Repair and maintenance of Tata 613

TATA LPT-613 - a car that belongs to a family cabover trucks TATA LPT and is a low-tonnage cargo Indian car production Tata Motors .
From design point of view, 613 TATA LPT - this truck cab cabover layout.Through modification of the chassis set various modifications of the body, depending on the traffic and the type of activity that you perform.On request can be installed these types of additional equipment: tow truck, isothermal van, manufactured goods van, dump, refrigeration, thermal, bread van, awning or Flatbed.

A detailed description of the vehicle can be found in manual for repair and maintenance TATA 613 / I-VAN A07A / BAZ-A079 Etalon (TATA 613 / I-VAN A07A / BAZ Etalon-A079).

Tata LPT 613 going in Ilyichevsk (Odessa region) at CJSC "ZAZ" and ZAO "Borispolskiyavtozavod" (p. Prolisok, Kiev region) SKD method of mashinokomlektov that come from India
Onethe great strengths of this model is a powerful and reliable engine TATA 697 NA ,null, which is manufactured under license Mersedes-Benz OM 352 .6-cylinder, 5.7 liter capacity and 130 hp (at 2400 rev / min), this engine works together with a 5-speed manual Tata GBS-40.
PPC - with the sliding engagement of reverse gear with synchromesh on all forward gears.Clutch - single plate, friction, dry, diaphragm spring.Cooling of the engine Tata 697 NA liquid.The battery has a capacity of 12 W, 120 A / h.Starter TATA LPT 613 operates with a voltage of 12V and has a capacity of 2.8 kW.
Rear track is 1577 mm, the front - 1650 mm and the total length of the wheelbase of this model have - 3800mm.Capacity 613 TATA LPT range from 3680 to 4200kg.According to the master station MOT, Power 613 TATA LPT (production ZF) is one of the most dependable units of the car, regardless of the operating conditions
car has a high maneuverability, thanks to short wheelbase and narrow track.
level increase driver comfort features such as: a broad overview, 5-speed gearbox with synchromesh gear pairs, steering, power switch indicator with automatic shut-off clutch with hydraulic and pneumatic booster.
wide hood makes access to the sites for daily maintenance is much easier.
service life of the friction linings brakes, brake drums and tires increased by the braking system of augmented engine brake that is included with it at the same time
Car TATA LPT 613 meets all environmental standards, as evidenced at all stages of its production.
TATA 613 - is a powerful synthesis of the technical capabilities of the Indian TATA Group , German engineering Mercedes-Benz , and domestic assembly of trucks.Tips
maintenance Tata LPT 613 and more detailed information can be found in the service book and manuals for maintenance and operation of the publishing house ZAO ZAZ.