Nara ponds: photos, description and reviews

Russia - a country in which there are many beautiful places.Not only the residents of the state can enjoy the beautiful nature of a great power.Quite a lot of tourists from neighboring countries come to enjoy a relaxing holiday near water.The most popular time to hanging out on the shores of lakes, rivers, ponds - of course, summer.In the Moscow region are known all over the country ponds.Nara ponds, in particular, are surrounded by beautiful nature.

How to get to the famous place

Almost every man loves privacy of the pool, where it is possible, not in a hurry, do a nice thing for the soul.Fishing - it's an activity that can bring a lot of joy.Nara ponds perfectly suited for him.It attracts a large variety of fish, as well as the convenient location (close to the state capital).

Fishermen come to Nara ponds not only in the warm season, but in winter.Doing things you love in these places can be year-round.For a cascade of ponds under close observation, the types of fish are constantly replenished.

Getting to this wonderful place is simple, every Muscovite knows the way there.Nara ponds are located on the 55th kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road if we move in the Odintsovo district.Best in the pond ride by car, as to the destination is no direct bus route.Fishermen will have to change a few times, and then go on foot.The most common and well-known road: access to "fish farm number 3", then drive to the turnoff to the village Asakovo and then bus number 44 - in the village itself.From the same will have to go on foot.Perhaps the road a little bit complicated, but the result will always appreciate a person get to this marvelous place.

interesting activities with a fishing rod

In each country, a fishing competition.Worldwide each state chooses its fish.For example, in the Czech Republic or Germany is carp, Finland - perch, Ireland - pike.Well, in the Russian Federation opened to catch carp.It is this fish is considered to be native Russian.Catching carp occurs with the onset of the first heat (early spring) and continues until the frosts (late autumn).Nara ponds where fishing takes place all year round, are renowned for the variety of the catch.This is not only a famous carp, and carp, perch, rotan, pike.

for fishermen cascading ponds have become a very popular destination.Many lovers specially come here to work out in his skills catching carp.This fish is very capricious, her behavior is impossible to predict.Because carp fishing - always intriguing, even for professionals with great experience and expertise.Among the many bodies of water located in the Moscow region, the fishermen often choose Nara ponds.Relax on the beach with their fishing rod in his hands - always a great pleasure for many of the capital's residents and visitors.

high density stocking

Nara ponds offer all wishing to try their luck and catch a big fish, which you can please your loved ones.To come to the pond at any time of day and year, which also increases the level of attendance of Muscovites and out of town.Equipped place for fishing, bridges, sandy beaches - all this Nara ponds.Swimming in water bodies is prohibited, as stocking density is high, and the depth is small.Often fishermen come to the ponds specifically for catching carp.It's finicky fish to catch it, it is necessary to exert maximum effort.For carp fishing is to choose the right lure, packing, place and gear.In Nara ponds, lots of fish, everyone goes away with a catch.

These reservoirs are bred mainly carp and carp.Muscovites ponds are very popular.Among the old-timers, they have a second name: "The Cuban fish farm."

Reviews fishermen

Each body of water has its own reputation among the locals.Muscovites and many visitors love to come to Nara ponds.Reviews of cascading waters fishermen always a positive.

For vacationers with a fishing rod has created favorable conditions.Very close, you can go to the water, bridges are built.On the banks of ponds made awnings, beautiful green grass grows.These conditions contribute to recreation for the whole family, you can sunbathe or picnic.The capital's residents often come to Nara ponds, to admire the beauty of water and nature.

Fishermen willing to share their impressions about the Cuban fish farm.Many people like the reasonable price, easy access to the water, equipped beach.In Nara ponds quite crowded, not only in the warm season, but in winter.

perfect place for fishing

In Moscow, almost all bodies of water intended for fishing, chargeable.Nara ponds - is no exception.Four lakes located nearby, have different seats and different prices.Fishermen choose their favorite pond for his hobbies.Reservoirs have different depths, and the coast.

first pond called "Mint".Its depth is more than two meters.The entire perimeter of poured sand on the shore, built bridges that go deep into the pond.Also, stretched canopy under which to shelter from the rain or sun.The second pond - "Triangle".Here, the number of places for the fishermen is limited.In a high density pond stocking, and therefore more likely to catch a lot of fish.Catch weight pleasantly surprised lovers this holiday.Next pond - "Dyutkovo."Here's a great variety of fish: carp, perch, catfish, tench, carp, trout and sturgeon.Luxury Fishing begins in July and ends in September.Fourth pond called "Asakovo" - a great place for the whole family.Landscaped coast have a large area.The depth of the reservoir reaches two meters.

Positive aspects

According to fishermen, on Nara ponds is very interesting to spend time.You can change the bait, and then goldfish and carp confident start to bite.Fishing is best not to start in the morning, and somewhere in the afternoon.At the weekend the ponds almost all busy, so many who want to go fishing here.You can take an inflatable boat, then place on the bank is not required.

Reviews Nara ponds, as already mentioned, only positive.Fish usually catches weighing two or three hundred grams.This is a great result for the professional or amateur fisherman.Each trip to the ponds leave good impressions and memories.