Lake Itkul (Khakassia) - pristine beauty of nature

Nature Russia, has repeatedly praised by writers and depicted in the paintings of artists for many centuries admire the human eye with its beauty.In Shira area surrounded by wooded mountains lies a remarkably beautiful freshwater lake Itkul (Khakassia).Its pristine beauty leaves an extraordinary impression on the heart of every vacationer.

Where is Lake

Itkul name originates from the ancient legends.Name of the brave heroes Ita, Defeat an evil spirit of the water of the lake, became part of the name, and the second part - cul - means "lake".The reservoir flow rivers such as Karyshev, Karasuk and heat.Itkul himself is the source of drinking water for the nearby village of Pearl.

area of ​​this lake is twenty-three square meters, and the average depth is seventeen meters.The lake itself Itkul (Khakassia) is surrounded by mountains and steppe arrays, which gives it extraordinary, fabulous views.

Getting to this water body can be on the federal highway M-54 "Yenisei".To the lake there are numerous

races, but from time to time dug to limit entry of vehicles.

Protected Area

Lake Itkul (Khakassia) is placed on the protected area, which is populated by a variety of representatives of the fauna and flora of more than five hundred species.Some of these plants and animals listed in the Red Book of Khakassia, and some - in the Red Book of the Russian Federation.

Not so long ago the lake belonged to the public area, and is quite a favorite destination among tourists.On its shores graze cattle, and many animals and plants are mercilessly destroyed by poachers and people who had come to rest.And only after the formation of the reserve on the territory of the pond surrounding nature has regained the original appearance, a rare and endangered species of plants and animals have been saved from destruction.

Since most of Khakassia Itkul refers to the reserve, all the actions carried out in the area (swimming, setting up a camp, etc.) are possible only with the permission of his administration.

reviews Lake

Each tourist is at least a few days should be allowed to become a particle of his life this tale, called Lake Itkul (Khakassia).Reviews of people who saw this beauty, can be varied, but all of them are filled with delight and admiration.Even indigenous urban dwellers due to spend a relaxing holiday on the lake can distract from the crowds and noise of civilization and the daily hustle and bustle.It is used only pure drinking water, which is a source of health and longevity.Besides herbs have healing powers, and extremely clean air work wonders, saturating the human body strength and energy.


Everyone chooses for himself the most suitable option of rest.And knowing about the beauty of Russian nature, few people refuse to visit them at least once.There is no doubt refers to such places and the lake Itkul (Khakassia).Photos primitive nature made during the holiday will be a long time to be reminded of the time well spent.

coastline lakes more diverse.In some places it is covered with sand, others - precipitous and ill-suited to go into the water.There is also a very swampy part of the lake shore.

fairly large area of ​​the reservoir belongs to the protected area.In such places is forbidden to drive by car, campfires, split the tent, fish and even swim.Vacationers in this case, placed on free protection of the territory.

very impressive and spectacular look virtually untouched beauty of nature, which are viewed from the observation platform on the mountain, located near the lake.

Of course, it should be noted that Itkul is best suited for a quiet, relaxing holiday.

What is interesting lake

doubt (because it is located in a conservation area), Itkul (Khakassia) - Lake, where fishing is prohibited.However, the underwater world is incredibly rich reservoir.Since the lake is very clean, it is found in a wide variety of fish.The waters Itkul live perch, silver carp, bream, peled and other fish species.

on the waterfront, and there are rare animals such as the peregrine falcon, eagle-burial, Balaban, demoiselle.

It should be noted that the lake Itkul (Khakassia) is very popular among tourists who prefer not fishing with a fishing rod and spearfishing with scuba diving.Also, water tourists often organize travel by canoe.Starting route Itkul and goes through one of Spirinskih lakes - Eagle.Next, it passes along the river Tuim and ends at Lake White.

warms the water in the pond just to the middle of July, but the swimming season lasts from June to August.The temperature of the air in this period can be up to thirty-five degrees above zero, but at night rather cool.

The summer months are active at times of algal blooms, so at this time allergies swim in the lake is not recommended.