Do I need a passport to Bulgaria?

For many Russians visa-free travel to a foreign country is a priority when choosing where to vacation.So, referring to the travel agency, our fellow citizens often ask if they need a passport to Bulgaria.After all, this former socialist country is perfectly suited for a family or youth recreation sea.

basic requirements for a trip to Bulgaria

Do I need a passport and a visa to travel to Bulgaria?The answer is clear: yes, these documents are required without fail.Such stringent requirements due to the fact that this Balkan state has recently become part of the European Union.So, for a trip to Bulgaria you will need the following documents:

  • visa;
  • passport (validity must not end for at least 3 months after leaving the country);
  • migration card.

Terms fill migration card

migration cards filled immediately upon arrival at their destination, at the time of crossing the state border.As a rule, such documents you can get in the plane or train.Terms entering data standard, you should use the ink

black or blue, and the letters of the alphabet.


As for the visa, arrange it in two ways.The first - through an intermediary, as a rule, in his role as advocates travel agency.You will need to collect a list of documents and transfer them to the company, then - only the tedious wait.

Now that we have decided on the question of whether a passport is needed in Bulgaria for the Russians, it is necessary to pay attention to the algorithm visa on their own.To start, you need to collect the full set of documents, it includes:

  • passport (original and copy);
  • profile and questionnaire;
  • copy of a Russian passport (all pages needed);
  • color photographs compliant (better clarify the embassy);
  • if available, copies of previous passport with the Bulgarian visa;
  • medical insurance;
  • income statement in the workplace;
  • if you are a student, you will need documents from the higher education institution;
  • invitation to enter or booking a hotel room;
  • tickets to the two sides;
  • in some cases can be useful, and a certificate of purchase of foreign currency (50 euros per day).

On average, the procedure of visa spent up to 7 working days, urgent document prepared three times faster.

Documents for minors

Do I need a passport to Bulgaria for small children?Yes, regardless of age, a child should be prepared similar documents.In addition, the need to provide a number of additional certificates:

  • birth certificate.
  • permission to travel (in this case, if the child crosses the border from one of the parents).You may also need a photocopy of the passport of the father or mother of the child (the one who is in Russia).
  • copy of visas and of documents accompanying persons.

must be remembered that the above list of documents is inaccurate.When deciding to do their own visa registration is required to contact the embassy.

Visa Types

Now you know you need a passport to Bulgaria and how to apply for a visa.Be sure to pay attention to the validity of the latter.So, it is divided into three main varieties of it:

  • transit.It is intended for crossing the country, authorizes the presence on the territory of no more than 5 days.May vary depending on the number of allowed crossings (once or twice or more times).
  • short-term entry visa (single).Issued to citizens applying for the first time.It is intended for tourist or business purposes.
  • short-term entry visa (multiple).Issued for a period up to one year.Citizens of our country it may be located on the territory of Bulgaria not more than 90 days within 6 months.

What determines the necessary documents?

Do I need a passport to Bulgaria if you have a property or relatives in this country?Unfortunately, there are no exceptions, and these documents you will need in any case.So, if you go to the family, ready to prepare a questionnaire on visa, passport, photos of the model, medical policy, tickets (two sides), a written invitation from the host and proof of family ties.

Another reason why Russians often visited Bulgaria - rest.Do I need a passport in the case, if you are coming to this country without the assistance of a travel agency?It does not just necessary, but extremely necessary.Besides it, you will need to collect a huge amount of additional references, starting with confirmation of residence, finishing with working documents and statements of accounts of the bank.Depending on the purpose of the trip is different and a set of documents that you want to prepare.In Bulgaria, come not only to relax but also to work, study, play sports, and purchase their own homes.