Tour operator "De Visa" (De Visu) - the official site and reviews

If before a trip to an exotic country, or even abroad were a novelty, but now it will not surprise anyone.On the contrary - we became part of the journey of our lives.And as the demand creates supply, began to emerge various agencies and companies that help to make the choice of the tour itself stay on the trip as comfortable and safe.

tour operator «De Visu» today is a multi-operator on European tours and to provide services to cooperating with more than 3,500 travel agencies in Russia.


Company LLC "Travel agency" De Visa "" was recorded in Moscow in 1992.Since then, the company dedicated to providing its customers with both group and individual tours in the most different corners of our planet.

And though in the early 1990s, the situation in the vast tourism business was not the most favorable, the travel agency "De Visa" (Moscow) could not only stay afloat, but soon turned into a thriving tourist agency.

developed areas

From the very beginning of its existence, the young company has

sought to conquer a solid position in its market segment.Tour operator "De Visa" among the priority objectives set itself the task of constantly expanding the package of services and continuously develops new directions.By 2014, it became instantly available tours to the following countries:

  • Czech Republic,
  • Slovakia,
  • Hungary,
  • Slovenia,
  • Poland,
  • Latvia,
  • Lithuania,
  • Estonia,
  • Austria,
  • Germany,
  • Belgium,
  • Netherlands,
  • Luxembourg,
  • Switzerland,
  • France,
  • Italy,
  • England,
  • Scotland,
  • Ireland,
  • Israel.

work performed by the tour operator

purchasing a ticket, we often do not think about what kind of work was done to the paid holiday went without a hitch, without a hitch.But the volume of this work is very impressive.What makes the tour operator "De Visa"?

First, select the proper direction of travel and to provide hotel accommodation.But this is only the tip of the iceberg.If the ultimate purpose of the trip is abroad, tour operator finds all the questions related to the documents required for travel to selected countries.Representatives of «De Visu» ("De Visa") make an appointment with the consul, collect the required documents and obtain all necessary permits.

Second, the travel agency provides transport.And it also means a lot more than just run to the cashier and buy a ticket.Surely you had in your life to deal with the problem when the desired number of tickets simply do not provide.«De Visu» ("De Visa") - the tour operator, which pre-book the required permits for the seats on the plane, train or bus.And workers are baked not only on the availability of tickets, but also to select the most convenient routes and the best deals, because the services of a transport company depends on their reputation too.

Third, because the tour operator "De Visa" since although wide, but still a limited number of areas, the staff are well versed in the intricacies of local services.They are required to protect you from any possible inconvenience or confusion.

Direct access

No matter how hard the company to take into account all, there are times when you need to contact the service you manager to clarify any details or allow unforeseen situations.The direct responsibility of the person includes a stay always in touch.

For example, you can stay in the country, located at a distance of several time zones.And "Business Time" can differ dramatically.But even if you hear your call at three o'clock in the morning, leading you to an employee is obliged to accept it and clearly and politely clarify any questions.

Service Online Tour Operator "De Visa»

Official website clock maintains personal contact with potential customers, visit this page.You will immediately be offered to ask the consultant your questions and give detailed answers.In addition, the home page you will see the current at the time of special offers and last minute offers to the tour operator "De Visa."

official agent of the International Air Transport Association

Immediately after the First World War a number of states have established an international non-governmental organization, the aim of which was to ensure the safety of air travel.Its activity was suspended only during the Second World War.And in 1945, the organization was re-established under the name "International Air Transport Association."

By 2006, the ninth year in a member of the International Air Transport Association, there were already 265 airlines.These airlines carried 94% of all international flights.

To become a member of the International Air Transport Association, the airline must obtain any appropriate certification.The list of requirements includes 872 points binding.Such stringent requirements and general standards of service and pricing policy not only provide a high level of safety and comfort but also help to control the prices of services.

De Visu ("De Visa") - the tour operator, who is the official agent of the International Air Transport Association in the CIS countries.This allows managers to directly book tickets on the best flights.

Corporate Department

In addition, "De Visa" has a special department that provides services for corporate bookings.It can be as interesting tours to Russia, and group trips to other countries.The package of proposals for corporate tours often include gift certificates for a variety of travel services.

company's motto - "We join the dream and reality!»

From the very beginning of the company leadership realized that the tourist industry is not just limited to the to select the location on the map and provide a person to travel destinations."We join the dream and reality!" - Under this motto, the company "De visa" came out on the tourist market.And ever since the travel agency does not cease to improve.

you develop not only new areas but also improve existing tours.We consider the new routes, customers' wishes.It works to ensure that the person who bought the ticket, got their money's maximum fun and excitement.

Consider a few examples of what the tour operator offers "De Visa."Reviews of people who have used the services of the company, as a rule, are positive.To complete the picture, we go through the tours in cities of different countries.

Beer weekend in Belgium

As the name suggests, this tour is focused on the end of the week.Its duration - 5 days and 4 nights.

your acquaintance with Belgium will start with a tour of the capital.Initially, you will be able to visit the historic area of ​​Brussels, without which it can not do any one excursion.This is not surprising.In fact, besides its undoubtedly weighty historical value of this area, even the most indifferent to the architecture of the human cause to admire the intricate facades.

While you will receive aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation of the masterpieces of ancient architecture, your guide will tell you interesting stories about staying here as the Town Hall and the buildings that surround it, as if frozen in a respectful retinue.

Next you will visit the Cathedral, the National Basilica, the Chinese pavilion and the Japanese tower.After that you will be a royal residence, the European Parliament and the Arc de Triomphe in the park Senkantener.

individual steps is given to beer tasting tours and visits to the famous brewery «Stella Artois», «Oud Beersel», «de Gruut» and homemade «De Halve Maan».Each of them paid a special day.So after returning from the tour, you can safely consider yourself a good expert in brewing.

Visiting Tales

This tour is designed for a week.It begins in Zurich with city tours.You will be taken on a number of the most entertaining attractions, after which you'll have free time, which will be able to dispose of at their discretion.

The next day you go into a true fairy-tale town of Stein am Rhein, as if frozen in time.After a tour of the busy streets with painted houses, you will be taken to the largest waterfall in Europe - Raynfalyu.A relaxation after a full day of events will contribute to a walk through the Principality of Liechtenstein, the program which included tasting of local wines.

The third day will be remembered for a visit to the city of Lucerne, the history of which is lost in the centuries.There you can try to find a way out of the "Mirror Maze" and personally see the path trodden gigantic layers of rock, which offers visitors the "Ice Garden".

fourth day left free.You can catch your breath and just wander around the neighborhood.

fifth day will be dedicated to visit the medieval village, kept its corresponding color.If you wish you can visit and the nearby chocolate factory.

On the sixth day, you can relax, as it set aside for relaxation in the thermal spa center.But if such a passive pastime you against the grain, you will be offered an alternative - a trip to the glacier at 3000 meters.

last day will take tours of the rich variety of cities in the Swiss Riviera - Montreux, Lausanne and Geneva.You will get acquainted with the sights of these cities and will be able to visit several museums.

Pearl Bavaria

Send by this permit to Germany, you will be able to consider not only the man-made monuments, but also a number of natural objects of great beauty.I especially want to mention the lake Königssee and Chiemsee, as well as the rise of the cable car to the city Predigshtul, from the top of which offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

You will walk through the castle of King Louis and visit the home town of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - the famous composer worthy to be king among musicians.

«De Visa" - travel agency, which seeks to take into account the diverse wishes of its customers.Therefore, along with the standard tour of the city and mountains, and is included in the ticket to the thermal complex 'Rupertus Terme ".

All Amsterdam

During this tour you will have the opportunity to see Amsterdam from different, sometimes unexpected angles.You will see all the luxury and splendor of the royal palace, a specially trained tour will introduce you to a little-known literary side of Amsterdam, and planned a night walk will open your eyes to what you will not see in bright daylight.

Hardly anyone indifferent to ride on the picturesque canals of the city.A hike to the diamond factory surely leave the most vivid impressions.

Already at the entrance to the Zaanse Schans, the museum, located in the open air, will attract your attention to silhouettes of several functioning windmills.A leisurely walk through the museum will make more than once to click the camera shutter.

was a choice

This overview only four tours offered quite able to give an idea of ​​the travel agency "De Visa."Comments and suggestions of customers are always taken into account and seek to be agents of tours so that cover the interests of all holidaymakers.

The company is constantly flexible system of discounts and the latest offerings can be purchased at almost any time of the year.If you have not yet finally decided on how it would like to spend your holidays, the operators can always answer your questions and provide for your consideration a number of proposals in different directions.Taking into account the amount allocated for a ticket, and your personal preferences, they will help to choose the best option for the round.

Be assured that by purchasing a ticket to the travel agency "De Visa", you give your holiday in the hands of professionals.You do not have to solve problems that inevitably arise in any journey - everything taken care of in advance.This will allow you to really relax and just relax, not only from the routine of everyday life, but also the need to constantly something to experience.Have a nice rest!