Pensions Berdyansk: where you can relax in comfort?

summer for everybody wants to take a dip in the warm sea on the sand and soak up the rays.Already in mid-April, the thought of the upcoming beach holiday does not leave the head of the majority of our citizens.Read reviews and view photos of the resort becomes a daily procedure.Everywhere heard the question: "Where do you go for a vacation this summer?"

difficult choice

defined with the ultimate goal of travel is difficult.Choice is great, and, as a rule, it significantly affected by the following factors:

  • planned budget;
  • personal preferences;
  • age traveling.

course, the financial issue is very important.The money should be enough not just for a ticket.Still need to pay for accommodation, meals and a modicum of entertainment.But often the last point is crucial.Those who are going out with young children, hot exotic countries not fit.They can be immediately deleted from the list.

ideal choice for a holiday with such fellow travelers would be easy and safe to travel by train to the warm sea

s of our country - the Black and Azov.As a successful placement in this case will be the pensions of Berdyansk.At first glance, this holiday is not much interest.But just listen to what the city has to offer its guests!

place, warmed by the sun

Berdyansk - amazingly beautiful, cozy and clean city that combines two completely opposite qualities: holiday gloss and low prices on almost everything.It is located on the coast of the Azov Sea, along the amazing natural formations - Berdyansk spit.Its length - 20 km, and it is one of the longest natural braid in the world.Today, this unique, environmentally clean corner of the world is considered a protected zone.

Fine sand, overgrown with olives and azure water to the horizon - this landscape is a daily delight holidaymakers.Located on the spit almost all pension Berdyansk, as well as rest homes, resorts and children's camps.In addition, there are several dozens of cafes, shops and pharmacies.And those who attended boarding Berdyansk with children will be pleased with the proximity to the water park, zoo and dolphinarium.Communicating with animals and outdoor activities in the fresh sea air is excellent strengthen the immune system of the younger generation.

What is important leisure

Best place to relax - what is it?Probably, beautiful and safe, certainly interesting, and most importantly - "afford."Does Berdyansk all these requirements?

appreciate the beauty of the land can be from the images that made the tourists who visited Berdyansk.Pensions, relax on the beach, the endless sea and city attractions - this is their main story.But even in the amateur photo Berdyansk looks amazing!It does not matter whether you choose a sanatorium or rest home, public or private pension - Berdyansk leave in memory only positive emotions, vivid, lasting impression.

This place is really ideal for the annual summer holidays with the children.After all, they do not have to adapt to the new, dramatically different from the usual, conditions.

Healthy Recreation

not only famous for its magnificent beaches Berdyansk.This mud and climatic resort, famous throughout the country.It is famous for its curative mud and mineral waters.Many experienced physicians recommend their patients to visit Berdyansk as a therapy for the summer period.

on the territory of the spit has many resorts, and at the mouth of the river Byrd are therapeutic salt lakes, and estuaries.Health come here all year round.

select the best

All pension Berdyansk good.And to choose the most suitable option for their own recreation pretty easy.The more so because they share a lot of similarities:

  1. These easily accessible from anywhere in the country.
  2. They are inexpensive.
  3. They are comfortable for living: a modern renovation, good beds and mattresses, bathrooms with hot water, air conditioning, and even WI-FI.
  4. The vast majority of institutions are located away from the noisy bars and discos.
  5. Professional chefs provide quality food every day, with all the dietary rules.

At the same time, each of the resorts trying to stand out, thinking through additional services that can improve the quality of rest, improving the interior and providing unique treatment programs.For example, we describe several popular placements of various kinds.

Hotel «Breeze»

Berdyansk is rich in tourist accommodation.The number of hotels, guest houses and holiday homes more than a few dozen.But it is the "Breeze" is listed on the first lines of search engines.And reviews about it only positive.In addition, it is interesting as a good example of a small private boarding house with many additional services.Located

"Breeze" near the center of the city, in an area called Liski.This arrangement allows tourists to enjoy a beach holiday and an active nightlife.All at your fingertips.

surrounding development consists mainly of private houses and low-rise resorts.Liski quiet and calm, and to the coast of the places we are considering is just 100 meters.

«Breeze» is not for nothing is called boarding house family type.Its courtyard is surrounded by greenery, it found a sufficient number of deck chairs and hammocks.Built terraces and canopies.On the safety of children can not worry: the area is fenced, all the doors and the gate is securely locked on the combination lock.

Another advantage is the children's animation.Throughout the day, with the youngest guests working professional.Kids playing interesting and useful educational games, spend time together on the court and in the living area.In the latter, by the way, you can watch the parrots, fish, turtles and all beloved cat Bassia.

Meanwhile, their parents can devote his time to the study of the benefits of the resort Berdyansk.

Pension "Azure»

soltse, sea and beach - are the main components of the summer holidays.But, as already stated above, it is not only rich in Berdyansk.The boarding house "Azure" offers to rebuild their own health during the summer holidays.It is the most striking example of a large Soviet-style sanatoriums still.

It provides balneo-mud-treatment complex "Pearl" is located in a separate 5-storey building clinics, as well as its own source of mineral water, salt chamber and several medical buildings.

Pension is a solid institution.It can accommodate more than 1,500 people at a time.For the organization of cultural actions are built Palace of Culture with its own hall for 700 seats.Every day there are concerts and dance evenings.This makes the rest in the sanatorium is not only beneficial to the body, but also fun and interesting.

treatment from the comfort of the "rainbow»

only significant drawback "Azure" You can call it outdated decor.After all, it is part of the Soviet legacy, which is more than was Berdyansk.

Pension "Rainbow" is a great choice for those who want to improve their health, but it is used to relax in comfort.It is based on "Azure."Rooms located in the four sleeping buildings, and can accommodate up to 600 residents at the same time.It offers accommodation in single, double and triple rooms with comfortable furniture, a fridge and a bathroom.

What we treat?

Pensions Berdyansk offers treatment of the following diseases:

  • peripheral nervous system: low back pain, sciatica, neuritis, trigeminal neuralgia, the effects of stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy;
  • musculoskeletal system: artirity, polyarthritis and arthrosis (including post-traumatic) deforming osteoarthritis, the effects of bone fractures with a slow remission, birth defects or syndromes (osteochondritis-dysplasia, spinal diseases);
  • cardiovascular system: chronic rheumatic diseases, coronary heart disease, diseases of the arteries, capillaries and veins, hypotension;
  • the digestive system: gastritis, cholecystitis, colitis;
  • respiratory system: chronic bronchitis and tracheitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia consequences;
  • skin: psoriasis, ichthyosis, neurodermatitis.

In addition, it will help improve health for those who suffer from obesity, diabetes, diseases of the male and female sex organs.

great, fun, interesting vacation offers a nice resort town Berdyansk.He waits for them all year round, but especially - at the beginning of the beach season.