Waterpark in Anapa "Tiki-Tak".

Anapa - the resort is designed mainly for families with children.Kids are waiting for a lot of fun.This velvety sand, which can be used for the construction of castles and the beautiful sea is shallow.Furthermore, for recreation for children fit in Anapa available infrastructure.In the resort area is equipped with a large number of playgrounds and rooms.Of course, will give an unforgettable experience in the city built a water park.One of them - "Tiki-Tak".It is ideal for family holidays.There will be fun for both children and their parents, and grandparents.


Anapa - a resort that every year more and more developed.He gradually approaching the international standards existing in the entertainment industry.A vivid confirmation of this is the construction of a family of ultramodern water park.It is a priority investment project implemented in the Krasnodar Territory.

Waterpark in Anapa "Tiki-Tak" was opened in summer 2008. The complex is the largest of displacement in Europe.This facility

is located in a suburb of the resort town of Anapa - Dzhemete.Waterpark "Tiki-Tak" offers visitors over a dozen different slides and an equal number of pools.You can get there by taxi №114.Those who have only recently arrived in this resort town of Anapa as a "Tiki-Tak" (water park), as well as other similar institutions, it is not recommended to attend.First of all, it is necessary to allow the body to acclimatize, and the skin - a little tan.Otherwise there is a risk to get sunburns and cold.

Description of the complex

in Anapa water park "Tiki-Tak" (photo see below) is a territory in which is equipped with more than two kilometers of different slopes, a dozen pools with crystal clear water, family rafting and Children's Services under the title "Rain season".

Waterpark in Anapa "Tiki-Tak" offers visitors unique attractions not found in other similar institutions of the city.It is created in the pool with him artificial five-foot waves and diving pool with a jacuzzi.

Waterpark in Anapa "Tiki-Tak" - an object that serves as a tourist attraction.Its capacity exceeds 6,000 cubic meters of water.Waterpark in Anapa "Tiki-Tak" daily can take 5,150 campers.It is situated in an area of ​​thirty-five thousand square meters.

Waterpark "Tiki-Tak" (Anapa), whose address - Pioneer Avenue, Building 38, invites travelers to spend hours full of happy memories and excitement.

Children's Services

For the youngest travelers who arrived in the city of Anapa, "Tiki-Tak" (water park) is almost at the entrance organized a special zone.

Here in the pool with little depth, is a complex consisting of mazes and stairs that lead to the top of the hills.This "rainy season."Here, the children are waiting for a variety of surprises, water cannons and water curtains.At the top of the entire structure is a large barrel.She occasionally filled with water and brimming overturns.

It makes kids unrestrained delight.

Slides water park in the city of Anapa "Tiki-Tak" (see below photo) equipped with slides of various lengths and difficulty levels.

Total in this entertainment is available twenty-four slides.Designing and manufacturing of each company involved in the Canadian Wait Water Company.

With adrenaline

There are among the water park slides such designs that are created for thrill-seekers.This, in particular, the slide "Family Rafting".It is designed for the descent group in a special boat, the capacity of which - two or four people.In order to ride this roller coaster will need to rise to a height of eighteen meters.After that, the boat begins its journey on the open gutters and splashed down into the pool.

Waterpark "Tiki-Tak" (Anapa) feedback from the thrill only gets rave.In its territory slides give unforgettable emotions.Such is the "Toboggan D».Its mission - to descend the visitors with a circle or not.In this slide has its own peculiarity.It has a large number of turns and open the chute, which allows at any point of the route to determine your location.

lovers of extreme slide titled "Toboggan E".In order to descend from it, visitors must climb to a height of fourteen meters.Downward movement is carried out through a chute closed.In this hill descent only in the boat.In "tobogans F» movement starts on the closed chute, and from the middle of the path continues to open.

leave a lasting impression slide called "Kamikaze".It is a black closed trough during the descent where speeds of up to fifty kilometers per hour.Flying through a narrow tunnel, thrill seekers fall into the receiving pool.

Gorki "Twister" (first and second) are similar in their construction.Their gutters are intertwined like a pigtail.From the height of a ten vacationers flock to the pool.

descent from the hills "Boomerang" short but very tortuous.The height of this structure - fifteen meters.Since the movement, lovers of extreme sports is rapidly coming down, then shoots up sharply, and then just stopped for a moment, roll down, waddling through the trampoline.At the end of a short trip, they fall into the receiving pool, get a decent dose of adrenaline.Gorka is designed to move in circles.Similar to descend from the "Super Bowl".This slide allows travelers to move on steep chute closed, to get in a huge bowl, make a few turns, and then through the tube to land in the pool.

Quiet rest

Not all travelers prefer to get the thrill of the resort in Anapa.Waterpark "Tiki-Tak" (see below photo) for a relaxing holiday also provides plenty of entertainment.

This spa, wave pool, whirlpool, beach chairs, and the river, on which a rubber boat you can leisurely swim through the water park.

Safety and comfort

Canada's Wait Water Company has developed and produced a roller coaster set in the water park "Tiki-Tak," according to the most modern technologies.For the safety of tourists continuously watch an experienced instructor.Before launching with each of the slides they spend a small briefing to visitors, telling how to keep your head, back and hands.The water park has a point guard.His staff constantly monitor compliance with the order within the complex.

Usually, going to the water park is so interesting that delayed almost all day.For a comfortable stay in the entertainment complex opened restaurants, bars and cafes.For a water park works with a special power supply system "buffet".

There are two free parking.One of them is designed for a hundred and fifty cars, and the second - at the fifty buses.

Leave your things anyone can secure the storage room, which opens by means of a bracelet given to each visitor at the entrance.


Visitors to the water park "Tiki-Tak" mark its main advantages, which are in a variety of slides and good service.Are happy and relaxing holiday lovers who prefer to swim in the numerous pools of the complex.One of them - "Slow River".

Along the bed of the river provides wooden footbridges, slopes and small waterfalls.The entire perimeter of the pool is planted with a variety of vegetation, including palm trees.Thus, the impression of an exotic journey through this Polynesian river.

in the water park "Tiki-Tak" has the following pools:

- «Entertainment";

- «Lazy";

- «Children";

- «Hydromassage";

- «Fine";

- «hopping";

- «Wave».

splashdown pools in the complex separated into the following:

- «Super Bowl / Boomerang";

- «Twister / Kamikaze";

- «Rafting family."

Enjoy your vacation!