Road construction machinery city in winter

Snowplows and equipment for cleaning of roads designed for snow removal in large and small volumes, as well as in places where it is carried out by hand is extremely difficult.In this article, we will make ranking of the most popular winter road equipment for the city .

Snowplows divided into small and large.Small road construction machinery is largely manual and is used in small areas, such as in the courts, schools, kindergartens, shopping venues nearby.These machines are largely on the network or on a petrol engine, they are easy to operate, maneuverable and can cope with a relatively large amount of work.Self-propelled models can themselves move and require a minimum of intervention, the same types of self-propelled work by manual operation and moved manually.

Technique for cleaning large areas, mainly roads, is quite varied, mostly working together, large machines.They can melt the snow frost, shoveling snow drifts, snow load, road sweeping and distribute reagents.So, let's begin.Often, it

is the Chinese buses to the streets of our cities.

In the first place, we are, of course, dump.This road construction equipment, without which it can not do almost no snow removal, after clearing the roads of snow and ice chunks, using special equipment, immersed in the body of the truck, which then takes away the goods to a certain place.

rotary machines.Machines equipped with rotary snow mechanism, removing snow from the road, snow drifts being moved to the sidelines, or loaded directly into the truck using a special loading chute.These machines cope with snow deposits up to 1.5 meters, throwing snow at a distance of 10 to 50 meters, thanks to the large snowdrifts are formed, all distributed evenly with a thin layer.

milling rotary machines.These machines are capable of removing dense, icy snow deposits, thanks to milling and rotary equipment, ice can easily be cut to pieces.Ice-covered snow plunges into dump trucks or discarded at great distance.

If, after clearing the track, the snow remains lying along the highway, often with the help of snow loaders, it is transported in dump trucks and transported to a disposal site.This is very common machines used almost everywhere: the capture of snow and ice is carried shovels expense capture, then everything moves along a conveyor belt in the back of the truck.So we should not forget about the plowing technique Peskorazbrasyvayuschie snegoplavilnye and appliances.

Thanks to the city snowplows, road become more balanced, significantly reduced the number of traffic jams and car accidents.