Mini trucks.

Mini-trucks are small lorries with a lower carrying capacity.The main subtypes of these machines can be considered as vehicles covered body type van and open platform for cargo.Also, mini-duty trucks are classified by: up to 1 ton (very low load), trucks up to 2 tons (small capacity) and from 2 to 5 tons (average load).

Who needs a mini-trucks

In recent years, this kind of car is gaining answered by a serious popularity.This is due, so they are very comfortable and compact.Therefore, the scope of use is quite extensive.Thus, the reduced-duty trucks used:

  • in agriculture - farmers for the transport of products to the market, transport of feed for livestock, transport of poultry;
  • In a small business, for example, to supply a small bakery bread or drivers earning freight around the city;
  • in construction, as a convenient wizard providing plumbing, welding, carpentry, gardening services;

main advantages of mini-trucks

Besides the convenience and maneuverability on the road, you can still no

te a considerable number of advantages of this mode of transport.After all, they are cost-effective as consume relatively little fuel.Also buying cheap cost the owner of the truck and its subsequent maintenance.For example, tires for light trucks analogs for large trucks and tax them less.Another definite plus - it's flexibility, they can be used both for work and home needs, and if need be for recreation (hunting and fishing).


most commonly found on roads Mini-trucks Japanese and Chinese production.The first notable unquestionable quality and durability, and the second an acceptable price.So, quite popular trucks Daihatsu Hi-Jet, Mitsubishi Minicab, Suzuki Carry, Subaru Sambar, Honda Acty, Foton BJ1039, Dong Feng DFA1030NZ47D0.From models of American and European origin are allocated tractors MAN 18.430, Renault Magnum 400.

worth mentioning machines and Russian automakers, because they are quite popular.For example, "Gazelle" (1.5 ton truck), "Sobol" (up to 900 kg.), The novelty of the GAZ "trophy" (up to 950 kg.), Do not hand positions and Oise (models 3303 and 3741).The choice in favor of domestic mini-trucks is done quite often.The reason for this quality is quite decent and simple maintenance, the ability to always find and change any detail.True, most experts predict an increase in the share of foreign analogues in our market, which will happen very soon.


Recent trends are characterized by small trucks increased comfort, as manufacturers began to pay attention to the environmental friendliness of its products.So Volkswagen Crafter affects the minimum amount of harmful emissions and fuel economy.after 100km.It requires only 7.2 liters.The interior and exterior of the car is quite bright expressive forms.The machine is equipped with powerful turbo diesel engine capacity of 2,0l.

Fiat Doblo Work Up is also the owner of a diesel engine corresponding environmental standards Euro 5. Capacity 1 ton of new items is quite comfortable passenger compartment of the car, and look pretty.This small truck is optimized to work in the city - compact, agile and beautiful.

Recently it was reported that in our country there will be new and mini trucks.They are planning to release in the Chechen Republic under the naming "Word."Prednaznecheny them to carry small loads in the countryside and in the cities, the first test showed a good result.As the basis of new items taken Lada 4x4, and all the necessary prepared to launch mass production process is almost complete.