Barcelona Aquarium - a journey into the underwater world

Throughout the world there are large aquariums, where visitors can admire all the inhabitants of the underwater world.For example, in an aquarium Barcelona, ​​Spain You can look straight into the eyes of a live shark.It is well known that every living thing on the planet was from the ocean.For this reason, people all the time and tries to unravel the mysteries of the deep.This will help to everyone Barcelona.The aquarium, built there - a real miracle!

Why Aquarium was built in Barcelona?

This is a logical decision.This beautiful city is the capital of Catalonia and the Catalans is very sensitive to the sea.Not just anxious, and that rank as the word for the female, the masculine.Poets, fishermen and sailors stipulate for him with a female by the article - el mar, all the rest - with a male.But even more than the elements, Catalans love marine life, well versed in them and know how to prepare seafood perfectly.

Understanding aquarium

What is the solution we gave Barcelona?Aquarium allows you to w

atch all of these tasty fish (not only) in their usual environment.They crawl and swim twenty aquariums and absorb this week, as many as two tons of sea food.Over all, 14 tanks, highlighted the Mediterranean, the remaining six are for various inhabitants of tropical waters - coral atolls and tranquil emerald lagoons.Specialists in their field made a very convincing in their views when the waves are provided with the help of generators, and create the illusion of vastness of the mirror.All this has a corresponding sound.Barcelona Aquarium is the largest in Europe, and its glass underwater tunnel - the longest in the world.Area construction - about 13 000 m2 of which half - not for visitors.City uses two times less electricity than the aquarium.

Barcelona Aquarium: more information

Oceanarium is the most interesting part of the building.Its length - 36 meters, depth - five meters, there are four thousand different species of fish in five million liters of water and two underwater tunnel with a length of 86 meters each.On both sides of the tunnel look so interesting that the visitors would be entangled in his own feet, if not moving walkways.Rank modern, one-of-a-kind wonder of the world because of the aquarium is the underwater part.There is in fact a difference: watch fish in a glass box, or go to the bottom of the sea inside the transparent tube.In this situation, it turns out, as it were the other way around - the fish stares at people.It is interesting to observe the sharks are well fed, that they ate their neighbors.As they lick, floating around the tunnel!Also added adrenaline giant rays of different kinds and colors, drifting away from you in a few centimeters.Tourists gathered to visit a city like Barcelona Aquarium (reviews all the previous travelers only confirm it) will give a huge amount of positive emotions!

Service fish and other aquarium objects

Despite the huge size of the aquarium and a large number of its inhabitants (eight thousand different species of marine creatures), maintenance of the project involved a total of 150 people.When comes a new batch of fish, they are first sent to a quarantine folder, where carefully studied.Ill - treated.The food marine life in different ways, such as sharks - three times a week (the rest of the time is in the process of digestion of food).Except the aquarium, the complex offers: a panoramic terrace, an exhibition hall, various classrooms and lecture halls for classes and lectures, a shop that housed in an old ship, theater and conservatory.Theatre - for children, they also participate in various performances.Barcelona Aquarium - all these beauties come to see every year about two million people.No other place in the Catalan capital so attracts tourists.After all, where else can you find a charming, one of the rarest and most ancient fish-moon, who lives except in the Far East, off the coast of Japan?It weighs about 800 kilograms and a diameter - almost three meters.In the wild, the weight can reach one and a half tons.But sunfish - the most harmless creature.

Barcelona Aquarium: how to get there, opening hours, ticket prices

before us the object is located at the following address: Moll d'Espanya, 7, Barcelona, ​​Espanya.Call there and get some background information, please call 93 221 74 74. So, before you Barcelona Aquarium.Hours of places: from 9.30 to 21.00 Monday to Friday.During holidays and weekends the aquarium is open until 21.30 in June and September - up to 21.30 in July and August - to 23.00.Ticket price: 18,50 EUR - per adult and 13.50 euros - a child from 3 to 12 years, 15 euros - with visitors over 60 years.Discount 1-1.50 euros available coupon "Bass Touristik".Travelers who choose to go there by public transport, it is necessary to go down to the subway and get off at the stop line L4 Barceloneta or through L3 - to stop Drassanes.


If you want to feel the powerful surge of adrenalin, go down into the aquarium for 300 euros to the sharks.But for this you need to have a certificate of the driver.