Cheap holidays by the sea in Russia and abroad

It is not necessary to stay in expensive hotels while on vacation, you can find a cheap holiday on the sea.Russia cooperates with many travel agencies, brokers, and thanks to their commission cost of permits increased by 20 percent or more.If you avoid them and try to get the services on their own, it greatly save the budget.Although there are cheap travel agency, in which quality does not suffer from low cost.The cheapest vacation at sea - the Azov and Black.In addition to Russia, can be cheap to rest in Turkey and Ukraine.


To save, you can use hitchhiking, by bus or train car with reserved seats.Cheap vacation at sea depends largely on where you live.For this option, you can book a cottage or a guest room in a boarding house directly over the Internet, or directly from the owner on arrival at the place.It is very convenient to rent a house in the private sector.

Rest on the Sea of ​​Azov

cheap holiday on the Azov Sea, for example, under Berdyansk, Bay Kazantip or Arbat-wise and dairy

estuary.Also, famous resorts are located on Miussky, Beysugskom Yeisk and estuaries, and even in the Gulf of Taganrog and Temryuk.Typically, prices in private sector are almost identical and rather low - approximately 250-300 rubles per day.This with a minimum of amenities.

private sector

As already mentioned, the cheapest holiday at sea is considered to be in the private sector, where the price can also vary: more comfortable will be more expensive.But you can stay just the locals, whose houses are usually located on the coast.They have separate entrances and a shared kitchen, a bathroom with shower and a refrigerator.In a little more expensive rooms have additional air conditioning, TV and Internet.If necessary, you can use the services of a cook or order food at home.In August and July, prices are usually above average raise.

Requested resorts of the Azov Sea

most famous and popular resort on the Azov Sea - it Taman and Yeisk.Taman borders the Black Sea, famous for its wild beaches, healing mud and plenty of cheap entertainment, a children's amusement park, parachuting, diving and windsurfing.Yeisk offers shelly and sandy beaches, the sea is warming up well, as it is shallow.This resort is considered to be low both for families and for youth recreation.There are plenty of cheap pizzerias, restaurants and cafés, you can dine in the dining room or pancakes.Entertainment is also cheap - a bowling alley, movie theater, night clubs, water park and Dolphinarium.

Pension "Azov" - one of the most popular in the Crimea.The season there lasts from April to mid-October.Autumn campaign held "early booking" through which you can order in advance for the next holiday season.Accommodation in the boarding house - from 740 rubles.per day.There is a constant security, comfortable rooms, swimming pools, water parks, various complexes and much more.There are three meals a day.

Rest on the Black Sea

considered inexpensive vacation on the Black Sea in the private sector.There are many guest houses, summer economy, hostels, lodges and inexpensive additions.Room prices - from 200 up to 800 rubles per person.It depends on the distance from the beach and amenities in rooms and cottages.The cheapest vacation at sea mainly in resorts such as Anapa, Tuapse, Gelendzhik, Lazorevskoe.


most popular small resort towns - is Dzhemete, village of the Annunciation, and Bimlyuk Vityazevo.They are characterized by a varied landscape, pebble and sandy beaches.There knoll, Lima and fetid mud for treatment, brines for therapeutic baths and medicinal springs.In Anapa do and their grapevines.


It is the warmest resort of Russia.It features a variety of climate zones - tropical, subtropical and arctic climate.Ski slopes, caves, healing mineral springs, a lot of cheap hostels and hotels and private summer houses.Prices will depend largely on the distance or proximity to the sea.

Gelendzhik resort area stretched for 100 km along the coast, surrounded by mountains of the Caucasus.Beach sand and gravel, the air is rich in ozone.Prices in restaurants are low, there are three water park.Season when more or less a cheap holiday on the Black Sea - in June.Beginning in mid-July, prices rise ..


This resort is rich in mountain landscapes, canyons and waterfalls.There are a variety of excursions.But the private sector is developed worse than in Anapa, therefore, in addition to low-cost housing costs, you should pay attention to the location of private houses.It is possible to negotiate a lower price if the sea far from home.


small resort that many tourists prefer it due to the low cost of housing.You can take it right on the beach - in 200-300 meters from the beach.There are not only small summer houses, but cheap rooms that rent for the summer home.They have a tile on which to cook the food, significant savings in restaurants and cafes.In addition, there is usually a summer terrace, where you can optionally order breakfast, lunch or dinner directly from the owners themselves.

Where to stay on the Black Sea coast

also cheap holidays at sea in the following locations: Rasseyka, Katranka, Sychavka, Skadovsk, Carolino Bugaz, meadows and Iron Port.You can stay in cheap boarding houses and bases of rest, "the Gulf" (Skadovsk), "Ryabinushka" (in Katranke) "cozy patio" (in Kryzhanovka), "Ray" (in Sergeevka), "Nikolaev" (in Koblin)"Eden" and "album" (in Rasseyke), "Summer" and "Lambada" (in the Maritimes), "Seven Dwarfs" (in Zatoka), recreation and camping on the Kinburn Spit.


In Ukraine as a cheap beach vacation.As in Russia, you can save to stay in the private sector.The private sector - does not mean a converted the shed for the visitors.Most often it is cheap small rooms.Or small summer houses for several people.However, reviews of visitors, it is cheaper just leave it at a cost of apartments, which are removed in any city.

cost is generally considered a man - the more people, the more expensive, but you can rent a flat and completely.It will be much cheaper hotels.The most convenient way to go in September - still warm, and the price drops significantly, compared with the seasonal peak.

Beaches mostly paid, but must pay an entrance fee of just 50-60 rubles.Tours to Odessa can start at five thousand.For a cheap holiday you can simply take the tours, and go on their own.In privateers accommodation costs about five hundred rubles per day in the hotel - from six hundred to one thousand rubles.per person.


in Turkey best to go on the last minute.In this case, the level of service is maintained, but the tour will cost much less - from 9000 rubles.The cost depends on the number of star hotels.But different from the cozy four-star a number of services, and the service remains at the same level.

can stay at the campsite, it is still a cheaper holiday at sea.This will require only a tent.But you can move around the country without any obligations imposed by the permit travel and accommodation in any particular hotel.