Adventure Park "Sochi Park": reviews, photos and prices.

In 2014, close to the Olympic facilities constructed in the Imereti lowland, was completed year-round theme park and entertainment center of the international level.Not without reason called one of the most ambitious and original in Russian "Sochi Park"."Disneyland" in Paris and "Port Aventura" in Spain - the next competition of large-scale national project.


place where you can wander through an enchanted forest, see colorful huts and castle warriors, become a member of the space odyssey and contribute to scientific and technological progress - all this "Sochi Park".Reviews have been in amazing entertainment center are full of enthusiasm, because that is where the fairy tale becomes reality.

idea of ​​creating a unique theme park is based on rich historical and cultural heritage of Russia.In order to go to meet an amazing adventure with your favorite characters and ride the rides, enough to buy a single ticket.

Amusement Park in Sochi is divided into five areas (lands).At the beginning o

f the trip, guests get to the "Alley Lights" is steeped in the spirit of fairs.The "Territory heroes" have the opportunity to get a lot of impressions from the spectacular equestrian show.Anyone wishing to make a "quantum leap" in the fastest and highest in the Russian Hill, located in the "edge of science and science fiction."Further, all waiting for Dragon in the "Enchanted Forest".The final point of the route busy - "eco-village".


«Sochi Park" (reviews visit this place mostly positive) includes fourteen groups of attractions that meet all European standards.Everyone will find something fun for everyone.There are installed and children's carousel and rides for the whole family, and areas for active play.Here are the most popular fun:

- Sharolet "pincode". unforgettable emotions can be shared not only with close, but with an unusual companion - Penguin Ping.

- «Drifter." take part in exciting racing can be a family.Booths are designed as vehicles.

- Get the adrenaline will ride «Magic flight» .Rise and Fall of the booths are made at random, and this is provided by the effect of gravity.

- «Dragon." In the Mouth of this wonderful beast laid dizzying trail.Its length is more than a kilometer.Cabs can reach speeds of up to one hundred kilometers per hour.

- «Quantum Leap." Amusement Park in Sochi is equipped with the highest and fastest in the Russian extreme slide.Its height is 58 meters.The maximum speed - 105 kilometers per hour.

- «The Firebird." dared to wander through an enchanted forest will make unforgettable flight over the precious miracle bird feather.This attraction of free fall height of 65 meters in Russia has no equal.

- «Flying Ship". place where nothing is impossible, that "Sochi Park".Testimonials of satisfied visitors are unanimous: this place gives an unforgettable experience.Travel aboard the flying ship is registered, and children and adults.

addition to the above attractions in the entertainment complex, the following: "The tea cup", "Carousel of Tales", "Gems", "Jolly Pirate" and "Whirlpool".Little visitors are welcomed gay travel adventures.In a way you can go on a motorcycle or a mobile machine with sound.Rockers are designed for children aged one to six years.Older children love to spend time in the pavilion arcade games.It is equipped with a host of modern devices.


«Sochi Park" ("Disneyland" Russian version) - is a place where not only provide entertainment, but also education of the younger generation.Thus, in the area for an active pastime "Space Jungle" children are unusual testing, while developing dexterity and coordination.The most skillful heroes are cosmic.

on aquatic playground children can organize dams, locks and dams, creating rivers and rotate them.Most Active happy to overcome water obstacles on the ferry.This activity is very popular on hot summer days.


All major shows held at the Alley lights.One of the most striking - "Illusion".This unique and mysterious show able to conquer any audience.

No less interesting is the circus of the Romanov family.It combines the unique wonders of acrobatics and reincarnation.

enjoy the performances of street theater can be daily.Improvised performances of jugglers, acrobats and other artists produce an endless stream of applause.

Corner for the little ones

fun game for kids organize a funny clown.In addition, professionals regularly organize workshops to teach children circus arts."Sochi Park" (photos are presented in the article) is known for performances of famous artists - Nakhimov and Vladimir L. Kondakov.These puppeteers from St. Petersburg are working with unique puppets.

Cafes, restaurants

«Sochi Park" (reviews confirm this) - a wonderful place, where even a simple meal turns into a banquet and dinner - in a theatrical culinary presentation.In order to enjoy not only cultural, but also gastronomical discoveries, it is recommended to spend the whole day in the park.

«Magic Garden»

This cafe is located in the center of the complex "Sochi Park" ("Disneyland" Russian version - so call this a large-scale project).The creators of the interior took inspiration from Russian fairy tales.In the cafe you can taste the delicacies of the Kuban, Russian and Caucasian cuisine.

«piping hot»

In this bakery, decorated in a charming style home, you can feel like a hero tale "According to Pike," and taste fresh pies, cheesecakes and pretzels.

«Barbecue Futuro»

This eatery offers everything needed for the perfect picnic outdoors.Traditional dishes cooked on a charcoal grill, you can try the outdoor cafe.Other points

power (mobile)

on the territory of each of the thematic areas of the park are brightly decorated fast food kiosks.Twelve Street-food outlets can buy dishes from different cuisines - Italian, Caucasian, Chinese, Mexican and, of course, Russian.

Special Offer

The show-restaurant "Mirror Palace" you can taste the magic of taste and celebrate commemorative dates in a fantastic atmosphere.Rental price starts at ninety thousand (this amount includes the provision of professional sound and lighting equipment).According to the package proposal, menu and drinks will cost 2,800 rubles.(per person).Demand for rental of premises can be left on the official website -


four-star hotel "Bogatyr" is located near the complex "Sochi Park".Accommodation prices vary depending on the type of room and season.Thus, the most expensive cost accommodation in a Junior suite in August - 9200 rubles per person per day.Those who wish to save it is recommended to plan a trip in October.Accommodation in a standard room will cost from 3900 rub. / Pers. / Day.

Sochi park "Riviera»

This park was founded in 1898 by order of the well-known entrepreneur VA Khludov.It covers an area of ​​14.7 hectares.The main attraction of "Riviera" is considered Polyana friendship.She grow magnolias planted by famous people - astronauts, politicians, and so on.. In 2010, the park was inaugurated free pump-room with healing mineral water "Plastunskaya."In 2007, the territory of the "Riviera" started functioning aquarium.There you can admire the fish brought from all over the world.


The park will not be bored either children or adults.This will help a variety of attractions, night club, sports area, Green House, dolphin and more.In the "Riviera" you can even arrange a romantic date, throwing a coin into the "fountain of love" and after sitting on the "bench of reconciliation."Enjoy a delicious and hearty meal, relax and have fun is also available in one of the many cafes.

for the entrance to the park is free of charge.The green zone is located on the street.Egorova, 1.


Sochi - a resort that is known not only for its beautiful beaches.Here you can organize a truly interesting and cognitive rest."Sochi Park", which began its work in 2014, has made the city even more attractive for active travelers.