The most beautiful gardens in the world.

Garden - is a creation of human hands, the future of his children, it is a gift of nature and the place where you can get a charge of positive energy.

paradise for every traveler

most heavenly place for man where his thoughts immediately become positive, where the eye is able to enjoy the incredible beauty of nature, in the shade where you can relax and gather strength - it's beautiful gardens and parks.

similar places in every city, but that's really wonderful of them all.Sometimes, in order to be a witness to the incredible beauty of the virgin, we have a long way to travel.Below is the top 10 of the most beautiful gardens in the world.

Magic Japan

first place ranking is a landscape park called Rikugi-en (Tokyo, Japan).The founder is Ёsiyasu Yanagisawa, who in 1700 projected a garden based on their favorite poetry waka.Translated the name means "garden of the six poems," but on the territory of the garden played 88 scenes from a fairly well-known Japanese poems.A park on 87,809.41 square met

ers, it is in the landscape style, is a national landmark in the country and one of the most beautiful places of the planet Earth.

Rikugien extensive enough, located in the area of ​​Bunkyo, near the train station JR Yamanote line Komagone.

At its center was built deep pool with artificial islands, hills, trees and a variety of miniature tea house designed for tea ceremonies.In the sky above the park floats a large number of birds and the lagoons raised a lot of carp and large turtles.

In the garden there are about 29 thousand. Shrubs and 7 thousand. Trees.

inquisitive tourist will spend about an hour out to catch slowly get around the neighborhood and certainly sdelat number of impressive shots.

Imperial Japanese life

places that store and transmit the spirit of Japan today, in all its glory historic architectural style - it is the gardens of the Imperial Villa Katsura.Japan has always been famous for the large number of remarkable places, but natural green areas, executed in perfect Japanese style is sure to come to the forefront.

Today the villa and the park Kattsura are the main treasure of Japan.

In 1645, members of the Imperial Family, Katsura family, the villa was built with the same name and the beautiful gardens are based on its territory.

In the garden is a pond around which to create a beautiful landscape design theme with hills, lanterns and a tea house.The building is divided into several areas: the New Palace, the Old and Middle living.

are beautiful gardens in Kyoto, close to the station Kattsura, Hankyu line.

Basically access to visit the villa is open only to those who use the services of travel agencies and book in advance hour excursion.It is worth noting that on the basis of listening attractions are only in Japanese without translation.Therefore, all must be willing to think in advance of the presence of an interpreter in the tour, which will be able to explain in detail all the above guide.

During holidays and on Sundays villa Kattsura Rikyu to attend closed.On weekdays, there are free study tours exclusively in Japanese.

Mysterious Thailand

One of the most beautiful places in Thailand is Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden.Landscape Park is located at a distance of 17 km from the resort of Pattaya, in the mountain valley.

garden was named in honor of the hostess Nong Nooch Tansaka, and it was founded by a Thai family, which in 1954 bought a small plot of land in the province of Chonburi.At first they are grown fruits and vegetables, and then decided to transform the site into a park.

Today the garden consists of three parts, has a fairly well-developed network of hiking paths and offers a unique landscape design.The total area is about 600 acres (242 811 hectares).On the territory is full of beautiful plant compositions and decorative elements.In addition, the complex includes: park animals, wild birds and butterflies;gardens of exotic plants and works of landscape design.On weekends in the territory of Nong Nooch elephant show regularly hosts national and theatrical performances.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is considered as one of the main botanical complexes located in South-East Asia.

magnificence of the UK

truly amazing and indescribable Lost Gardens of Heligan, located in Cornwall, England.Based gardens were Cornish Tremayne family in the XVIII century.It seemed dilapidated after World War Gardens had more of a chance to exist, but in the 90s.saving revival under the auspices of Tim Smith gave new life park complex.

main "residents' gardens - subtropical plants, camellias and rhododendrons.Of particular note worthy sculptures.

It is worth noting that the gardens were restored with particular tenacity.In the desire to preserve the integrity of the growing trees, to keep the spirit of the Victorian era masters of their craft have achieved tremendous results - now restored many plants can bear fruit.Today, Gardens of Heligan - a territory with a mysterious romantic grottoes, Italian parks, recreation areas and a variety of beautiful plants.

French realities

Paris's famous sites - vertical garden Quai Branly Museum.

Fame Museum collection of artifacts collected works of art and everyday life in many parts of the world: Asia, Africa, the Americas and Oceania.Special attention attracts tourists end of the building and its facade.

unique building in four floors whose walls are completely covered with a variety of plants and flowers - a work of landscape designer Patrick Blanc.Number plants grown for a total of 200 different kinds.

At first glance, it is simply impossible to put a garden on the facade of the building, but it turns out, with the help of specially designed scaffolds, this task becomes crucial.Plastic, cardboard and metal allow to keep the plants upright and give full access to the enjoyment of their irrigation to drip irrigation system which is set at the top of the building and to systematically feed the plants with moisture.


pride of Norway in Tromso, in the south-east of Campus Norway, is a unique attraction - the only one in the world and the most northern of the Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden.It was opened at the university since 1994 and has an area of ​​1.6 hectares.In summer, there is going to mass tourists with a plan unique garden.It is located near the Arctic lake Tromso Sound and has a magnificent backdrop - a series of snowy mountain tops.

mainly in the north of the park grow and alpine plants, but you can meet and heat-loving imported from exotic countries.

From mid-May to the end of July where the sun never sets, and the light around the clock.This phenomenon compensates for the lack of sunlight the plants in winter and low temperatures.

Botanic Park is rightly included in the list of "Beautiful Gardens of the World".Each month is different from the other - there are new plants and give a view of the entire territory of the garden.

From November to April the snow falls and thick veil is to the of April.

From May to October, you can visit the gardens for free.It works around the clock, and connoisseurs claim that in August the garden simply incomparable.Landscape designers create unique flower arrangements in the summer.In May the popular alpine plants in June - buttercups, July gives life blue poppy, flowers doroteantus in August, and in October - the period of blue grechavki.

In the garden are also well represented various stones bright colorful colors that serve as its main decoration and once again emphasize the theme of mountains and rocky slopes.

Variety Mexico

truly paradise, the product of the famous surrealist painter and poet Edward James is located in the Mexican jungle and is called Las Pozas Park.Mexico today attracts tourists from all over the world this newly open world landmark in the territory where the most exotic tropical plants.The park is 40 hectares and is decorated with giant sculptures of amazing up to 30 m tall and beautiful waterfalls.The park's name came from a number of factories, which are located at the foot of the winding river nearby.

Work on the creation of such an unusual garden began in 1949, and more than 30 years, the founder of the park with his assistants worked on every corner, and another bizarre sculpture.

Park Las Pozas recently gained wide popularity.Its entrance is in the form of the house with a huge monkey cave.The second floor was cast into a movie theater, and inside are arranged around the perimeter of dolphins and giant concrete plants.Among the guests of the park and met celebrities: John Lennon and Pablo Picasso.


Tenerife in the Atlantic Ocean, the Canary Islands, is the world's largest collection of cacti, which sheltered the botanical garden Jardin Canario.The decision to build such a pleasant nature reserve was in 1952.Opened to the visit he was in 1959 and became known in its territory gathered a unique collection of tropical plants.The perimeter of the park is 27 hectares.It raised a lot of plants included in the list of attractions of Gran Canaria.

Scientists garden Jardim tirelessly engaged in the cultivation of endangered and rare species of plants.In his science lab, they have developed all the conditions for carrying out various experiments.

Visiting the park for free.Within the walls of the lab is a research library, a garden, publishes its own magazine, and its staff has been active biological activity.

respect for nature - the key to a happy future!

beautiful gardens captivate the magic of their colors any visitor.Only true love of nature and beauty can give us a harmonious future with a full palette of various plants, natural colors and good mood.

Protect the environment and with respect to each of her creations.After all, it's nice to walk along the clean, beautiful parks and gardens virgin!The harmony of man lies in his attitude to the environment!