The town of Mirny, Arkhangelsk Oblast.

City of Peace (Arkhangelsk region) is far from the world-famous tourist destinations.And not because he could not imagine anything of interest to travelers or unusual.The point, in fact, different.Location is not quite in his usual ...

However, let's discuss in order.This article introduces a sweeping settlement under the name of the town of Mirny (Arkhangelsk region includes some amazing facilities, but this is probably one of the most mysterious and little-investigated).The reader will get valuable information that can be visited in this place where to stay for the night and what factors to take into account when traveling.

Section 1. General information

A place where today is the town of Mirny (Arkhangelsk region) used to lay the road that from the center of Russia could get to the White Sea.It is on this path, according to legend, was known Mikhailo Lomonosov Moscow.

City currently has an unusual status as both a living and at the same time the administrative center located in the immedia

te vicinity of the Plesetsk cosmodrome.

Section 2. The climate and geography

peace in the zone of moderate continental climate.Summers are short with plenty of rainfall.

is difficult to imagine that the difference between the highest and lowest year winter temperatures reach 60 ° C!

In early May, comes the time of the White Nights.Local residents it is a natural phenomenon, as a rule, does not cause much interest, but the visitors from the central and southern regions of Russia perceive it as something wonderful.It was at this time takes many guests quite modest and quiet town of Mirny (Arkhangelsk region).Hotels, private and public, come to life and are filled with visitors."Rokot", "Orion", "Dawn" and "North" are perhaps the most popular, thanks to its modest pricing.Overnight accommodation will cost tourists in the amount of 500 rubles.

on Onega-Dvina plain, not far from the village, you can see the many lakes of glacial origin.Natural water bodies in these areas are swampy shore.

the south-west of the city lies Lake Plestsy whose depth is 4 m. The plain is also rich in rivers, which in mid-November, covered with ice, and opened only at the beginning of May.

Section 3. Milestones

Day of Peace is celebrated annually on the Arkhangelsk region on July 15 and the age of the settlement is modest: officially declared its establishment 48 years ago.It should be noted that it became a town largely due to the creation of the spaceport.

For the liberation of the territory had to move people from 18 settlements.In parallel with the construction of technical installations carried out the construction of cultural and community infrastructure.In 1957, the city had erected a maternity hospital, a dining room and a group of industrial enterprises.In the same year began the construction of the landfill of ballistic missiles, "Angara".

engaged in the construction of capital buildings military construction.In 1958 he started the first school.In 1963, residents became available telegraph and telephone.Since 1966, peace has become a closed city that can not attend because of privacy located in its facilities.

Work on the launch site was fraught with many difficulties.Unfortunately, the performance of official duties and was associated with the tragic events.In memory of the people who sacrificed their lives, fulfilling duty to the country, built in the Peace Memorial Complex.In 1979, its territory was inaugurated Eternal Flame.

Residents of the village cherish the memory of the heroes who have created an object that allows for the launch of advanced missiles.Hard work of scientists, test pilots, military engineers and the local population, providing normal living conditions - all this is needed to map Russia, a new geographic location.

Section 4. Local Attractions

Not all of us have had the opportunity to visit such a wonderful place as the Arkhangelsk Region, the city of peace.Reviews about the visit of the object is usually the most enthusiastic.

Despite harsh for ordinary Russians climate, the lack of the latest signs of civilization (for example, there is no fast food restaurants, zones of free access to the Internet, and travel around the city is rather slow and the old car), I want to be here.Who would refuse personal touch to something forbidden?

modern peace - one of the greenest cities in the region.Taiga zone where it is located, is rich in flora and fauna.In the village, as if in confirmation of all the above, as are many landscaped parks and gardens.

In the seating area with a monument to the liberators, MVFrunze stele founders of the city.

For those who study the history of our country, a visit to the Peace of very great interest.It's hard to believe that until about 1983 publications about the city in the press and was not at all, because everything that happened at the launch site and next to it the village, was strictly classified.

Section 5. City of Mirny, Arkhangelsk Region: features local flora and fauna

Vegetation in these areas characterized by an abundance of conifers.Here thrive two typical for the area of ​​wood - pine and spruce.

grows well in these conditions and birch.By the way, according to experts, after walking in the birch forest is guaranteed excellent state of health.On moist soil booming large grass and moss green.

In the taiga zone, which is peace and, elks and bears.Rarely, yet still found a lynx.In the forest a lot of rodents, squirrels and hares.The usual reservoirs muskrat.Birds, too, very much.The biggest of them is the capercaillie.

Section 6. Highlights

Those who want to visit this wonderful northern city, keep in mind that free access to the controlled area no.To obtain a permit must apply in the Pass Office, dealt with this subject.

all issues related to the design of a possible visit in a peaceful, settled in accordance with the instructions, which regulates the organization of admission to the zone with a special status.

overcome all the bureaucratic difficulties and, despite everything, arrived in this wonderful region, you will experience great pleasure from exploring and inquisitive travelers also get answers to many questions.

According to seasoned travelers, here to bring something as a souvenir of the original will not be easy.This kind of industry is practically not developed.But visiting the city of Mirny (Arkhangelsk region), which will add to your photo collection, you'll be a long time to think about an unusual holiday.