Skydiving in Yekaterinburg - a great hobby for this extreme

residents of the Urals - the people desperate and risky, they transcend both the cold and extreme sports.So, skydiving in Yekaterinburg in high demand among various segments of the population.Where better to hold the first session, and what gear to buy this?Such questions often ask newcomers and visiting guests.We will try to find out and get accurate answers.

How to choose a jump?

Where should I spend the first parachute jump?Yekaterinburg, "Loginovo" - perfect for this place.There are professionals who will be able to create an ideal and safe environment for beginners.Choosing your first base, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • reviews and recommendations of friends;
  • staff (experience, the ability to get in touch with the student, adherence to professional requirements);
  • state of the art (lifetime, compliance);
  • compliance with safety regulations (both staff and guests);
  • presence of an individual approach to a potential client instructor.

Summary of parachuting

Skydiving in Yekaterinburg, as well as in any other way, starting with a detailed pre-lecture in which you will learn a lot about the rules of conduct in the sky, how to address emergency situations,your hardware device and fundamental processes taking place in the sky.To help determine the team you will be able to jump and some interesting nuances.So, be sure to pay attention to whether the net is a plane on which you go to the extreme trip on such indirect signs can ensure that all standards and regulations.How much does a parachute jump in Yekaterinburg?Rates in the regions differ little from the capital.Thus, a single leap based on "Loginovo" will cost 2000 rubles, and in tandem with an experienced instructor - twice.For experienced adventurers with an appropriate level of training of preferential discount programs.In Moscow, the prices are different in a big way (1.5 times).Skydiving in Yekaterinburg have become one of the most popular activities for people of all ages and incomes.Thanks to the well-prepared bases, anyone can find a suitable program.Braves hesitant to jump alone, newbies - paired with professional and amateur fun - in the company.Yes, the collective also practiced jumping, they may attend a group up to 12 people.By the way, can jump not only in a specially prepared area polygon, but in any region.However, be aware that such an extreme is not available to everyone, these actions directly border the risk of their lives.Decide on them can a man with considerable experience and good preparation, that is not only practical skills but also the ability to survive in unexpected situations.Romance and brave say that this game is worth the candle.Just imagine what kind of offers during the flight!It may be the waterfalls, wild rivers, wild forests and snow-covered desert.

Possible limitations

Skydiving in Ekaterinburg available for persons weighing less than 45 and more than 90 kg, in addition, such activities are prohibited to participate for children under 14 years.Common restrictions include severe weather conditions, such as gusty winds, rain, storm.For the same reasons, many professional organizations do not jump in the off-season.

minimum required regulations

Skydiving tested in accordance with strict regulations.When the appointed day you feel discomfort, the exercise should be moved.Be sure to pick the right clothes.About what it should be, you'll be sure to tell the selected airport.As for the average requirement, as a rule, they are as follows:

  • tight clothing, mostly from natural materials, short sleeves and shorts are banned;
  • shoes without a heel, the maximum fixing foot, preferably with thick soles;
  • gloves;
  • if necessary headdress;
  • satisfactory state of health, confirmed by medical commission;

Program activities

If you want to buy a parachute, in Yekaterinburg, you can carry out this desire.However, before you start stocking special attributes, should undergo the necessary training.It can be divided into three main categories:

  • classic program.It is characterized by a gradual training and the beginning of the process involves jumping from a minimum altitude (800 meters).
  • AFF - modern program polzuyuschayusya considerable popularity.The first jump is carried out on a colossal height - 4000 meters.In addition, the services of the best students of the new parachute that is very convenient to operate in the air.
  • Brief.Lesson duration is carried out at three o'clock to perform a single jump with a minimum height.

All programs include lecture part, the training and practice on the ground in the air.If the student is not ready for the transition to the third stage, the ability to jump to it simply do not provide.