Metal giants - the biggest trucks in the world

Trucks are grandiose creation of human hands, which simultaneously serves as a practical tool in the affairs and an expression of power.Looking at them, you realize that before you power embodied in the metal.But there are trucks that are simply breathtaking.This huge trucks, automotive giants.In this article we look at the largest truck in the world that are mass-produced and not only.

One of the giants in the world of the global automotive industry is a truck Caterpillar 797B, which is designed to work in the quarries.This mastodon has a load capacity 363 tons and its length of 14 meters.The width of the truck is more than 9 meters and height - 7 meters.Imagine this giant.Against the background of such a car is not a sin and to be photographed.If we talk about its capacity, the Caterpillar 797B has a very powerful engine - CAT 3524B.The volume of this engine is 117 liters, and force him to betray 24 of the cylinder!This titanium mining is one of the strongest in the world, the power of the engine is

smooth 4000 hp!You understand that the biggest trucks in the world can not always find a spare parts required.Stores of spare parts for trucks of this class will not find in any city.Exclusive products, as not cool!At Caterpillar 797B installed hydro seven speed transmission and hydraulic brakes.Speaking of the power reserve, at this dump truck mounted fuel tank capacity of 6814 liters.For convenience, instead of the dashboard in this dump truck mounted display.And the cost of this miracle of technology also is not small - about $ 5 million.

Another miracle of technology that can be included in the group of "the biggest trucks in the world» - Liebherr T282B.According to experts, Liebherr T282B dump truck is one of the biggest in the world.The height of this giant 15 m, weight - 220 tons. With this technique, it is easy in the body to transfer a small country house, as this unique truck is able to transfer the weight of one and a half times greater than its own weight, and it is up to 360 m. Hereyou and a giant man-made ant!This truck is available on request ore processing companies in South Africa, Canada and Australia.It operates the giant twenty-cylinder engine in the 3,650 horsepower.Such a force, and will bring a rocket into space!

in the "biggest trucks in the world" also includes truck Terex Titan, which is produced in conjunction with the Terex Corporation Dzheniral Motors.It weighs 235 tons, and the maximum load is 550 tons.Terex Titan is equipped with a 16-cylinder engine of 170 liters.The power of this engine - 3300 horsepower.It was first built back in 1974 and tested 12 months in California.

the former USSR considered the biggest dump truck BelAZ-75601, which is made in one of the biggest factories of mining equipment - Belarusian Automobile Plant.BelAZ -75,601 Carrying capacity is about 360 tons.The length of the post-Soviet giant thought of almost 15 meters, width - more than 9 meters and height - 7 meters.BelAZ-75601 is powered by MTU 20V4000 engine capacity of 3750 hpWe can not say that this car is a truly Belarusian, as it is designed with the use of units and components from leading manufacturers.The list of BelAZ-75601 was not quite fair, because this machine is not running in full-scale production.But be sure to neglect.

Seeing photos of large trucks, such as, Liebherr T282B, you realize that humanity is still ahead.

And if seriously, these giants of the road so heavy that for direct use they are transported in parts and assembled on the job site.A ride on normal roads they can not, because very quickly destroy the road surface.