Kolyvansky Lake - a blue gem of the Altai Territory

Zmeinogorsky District in the Altai region has always been famous for its unique natural features and a promising area for the development of the tourism industry.Important role for this area plays Kolyvansky lake.His deservedly called comprehensive natural monument.

Location Lake

Kolyvansky lake is situated on the slope of the ridge Kolyvansky and three kilometers away is the village Savushka.It is one of the largest reservoirs in the southwestern area of ​​the Altai Territory.Its length is about four kilometers, width - more than two and reaches a depth of 28 meters.

Very often, tourists call Lake Kolyvan Savushkina.This name appeared because of nearby village of the same name.Not far from there is also Kolyvansky White Lake.And this whole area is called the Mountain Kolyvan.

best way to get to the lake - a visit to the village Savushka.Turning to the east, just before reaching the center of the village, you will see the road leading to the pond.That is the route most tourists choose to visit t

heir favorite places.

unique phenomenon

course Kolyvansky lake is famous not only for its immense beauty.It is also the fact that its beaches are framed by rocks in the form of various figures.Due to human imagination, they gain some resemblance to the majestic columns, huge palaces, fabulous animals, and even human form.The scientists explained their formation as a consequence of the movement of waves of the ancient sea, were once the territory of the West Siberian Plain, and the natural process of weathering.This phenomenon is unique to the Altai Territory.The lake itself is often referred to as a blue gem, set in the extraordinary rock.

Value water

beautiful, quiet, and most importantly - extremely clean and today Lake Kolyvan.Reviews of its beauty and purity of its waters are numerous and truthful.Confirmation of the presence in the rare lake water chestnut (water chestnuts), which is listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and is on the verge of extinction.This relict plant, began its existence as far back as the pre-glacial period.In the Altai chilim usual in Manzherokskom lake and some small lakes.This water chestnut contains a lot of protein and starch.He had not only eaten, but was the basis for talismans and amulets.From shells chilim make excellent souvenirs.Similar to hell with horns, they are present not only in the waters, but also on the shores of Lake Kolyvan.


course, the local authorities are trying to financially contribute to the development of active tourism, swept Kolyvansky lake.Recreation centers, located on the surrounding area, try to provide maximum comfort and leisure tourists.

And even in the cold season there is something to do, because you can have a great time in the ski complex "Zmeinogorsky", which has three ski slopes with lifts.

Obligation to arrange tours of Mountain Kolyvan lies on the history of the museum of mining them.Demidov Zmeinogorsk in the city, which, in turn, is the best in the Altai.

Today, the lake is actively promoting the development of tourism wild.There are many beautiful places for lovers of quiet family holiday or admirers of fishing.However, access to these wonderful towns is quite difficult.In these cases fit any hiking or powerful SUVs.


in the mountain Kolyvan also located and tourist centers that wonderful complement the rest of those who visit Lake Kolyvan - "Sunny Beach", "goldfish", "Edelweiss", "Azure"" Pearl ".All they are trying to ensure travelers necessary amenities, entertainment, and wellness treatments.

For campsite "Sunny Beach" is available 13 lodges can accommodate fifty people, and two saunas.In addition, on Lake rental services ATVs, organizes interesting excursions, and bungee jumping are akvazorby.

At the sanatorium "Azure" there are 16 houses accommodates up to 70 visitors.There are and sauna, and a fast food restaurant, and provides health services for travelers, such as massage and phyto barrels.

reviews about the rest in the lake

Most people visiting Lake Kolyvan, speak of him with genuine admiration.Its main advantages are considered magnificent nature and rock piles.

Lake itself is an amazingly beautiful place.Its beaches are covered with a fairly coarse sand, and further offshore becomes a muddy bottom.The water is very clean and warm.

Lake is ideal for fishing enthusiasts.In it are found carp, pike, tench, perch, roach and ruffs.

The disadvantages that mark the rest can be attributed not very close location of shops and a small selection of products in them.However, it takes a back seat compared with an unforgettable, extraordinary beauty of Lake Kolyvan.