Where to swim in the summer?

After working week in a stuffy metropolis so want to go to the country!Lie in the sun, swim in the warm water ... But can you find such a place close to Moscow?In fact it is not so difficult.

Where to rest in the suburbs?

traditionally a rest near the capital, those who for whatever reason can not or do not want to go far.This, however, does not mean that such leave will pass bad, because in the Moscow region are a huge number of different bodies of water - rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and their banks are located motels and hotels for every taste and budget.In the end, you can always remove the summer house, including lakeside suburbs.We just need to choose the right direction.

holiday homes and resorts on the shores of rivers and lakes

No need to go far from the capital, to get to any recreational facility.For example, a huge number of resorts can be found in the direction Dmitrov, Mozhaisk, the Kiev highway.If there are no problems in order to go a little further away, you can visit the holida

y home on the banks of the Oka River, driving a couple of hundred kilometers on Kashirskoye Highway.And you can gather in the Tver region, to visit the famous Seliger, every summer gathers a huge number of tourists.

Podmoskovnie and resorts offer both simple and treatment programs.Directions variety: gynecology, gastroenterology, neurology, cardiology, trauma and many others.The advantage of the suburban house of rest for the inhabitants of the central district is that they do not need to spend time to acclimatize, and still is a low cost, and the road does not take much time.So wonderful option to spend a vacation can be relaxing on the lake.Moscow them rich.

For bathing

Unfortunately, the Capital Region can boast a perfectly clean water, and plenty of comfortable equipped beaches.Still lake Moscow region, where you can swim there.Moreover, even in the capital there are such places.

Every year environmental studies carried out, according to which rules on the safety of bathing in certain waters.And before the start of the bathing season to become better acquainted with such information, because even in the most seemingly proven and long-familiar places you can stumble upon a very unpleasant surprise - broken glass or other debris on the shore, disease and other unpleasant consequences.

In 2014 in Moscow suitable for bathing beaches have been recognized 77.Some of them are located on the territory of recreation and rest - the municipal.Among the most popular lakes and reservoirs following suburbs:

  • Klyazma.The recreation area "Khlebnikov" has 2 free beach.You can rent catamarans and boats to rent the gazebo.On the next base "Trinity" is equipped with a swimming area for children, there are water rides and a cafe.This beach is also free, but for entering the car will have to pay 200 rubles.
  • Pirogov Reservoir.In the Bay of Joy free beaches equipped with playgrounds.There is also an entertainment complex, the entrance to the territory of which will cost an adult in the amount of 600 rubles.
  • Myakininskaya floodplain.Here you can find both secluded, "wild" places and paid beach, for example, "Rublevo".Sports fields, equipment for children, grass, sand and clean water - all this will cost 150 rubles.
  • Istra reservoir.The biggest and most popular there is a free beach in the village of Trusovo.There is a children's area, open-air cafes and other infrastructure.

course, many residents of the capital have their favorite lake suburbs and place of the traditional holiday.But the above mentioned are among the most popular from year to year.

for fishermen

Some are not enthusiastic about swimming in rivers and lakes, they prefer quiet atmosphere with a fishing rod.Fishermen are often found in Moscow: the Khimki reservoir, the diversion channel in Serebryany Bor and close even with the small ponds.In the selection of much more - do not even have to travel far - it Senezh Solnechnogorsk, White Lake (Moscow, Shatursky district) Biserova pond near the village in the Yaroslavl Malinniki direction.Every fisherman has his secrets and favorite places, but in these waters fishing is free and enjoyable.And even if the catch is not the primary goal, he also can be very happy.

How to get there?

The easiest way, of course, do it by car.You do not have to view the schedule of trains, worry about their cancellation, as well as long-term stay in wet clothes or carry it with you.The car is more convenient, if it is a family trip with small children.In the end, you can always stop and have a snack or just rest.Of course, the cork can seriously spoil the mood, but if you choose not too distant suburbs of the lake and find a suitable time for the trip, it is possible to minimize the likelihood of falling into congestion.

nearest Moscow

Water facilities located very close to the metropolis, of course, is hardly a crystal clear and completely deserted, but, nevertheless, there you can relax.

By Schelkovskoye and Yaroslavl highway can be fast enough to reach the Klyazma reservoir, the river of the same name, and of course, the famous Bear Lake.In Gorky direction, about 30 kilometers from the capital, you can relax in the region Kupavna.Further south is White Lake.Moscow, however, this can be considered conditional, as this place, as well as the neighboring Black and holy, are in the city.Each year, all water bodies of the capital to check compliance with a number of rules and the 2014 White Lake shortlisted allowed.

In the west there is a lovely picturesque bay and realize that attracts residents from all over the Krasnogorsk district of Moscow and the surrounding areas.North of popular Khimki Reservoir and Canal.However, environmentalists have found in the local water high content of certain types of bacteria, so swimming is not recommended.Dolgoprudny and Pushkino near Uchinskaya reservoir located a little further away from Moscow, but also worthy of attention.So the lakes and rivers near Moscow are quite suitable for recreation in hot days.