Sea of ​​Azov.

Vacation in the Sea of ​​Azov - a worthy alternative to the Crimean.And the prices are lower, and the conditions easier, though not, perhaps, of the infrastructure, which is so proud of the famous Peninsula.But there is the most important thing you need for quality rest - rather shallow, warm from May to September, the beautiful Sea of ​​Azov.Urzuf - one of the villages near the city of Mariupol, a very popular resort for the Ukrainians as well as for vacationers from neighboring countries, a place where the environment is clean, much like it is coming to a family holiday.

history area

Urzuf village founded by the Greeks, who came to the Azov from the Crimean settlements: Gurzuf, Majar, Kizil-Gashi.While the Sea of ​​Azov was empty and lifeless.The Scythians called this area "Achariyay" (roughly meaning "wild fertility").But before the arrival of the Greeks in Urzuf Cossack winterer existed.The village has a rich history.The last hundred years Urzuf called and green, and Gurzuf and Primorsk.The Gr

eeks of the village continue to observe the ancient tradition, one can see a huge number of buildings made in characteristic style.

Azov Sea: Urzuf

Due to the remoteness of the production Urzuf Mariupol and protection of the natural fence - Belosarayskoy scythe, all the beaches and the sea in the area of ​​the village are clean.Rest in Urzuf (Azov Sea) is very popular.The settlement is not by chance that one of the best and affordable resorts of Azov.Summer is usually quite sunny and hot.Healing saturation of the air at the sea so necessary for healing elements such as ozone, iodine, bromine favors rest and rehabilitation at health resorts.Coastal waters are heated quickly and permanently, from the middle, and then from the beginning of May - up to 20-22 degrees.With pleasure you can swim!

And in August this place Azov Sea (Urzuf) - just like fresh milk to 29 degrees, which is very important for children's activities.This is a phenomenal combination of climate, warm water saturated with the maximum amount of sea iodine, creates the conditions for comfortable rest, recovery, allowing you to get the necessary energy boost for the rest of the year.Photo Urzuf (Sea of ​​Azov), see below.

Recreation, resorts, private apartments

Pensions Urzuf (Sea of ​​Azov), recreation centers, complexes for improvement are very close (20-150 m) of water in the coastal zone.At the children's sports and medical camps village resting annually more than a thousand children from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.They all welcomes the Sea of ​​Azov (Urzuf).The private sector, as in the good old days, to offer private rooms and beds.The village today can take a modern apartment in a mini-hotels and hotels where travelers are provided in the use of every possible comfort.For those who are very accustomed to comfort, there are deluxe rooms.

beaches, recreation areas infrastructure

Urzuf to the beach are rather steep slopes, equipped with steps.Bathing landscaped: there are changing rooms, toilets, shelters, trash cans.Urzuf famous for the clean, wide (about 40-meter) golden sand beach with little seashells.Here, calm sea, and over the cliff - a great view of the entire beach for many kilometers in both directions.On the shore of the beach - the traditional rides, "hill", "banana", "scooter".There are pedal boats.Fans of extreme kinds of recreation can scuba diving or attend training classes for diving.

families with children Urzuf also very popular.Shallow and clean water, as has been said, warms up quickly.Satisfied kids spend hours sitting in the sea and are busy in the warm sand, and the body healthy and hardened.A week on the beach near the sea strengthens the immune system of your child for a long time.

Available Entertainment

In the center of the village is "Luna Park", where many modern and fascinating attractions, a variety of pleasing both children and adult visitors.On the Ferris wheel, you can enjoy the magnificent views and capture them (photos and video).Loving Racing can visit the kart.In addition, there is a disco and a cinema, Internet cafe, billiards, hookah bar.On the market square daily recruited wishing to go on an excursion to a water park and Dolphinarium Berdyansk.

Cooking Products

After arriving in Urzuf the impression that it is waiting for you.The village is well developed food markets, which always offer fresh seafood, fish, various fruits, vegetables, watermelons, melons, homemade dairy products.Alternative power supply in the pension (for those who are unaccustomed to "canteen" food) - many cafes Greek, Ukrainian, Uzbek and Korean cuisines.

Fishing as a kind of leisure

be missed and fishing!For many members of the strong half of mankind is a real pleasure and sport at the same time.Catch a dozen copies - that's good luck!Hundreds - even delight for any fisherman.But the fish here in Urzuf in abundance: it can not only buy, but also to catch.Fishing is very popular as a form of recreation.For relatively little money from the locals is easy to rent a boat, and if not taken with him - Tackle.In the Azov Sea catch pelengasa, flounder, sculpin, roach.

So come to the Sea of ​​Azov.Urzuf waiting for you!Unforgettable pleasant impressions about the rest are guaranteed.In addition, there can be a good and inexpensive and the healthier fish.