Road Truckers

Hello dear readers write my article for the first time on this request otnasitsya the positive side, and do not judge strictly!I write for the car, life, etc truckers!dolnoboyschikov life Everyone thinks that the trucker easy and simple profession sidish driving krutish simply edish from one end to the other, so I will scatter all your belief in it!Profession trucker bears tezhelo enough work to go 15-20 chesov and sleep is very tezhelo, but these are not easy work, as always helps radio where between Saboya was got to talk raskazyvat anektody and shares his experience of driving, there are such setuatsii edish sleepyLorry driver looking interlocutor in one route and nachel not talk and laughter in general ponorama fun!in traffic jams quite often you can find a similar situation seems to be only talked on the theme of peace and shared their experience here Iza little trivia nachel each other to cover the mats for the other inhabitants of the routes are davolno it sounds funny!Working wave truckers №15!

wound up and so that if any machine stait where the traffic police on the radio mamentalno reported most often such words as this is kelometri running machine!Truckers respect each other and do not apply in the daytime when it allows the visibility on the road waving from the cabin to each other in such a way prevedstvuyut!for the honor of lovers cars do not respect the traffic routes are pruned do quite serious maneuvers without thinking that their car weighing from 900 to 3 tons and not much gaybaritnostyu not be compared with the same KamAZ, Fred-liner, manna from 9 to 20 tonsschetaya not they can be loaded with both more and vyesnyaetsya!on impact with trucks weighing 14 tons in cars weighing 1.5 tones, let's think what will become of passenger car and then blaming truckers that they fly!but not anything like a weight machine makes itself felt braking distances, and so on after such a machine is not as easy ostonovit!frequent accidents is not attentive drivers so-called (Dummies) ezdiyut want and how valiantly our bodies do not have time to open your eyes!At this point I zakonchu raskaz little about the life of truckers but is an intrinsic to the continuation of wait and read my articles in which I will tell a lot of interesting things on the highway and her life!Bye!routes are the life, the inhabitants of the routes are!routes are the life, the inhabitants of the routes are, routes are the life, the inhabitants of the routes are, life routes are routes are the inhabitants!