Royal Grand Sharm Resort 5 * (Sharm El Sheikh): reviews and photos

Egypt - among the most visited Russian tourists countries.It attracts travelers culture, world-famous historical sights, the beauty of the sea and beaches.Egyptian hotels - among the most welcoming.Many Russians vacationing in the hotel complex Royal Grand Sharm Resort.What are the features of this hotel?What do they write in their reviews the guests who have visited here?

General information about the hotel

Hotel Royal Grand Sharm Resort is located in one of the most famous cities in Egypt - Sharm el-Sheikh.It refers to the five-star category.So spread the name of the hotel, which sounds like the Royal Grand Sharm Resort 5 *.Former name - Iberotel Grand Sharm.Meets the name of the complex, which sounds like the Royal Grand Sharm Resort 5 * Sharmelsheikh.But it is often in the English language online sources, in which the city of Sharm el-Sheikh is sometimes written that way.The hotel is known as the Royal Grand Sharm Resort Sharm El Sheikh.It is located on the first line.Distance to the sea - about

200 meters.Distance from the airport - about 18 km.Rooms 350 apartments represented the class corresponding to the five-star category hotel complex.

How does Hotel Royal Grand Sharm Resort 5 *?Photo of the complex, see below.

We see that this is a relatively small, low-rise hotel with a nice design and colorful landscaped surroundings.It is located really close to the sea, within a few minutes' walk away.Infrastructure facilities are concentrated in the complex is sufficiently convenient in terms of their periodic visits by tourists several times a day.

Regarding the area of ​​the hotel there are two different methodologies of its determination.The first is that it relates to the area of ​​Ras Um El Sid.In accordance with another methodology, the hotel complex should be classified as Hadaba.Therefore, the full coordinates of the location of the hotel can in different sources sound like Royal Grand Sharm Resort 5 * (Sharm El Sheikh) Sharm El Sheikh Hadaba.Many tourists very impressed Hadaba, so it becomes one of the factors under consideration the choice of the hotel complex.Attractions Hadaba we will examine later.

Many sources hotel is primarily associated with the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula.Therefore, the name of the hotel may sound like Royal Grand Sharm Resort Sharm El Sheikh South Sinai Egypt.

If we consider the geographical aspect more, we can also note that the hotel is located in the extreme part of the plateau of Om El Seid.Not far from the hotel Royal Grand Sharm Resort Sharm El Sheikh - Il Mercato area, as well as an amusement park Phantasia Land.If the guest wish to visit the center of Sharm el-Sheikh, you get there by car in 15 minutes.

Standard terms check in to the hotel: 14: 00-18: 00.Out - 12: 00-13: 00.


consider the specifics of the infrastructure at the Royal Grand Sharm Resort.As part of her present: a private parking, car rental service, gift shop, providing medical care, dry cleaning and laundry services, as well as a training center and rental of diving equipment to swim under water.The most popular water sports among the guests of the hotel - diving and snorkelling.Everywhere there is Wi-Fi.The structure of the hotel's public area has a garden, terrace, library.

Extras hotel quite meet its five-star class.Competitive hotels generally offer a comparable range of services and opportunities for the organization of quality leisure.But the question is, how much corresponds to the highest requirements of the market the actual content of the services, how skilled they are provided by the hotel.Reviews suggest that the staff of the hotel complex copes with the tasks.More details hotel reviews we will study later.

rooms have private balconies with stunning views in all directions: depending on the specific apartment this may be the hotel's pool, gardens or the Red Sea.All rooms at the present high quality air conditioning.The apartments are also equipped with satellite TV, they include a minibar.

Bathroom in all rooms there is, of course, a separate, since the category of Royal Grand Sharm Resort - 5 stars.The structure of the hotel stock has a non-smoking apartments tourist accommodation for persons with disabilities, family suites, honeymoon suites, rooms are soundproofed.


tours are available for purchase under the three schemes catering: breakfast only, half board and "all inclusive".Format "breakfast only" implies the power of the "buffet".If you book half board, the same type of treats will be open to tourists and also in the evening.As part of the system "all inclusive" the guest can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the format "Swedish table", and order a variety of drinks and snacks in the bar.


infrastructure facilities at the hotel Royal Grand Sharm Resort diverse.They are divided into paid and those included in the room rate.The former include skating on the sea "banana", a game of pool, water sports, tennis, a pastime in the sauna and Jacuzzi.Among the free activities - training in the gym, play table tennis, beach volleyball, mini-golf.Free disco.Tourists are also actively entertained animators.There is a spa, where you can have a great time, enjoy a massage, which provides an excellent relaxing effect.The infrastructure of the hotel also has a Turkish bath.There is a karaoke bar.For guests evening entertainment.

The hotel rests a lot of tourists with children.For younger guests in the hotel complex is a mini-club, addictive games room, a children's pool and playground - is where the child to have fun.You can hire a childcare nurse.

lovers in restaurants and bars in the area adjacent to the hotel complex Royal Grand Sharm Resort, is also easy to find a comfortable option pastime in a cozy atmosphere.Among the most famous restaurants, working in the area of ​​the hotel - Caravanserai (offers visitors both delicious local Egyptian cuisine and culinary delights of foreign origin), La Seppia (positioned as a place where you can enjoy a large number of international dishes).Both restaurants have a great view of the Red Sea.Restaurant Caravanserai also offer tour delicatessen in the format "Swedish table".If the guest wants to try a seafood dish - Bar Gulf Stream, which is located near the pool, it is sure to offer him a delicious and refined version.Also in this bar offers fresh salads.Pool Bar-Restaurant will offer tourists a wide range of snacks, a delicious lunch and a lot of drinks.Fun Pub Bar specializes in serving, visitors to a variety of drinks - produced in Egypt or imported.The Shisha Corner, you can try to become a traditional shisha Egyptian Shisha.Refreshing drinks and delicious juice can also be purchased in the Beach Bar.

before visiting the restaurant, it is desirable to choose the appropriate clothing - are practiced dress code.


Category Royal Grand Sharm Resort - 5 stars, but for this level of hotel complexes norm - the possession of a private beach.This hotel - is no exception.At the disposal of its guests - a beautiful sandy beach, it stretches along the sea - 230 meters.

Tourists are available towels, umbrellas, chairs - everything you need for a comfortable pastime.On the beach near the shore extending coral reefs, through which the sea can be reached by a pontoon.


reception is open around the clock.You can ask experts to carry out the reception check-in or check-out on an expedited basis.At the disposal of tourists - a safe, luggage storage, currency exchange service, Desk Tour, as well as agency services for booking tickets.There is an ATM.You can also use the services of a concierge.For an additional fee you can book a shuttle to the airport.Available Services Business Center include a conference room, copying, fax documents.The hotel also has a hair and beauty salon.

Where can fly

Sharm el-Sheikh is associated with a large number of Russian cities by the airlines.In particular, at the Egyptian resort of planes fly from Moscow, Rostov, Kazan.What to look for when buying tickets to Sharm el-Sheikh tour of the city?

Kazan Airport abbreviated name of KZN.Sharm el-Sheikh - SSH.Therefore, if a person wants to quickly find a flight from the capital of Tatarstan in the Egyptian resort, you need to look for Royal Grand Sharm Resort 5 (Sharm El Sheikh, Hadaba) KZN SSH KZN, and then select one of the online booking service.On the pages of one of them said, for example, that the cheapest flights to Sharm El Sheikh can be bought in the fall and spring.Some services provide an opportunity to book tickets from Kazan to Egypt for the year to travel.

abbreviated name of the airport of Rostov-on-Don - ROV.Therefore, if we want to get a ticket from the Russian city of Sharm el-Sheikh, you need to look for Royal Grand Sharm Resort 5 (Sharm El Sheikh, Hadaba) ROV SSH ROV.According to the information contained on the page of one of the online booking service, the cheapest tickets you can buy an Egyptian resort in the fall.

in Sharm el-Sheikh from Moscow, you can fly through Domodedovo airport, its abbreviated name - DME.That is, for a quick flight booking, you can dial Royal Grand Sharm Resort 5 (Sharm El Sheikh, Hadaba) DME SSH DME, and then choose the most advantageous offer on the online booking service.

Attractions Hadaba

Above we noted that for one of the methodologies of geographic localization of the hotel should treat Hadaba.Let us consider that any tourist can visit places of interest in it.Hadaba is located close to the harbor of Ras Umm Sid - that this object is also sometimes becomes the criterion of geographical location at the Royal Grand Sharm Resort 5 *.

Hadaba - a residential area, which is gradually being transformed into a tourist.There are a large number of entertainment venues, shops, which are especially numerous in the street Il Mercato.Trading infrastructure of the area is diverse.ATMs are available, which are often needed to tourists.

place where they sell high quality stylish and original souvenirs and gifts at the National Egyptian style - a set of Alf Leila wa Leila.It suffices and places for entertainment, the atmosphere of which Oriental hospitable and colorful at the same time.The water park is located Hadaba "Albatross", which can entertain both adults and children.A large number of attractions it attracts tourists from all over the Sharm el-Sheikh.The Hadaba also a Dolphinarium, where visitors waiting for a show with the participation of artistic and clever dolphins.For guests Royal Grand Sharm Resort 5 * Sharm El Sheikh Hadaba remembered as a colorful, welcoming and luxurious place in which every time you want to return.

While in Hadaba there are a large number of places, suggesting noisy types of pastimes with music and dancing in the afternoon in the area is quiet enough.And because many tourists like to stroll slowly here, including children.The area combines the beauty of local architecture and modern design of shopping and entertainment centers, so here will appeal to fans of traditional urban environment, and shopping enthusiasts and noisy parties.Hadaba architecture combines elements of the western trend of urban construction and the traditional local flavor.High-rise buildings mostly built in the West European style.But side by side with their narrow streets with traditional architecture.The combination of classic small and cozy building in oriental style with modern entertainment facilities - this is one of the most notable features of the area Hadaba.

hotel reviews

We studied the specifics of the hotel infrastructure.Now it would be useful to explore the opinions of tourists about hotel complex Royal Grand Sharm Resort 5 *.Hotel reviews are present on a variety of thematic online portals.What do they write the tourists?What degree of sentiment in their opinions?

The overall quality of leisure facilities is estimated as high by tourists.Travelers are impressed with the developed infrastructure of the complex, the presence of its own private beach, a relatively short distance from the airport.Especially good reviews awarded the work of the hotel staff.That, however, is not surprising for a five star hotel.Staff at the complex - friendly, hospitable, polite, pleasant to talk to people.

studied in more detail the views of tourists on certain aspects of spending time at the Royal Grand Sharm Resort.Reviews of the complex are presented online in a very wide range to make sufficiently representative assessment of the hotel.

Tourists appreciate the silence

opinion environment, reflecting the impression of the hotel, a significant proportion of positive statements about the silence surrounding the hotel complex.This can be seen both at the internal infrastructure of the hotel, and in the aspect of surrounding areas of the city.This is what we said above: Hadaba - yet it is largely a residential area, and because the typical tourist noise of quarters for him not peculiar.

Evaluation rooms

quality and appearance of the room caused a particularly positive assessment from guests Royal Grand Sharm Resort Sharm El Sheikh.Reviews include only positive opinions about the apartments in a variety of nuances - furniture design, the quality of air, the view from the windows.

If you examine the comments made by tourists about the rooms - some of them cited lack of apartments kettle and crockery.But other travelers, even if such facts are mentioned, it was not considered a significant drawback of hotel service.


upbeat on tourists beach, which belongs to the hotel complex.Beach - clean, pleasant.The concept of the landscape as it is estimated tourist extremely positive.At the local beach, according to the tourists can comfortably spend time guests of all ages.However, not all the guests liked the fact that the full skinny possible using pontoons.But many of the guests at such an organization access to the beach is quite impressed.Besides corals, adjacent to the shore, caused many tourists sincere delight.


Regarding catering responses vary greatly.And this is quite logical: the food - one of the most valued aspects of the rest is subjective.Some tourists refer to the monotony of the diet, "buffet", others point out that the composition of the food in all formats of optimal nutrition.But the quality of products, regardless of their diversity, estimated as high by tourists.To some of the guests did not have enough fruit, while others thought they diet overly rich.Many have noted the high quality of baking and a wide enough range of her.In general, the quality of products and their freshness tourists do not express any complaints.

different opinions regarding the quality of service at local restaurants.Some tourists refer to the lack of free utensils and appliances during a mass visit to travelers breakfast, lunch and dinner.Others felt no such problems.

Many tourists celebrate the diversity and high quality of soft drinks.This is especially significant factor for relaxing in the hot Egyptian resorts.Comfortable stay under the sun, the sea must be accompanied by the possibility of time and with pleasure cool.With this no problems at the hotel guests there, judging by the reviews.

Quality of service

Above we noted that tourists appreciate the quality of service of the personnel at the Royal Grand Sharm Resort 5 * reviews on staff development complex, extremely positive.Tourists are happy to see that there are no problems with the timely replacement of the laundry room, with service in the organization of "buffet".