Novosibirsk friendly!

One of the charms of the summer is the opportunity to spend time on the beach: sunbathe, swim, have fun and forget about everyday troubles and worries.Great place for such a pastime is Novosibirsk, the beach in the city is just wonderful.


In Novosibirsk, many beaches, so everyone can find a place that he liked.The first thing to look at "Boomerang", or as the locals call it - "Park of the sea."After all, here you will be offered a huge amount of entertainment.Who can refuse to riding on scooters, catamarans, banana?Soft drinks for every taste offer in cafes and summer bar.And all this in place.

But it's not all that can offer you Novosibirsk.The beach also has a gazebo with water.They have barbecues, turn on the light.Here you can relax a big noisy company.Especially beautiful here in the evenings.Of course, all these charms attract a huge number of tourists.So in the middle of the season it is very crowded.

In July, vacationers have the opportunity to swim in a hail.Such non-stand

ard entertainment tried guests arrived in Novosibirsk.Beach under a hail was chosen as a place for recreation only daredevils.They got a dose of adrenaline, swimming to the sounds of thunder."Boomerang" is considered the best of the free beaches of Novosibirsk.People celebrate the purity of the beach, the availability of free toilets and a large number of cafes and restaurants.Young people come to the "Boomerang" for jumping from the tower.And you can relax and get a share of adrenaline.

«Central beach»

This is the easiest and a very large beach in the city.Super comfortable holiday here you will not be offered.But, nevertheless, there is always a lot of people, water, sand and clean, and most importantly - there is a sense of unity with nature.This year the "Central beach" surprised many by opening the trendy bar "Lobster Bob."Of course, this cafe is not cheap, but it still attracts a huge number of visitors.Here you can relax and eat.Very popular local cocktails.Thus, a cultural holiday with a barbecue and a hookah in the "Central beach" in Novosibirsk is provided to you.This is the most fun beach in the city.


for discerning travelers and lovers of foreign holiday perfect beach "Star".Once here, you will forget for a while that you are in Russia and fall into the heavenly paradise.Soft drinks in covered wicker gazebo will help refresh and recall the recent vacation abroad.Sea, sun and beach with free Wі-Fi.What else do you need for happiness?It offers all Novosibirsk.The beach with places for barbecues, soccer field, disco, sauna, parking, airsoft will not let you get bored.It is often rented gazebos to celebrate family celebrations.The original proposal is considered to be an opportunity to get married on the beach.There's even a specially equipped gazebo.


This place is very easy to find even the visitors who came to Novosibirsk."Beach on the Mountain" - that's how it is popularly called.That's because the nearest bus stop is Highland.It is a popular place for young people.Here you can not only swim or sunbathe, but also to relax after a day at an outdoor cafe.Near the beach it is equipped with comfortable and fairly large parking lot.Young people who come here to relax companies happy to spend time on the volleyball and basketball courts.Also come here often young couples.And all - because of the romantic kind.Beach "Nautilus" - this is a very popular and pleasant place.It's a must visit.


«Bamboo" is a summer cultural center, which boasts the city of Novosibirsk.The beach is very clean, has its own dance floor.Outdoor gazebo cafe attracts a huge number of tourists, especially young people.This place is selected for various festivals, biker rallies and parties.

private beach

The city, of course, there are also private beaches.This is the "Lake of Dreams" and "Bugrinka."But their attendance is not high.However, they choose to relax those people who do not like crowded places, and who want a peaceful and quiet pastime in nature.


A good option for a holiday is the beach "Locomotive".Such places are not so much is Novosibirsk.A beach with swimming pool is selected, not all, because the need for such vacation pay accordingly.But regular visitors claim that it is worth it.Here you can always find a free sunbed, and there are changing rooms and showers.And the prices are not that high.


recently opened a new beach with swimming pool near the "Lighthouse".This boat base.The beach, of course, for an extra charge, but the service at the highest level.Many people recommend to go to the beach "Lighthouse" (Novosibirsk).Comments about this place filled with positive.The people here a lot.People come to relax families.This is a favorite place for children, because there can not only swim and sunbathe, and jump on the trampoline.

evening feast with fireworks and competitions.The beach is equipped with sun loungers and tables.For children there is a shallow pool.You can have a snack in the cafes that serve great barbecue and delicious salads.It operates hire water transportation of all kinds.There are also changing rooms and showers.On the beach it is prohibited lead dogs, which once again confirms the high level and the cleanliness of the place.Most of the visitors are young people.So you can not only relax in comfort, but also to meet new, interesting people.