Kiten, Bulgaria: reviews, photos and prices

«Immersed in the green."That is translated into Russian the name of the resort seaside town Kiten.Bulgaria, and more precisely, its Black Sea coast, where the resort is located Kiten, - one of the most beautiful places in this country.Strandja mountain, going down to the coast with their wooded spurs, created two picturesque bay, decorated with rocks and cliffs of the most unusual forms.Due to the fact that Kiten is located in a closed bay cliffs, the whole year is sunny weather and storms and rough seas are quite rare.

little history

Modern Kiten (Bulgaria) is located on the site of a settlement of the ancient Thracians, who lived here in the V century BC.e.Much later in these places the Romans built a fortress and transshipment Orudiza (Urdoviza), the ruins of which have survived, and today you can see.Before Bulgaria fell under Turkish rule, Urdoviza was a small settlement, which is mentioned in many historical sources.

Today the locals happy to retell the legend of Stanke Urdovizke, through

courage and ingenuity that the surrounding lands were exempt from dues and taxes to the Turkish governor.

Its modern name Kiten was only in the thirties of the last century, and as a resort began to develop much later - at the end of 60-ies of XX century.

Where is?

little more precise, where is Kiten Bulgaria, Peninsula Urdovizav southern Black Sea coast, at the mouth of the river elm, at the foot of the mountains Strandzhskih.From Lozenets and Primorsko it is separated only five kilometers from the town of Sozopol - 20, but the airport of Burgas - 60 km.Bulgaria's capital, Sofia, is too far - 450 kilometers.If you need to decide how to get in Kiten (Bulgaria), better to choose a place of arrival of the airport of Burgas.

How to get there?

get to Kiten fairly easy, we just need the right to choose the most convenient option for you.You can pre-book a transfer from Burgas Airport to find a hotel.The trip takes only 40-50 minutes and will cost 16 euros per person.This option is particularly suitable for families with small children.

For budget travelers can recommend the bus.From the airport, the city of Burgas there is a direct flight to the bus station where you can catch a regular or a minibus going to Kiten.

Where to stay?

accommodation options both single travelers and families alike in a lot of Kiten.Pre-bookable apartment, villa, hotel room.In the city there are about 30 hotels and not far away, beyond the city, and about a dozen.Hotels Kiten (Bulgaria) for the most part two- and three-star, in addition, there are many small mini-hotels.Prices in hotels and guest houses are quite reasonable and start from 30 euros per person.The most famous and popular are hotel "Ariana" and "Kamenetz".It should be noted that the number of stars the hotel has no effect on the quality of service - it is the same everywhere good.Travellers sleeper from different countries will be happy to camping "South", "Atliman", "Coop", "Forest" and "Coral".

What to see?

Those who have been in Kiten (Bulgaria), a variety of reviews left.However, it should be noted that all of them are positive.Many people only rely on a relaxing beach holiday, we were surprised to learn about the beautiful Ropotamo National Reserve, located on the river of the same name, and its wonderful landscapes.It is divided into four thematic areas protected "Arkutino", "Water Lily", "Sea Wormwood" and "Snake Island".It is in this park you can see the rock in the form of a lion's head.In addition, the resort is near the park Strandja and where they like to relax and spend a picnic as the residents and tourists alike.

From Kiten pretty easy to get to the resort towns such as Sozopol, Tsarevo and Primorsko, which is famous for its cultural and historical sights.

Around the city there are two excellent sandy beach: Urdoviza and Atliman, with stunning views of Mount Primorsko.The total length of the beach is about 3 kilometers, and despite the fact that they are surrounded by rocky files, all descents in the water they are smooth and without sharp breaks.That's what makes it a great place for families with young children.

What to do?

Also wonderful beach holiday and the opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery while walking, the resort Kiten (Bulgaria) to offer its guests improve their health: there is a source of mineral water, which has tonic properties.

for children in the city built a lot of attractions and children's playgrounds.In Kiten there is an amusement park where you can ride the swings and roundabouts and visit other attractions that will interest not only to young travelers, but also their parents.

more active guests will also be able to find something to do "for the soul."The resort offers excellent conditions for surfing, sailing and water polo, football, volleyball and tennis.Lovers of horse riding clubs are ready to give the resort a horse, and those who are not able to stay in the saddle, - special training courses.

In addition, everyone can ride a catamaran and scooters, "banana", water skiing and roller coaster.

The town has cinemas, bars and Internet clubs organize their own entertainment and shows.

those who prefer bright and spectacular night, the doors opened clubs such as «Royal», «Jamaica» and many others.

Where to eat?

Just like in any other Bulgarian city in Kiten do not have problems with nutrition.A variety of different restaurants and bars, bistros and restaurants, taverns offer at a fairly low cost well-prepared dishes of both national Bulgarian and Greek, Turkish and Russian cuisine.Many restaurants serves an international menu.What

offers children Kiten (Bulgaria)?

Children's camp for parents who want to make the rest of their children is not only a health but also to develop and informative - a great solution.Around Kiten there are many children's facilities and camps, where from May to October, children can not only swim in the warm and clear sea, but also to get acquainted with the culture and sights of the country.The camps are organized various cultural events and guided tours of the city and also offers trips to the National Park Ropotamo.

Many parents decided to send children on holiday in the Republic of Bulgaria (Kiten), the camp is selected based on feedback from parents and teens, there have already visited.One of the most famous and popular is the camp of "Friends."It is no coincidence, since it provides excellent conditions for comfortable and interesting holiday.The protected area, a private beach area Atliman, Russian-speaking administrators and animators, extensive and varied cultural and entertainment program - all this makes the stay and adolescents pleased to come here again.

cordiality and friendliness of local people and staff, excellent natural and climatic conditions, many opportunities for a variety of holidays, as well as low prices for food and accommodation contribute to the increasing popularity of this young Bulgarian resort.