, we created a different exposure.This is the "Avenue of boulders", "Form glacial boulders", etc.

Botanical Garden

Where to go in Minsk to those who especially love nature?One of the most interesting places in the capital of Belarus is a botanical garden.It is divided into the area of ​​one hundred and fifty three hectares.This is one of the world's largest botanical gardens.Today it is possible to admire the variety of plant species, of which there are about ten thousand.There Minsk botanical garden for those who like exotics.It is a greenhouse in which the different parts of our planet contains the most beautiful plants.


Where to go with children in Minsk?It will be interesting and memorable trip to Minsk zoo.We opened it in 1984. Currently, it is home to more than two thousand animals.The zoo has a monkey, cages for lions, dolphin.The fauna is represented by birds of prey and mammals, ungulates and primates, reptiles and many other representatives of fauna.

Toddler open pad.It provided an opportunity to pat the goats and sheep.In most of the zoo everybody ride on horses and ponies.

cultural life of the capital

famous ancient landmarks of Minsk coexist with modern facilities.For example, the National Museum opened the exhibition "The Art of Restoration," and in the next room of the same building you can see the mastery of modern Japanese design.Where to go in Minsk with the child?In the cinema "Victory" in the daytime Days of Japanese animation, and the Belarusian State Museum of puppet shows young travelers an interesting spectacle.

evening, visitors can dance and relax in the club Re: public.It held the Republican party retro.

Famous sights

Where to go in Minsk?Many interesting attractions located in the heart of the capital of Belarus.

attention of tourists usually attracts the main street of the city.In the old days it was called the Governor.There are a lot of beautiful buildings.Many of them are historical monuments.While walking along this street you can see the attraction of such as the Church of St. Simon and Helena.This building is striking combination of grandeur, beauty, light and airy details.

National Library

After touring the historic sights of the capital necessary to pay attention to the modern buildings.One of the most interesting of them is the building of the National Library of Belarus.This is most unusual in its form and size of the construction of Minsk.

It was built as a rombokubooktaedra.It is a three-dimensional figure consisting of eighteen triangles and the same number of squares.Building height - 73.6 m, which is twenty-three floors.

Where to go in bad weather?

If it's cold or the rain, the tourists can visit the "Nemo".This dolphin, which shows representations 12, 15, and 18 hours.Secrets of sea depths reveal Oceanography Centre.It is located on the street Brilevskaya, 3 (metro stop "Cultural Institute").Among the exhibits of the Center - terrariums, aquariums, etc.On Independence Avenue is the Belarusian State Circus.It shows the presentation at 11:30 and 15:00, and 19:00.All of these places will be interesting to visit not only adults but also children.