Van Hyundai H1 Grand Starex

Hyundai H1 Grand Starex - van for all occasions, extremely comfortable and versatile, combines the characteristics of a luxury car.This car is ideal for businessmen who appreciate functionality and reliability.Vehicle adapted for the carriage of goods and passengers to a comfortable movement.Hyundai H1 is equipped with chairs, which can be easily transformed by the circumstances, the salon easily modified.
Hyundai H1 is suitable not only for transportation, its design facilitates the process of loading and unloading, it is promoted by wide-opening rear and side doors.

Appearance Hyundai H1 Grand Starex, above all, attracts the eye with its hefty grille, which would have quite liked to some SUVs.Large headlights and fog lights at the bottom of the front part of the machine makes a very stylish.Large side mirrors perfectly fit the exterior and provide excellent visibility.
Using four seat adjustment and adjusting the height of the steering wheel, the driver can quickly and easily get.In the front seat w

ith the driver can accommodate two more passengers.

a sufficiently voluminous dimensions (5035, 1820, 1965mm in length, width and height, respectively), in the rear can only accommodate 7 people, instead of the usual 11. Therefore, pay attention to the whitelist legroom of passengers.As comfortable as a supplement became a separate ceiling light with controlled lighting levels that will be very useful during a long trip, especially at night.The size of the trunk is quite decent and equal to 364 liters.

light steering with increasing speed is becoming more difficult and more accurate response.Work suspension too happy, moderately hard, she copes with small and larger irregularities.This is especially felt when fully loaded machine by operating the rear springs.

In our market there are three variants of modifications of the vehicle.Two modifications devyatimestnye.One petrol engine, which obbem 2.4 liters and power 137l.s.Another 2.5 liter turbodiesel, with a capacity of 100 hp, all-wheel drive and seven-seater model with a 2.5 liter turbodiesel capacity of 140 hp

engine in all trim levels, compliance with environmental standards Euro 4 so that, using it, you will not only meet their needs, but also care about the environment.Regarding transmission, the car can be equipped with both five-speed manual and automatic (four or five-speed).For more information about the characteristics of different models of Hyundai H1 can be found in the repair manual Hyundai H1 (repair guide Grand Starex) Ukrainian publishing "Monolith".

minibus Acceleration to 100 km / h takes 14.5 seconds.The maximum speed that develops a car 183 km / h.

In completing each of the modifications included: power steering, brake system ABS + EBS, Driver airbag, air conditioning with separate controls, electric, heated mirrors, etc.For more information and repair equipment Hyundai H1 (Starex Repair Grand) can be found in the literature on the Hyundai H1 (literature Grand Starex).

Obvious advantages Hyundai H1 Grand Starex are smooth running, economical, work suspension, optimum visibility, comfort of passengers.As for the cons, then to them belongs the vibration from the diesel engine and a small amount of the washer fluid reservoir.

controlling Hyundai H1 Grand Starex is no feeling of heaviness and bulkiness of the machine.Of course, the high seating reminiscent of the real size, but they very quickly get used to.