Do I need a passport to Georgia?

Going on a trip to the CIS countries, our fellow citizens, as a rule, expect a warm welcome.Do I need a passport to Georgia and Georgians visas for a holiday in Ukraine?In connection with the current political developments is changing very quickly, and travelers and tourists are sometimes put before the fact in the last turn.Let us try to understand the basic requirements that are associated with the intersection of the borders of individual states.

basic rules of entry to Georgia

So you need a passport to Georgia?Yes, this document is necessarily required for citizens of the Russian Federation.If you leave the territory of this small Caucasian state for tourism purposes, you do not need a visa.It is necessary to comply with one important condition - to be in Georgia can be no more than 90 consecutive days.When crossing the border you will be asked to present a passport and fill out a questionnaire.To submit personal information it will need in two languages, English and Russian.At the end of the fo

rm be sure to leave a personal signature.

main varieties of Georgian visas

Now that we know exactly what Georgia needed a passport, to clarify the nuances of the visa regime.If you wish to receive such a document, you should contact the local embassy (consulate / representative).There are three main types of visas:

  • transit (crossing the country to follow in another country);
  • single (for a single entry into the territory of the state, is most preferred for long-term tourism);
  • multiple (for batch entry for a certain period, ideal for business).

Documents required

To obtain a visa need to prepare a number of documents, a complete list of which is specified in the embassy.In general, it is fairly standard:

  • passport (original and copy);
  • completed application form;
  • photos of an approved pattern;
  • invitation from the host, if any;
  • child's birth certificate (for minors), passport of parents for lack of personal, a warrant to go.

Possible reasons for the refusal of a visa

Do I need a passport to citizens of Georgia Abkhazia and South Ossetia?Unfortunately, this document will not need them for more than an unpleasant reason.Individuals from these regions is strictly forbidden to enter the territory of Georgia.Trespassers expect a very severe punishment, up to detention and forced deportation.In addition, it should be noted that the entry of persons who have stamped in their passport to visit Abkhazia and South Ossetia, are not allowed.More often than entry into the territory of Georgia denied for this reason.If you think that the decision to issue the visa was taken unjustly, you can challenge it at a reception at the Consul.As a rule, any possible reasons for refusal related to the political situation.

conditions of entry to Georgia citizens of Ukraine

Another popular question reads as follows: "When traveling to Georgia Ukrainians need a passport or not?"In this case, the conditions are absolutely identical to stringent Russian citizens.So, you need only a passport, in the case if you go to a tourist trip for a maximum of 3 months (90 days).Do not be superfluous to leave information about the prohibitions and permissions, operating at the border.So you do not miss when in the luggage will be found:

  • drugs;
  • weapons;
  • explosives;
  • illicit drugs;
  • historical values;
  • literature of a terrorist nature, and more.

As for permission, then have a permissible:

  • cigarettes (up to 200 pcs.);
  • wine (up to 3 yrs.);
  • beer (10 l.);
  • jewels (the declared accordingly);
  • personal items are not included in the list of banned.

consular fee

So, it is necessary in Georgia or a passport is not necessary, we have already decided.Ye present your customs officers at the border, fill in the form, and only then can enjoy the visa stamp.Prepare and pay the visa fee in the amount of about $ 30 (the local equivalent of taking into account the average exchange rate), or 50 GEL.By the way, the cost will be much less if you need a transit visa.Additional costs can be attributed to the service charge, the benefit of its amount is very small.

So you need a passport to Georgia in the near future?Despite the relatively stable relations in the political sphere between our countries, we are a clear convergence is not so such a document will be needed for quite a long time.It is worth noting that its use is extremely convenient and makes the world uniform standards of migration policy.Travel Georgia will be pleasant and comfortable in compliance with all requirements and standards adopted in the field of customs relations between the two countries.