The resort village of Dzhubga: attractions, entertainment and leisure.

Not all of us have heard of this amazing village as Dzhubga.Sights of the city, unfortunately, are not included in the list of the most visited places of the country.

And, I must say, absolutely nothing, because this resort, except for the unique and healthy climate, in fact, boasts a fascinating history and even appearance, mysterious legends and unusual objects that attract the attention of travelers, not only our country but also abroad.

This article will tell in detail about the village Dzhubga, attractions and entertainment that can not be the object of attention on the part of future travelers.In addition, the reader will get valuable information about the geography, climate, history, legends and interesting places of the resort.


It Dzhubga and attractions which generally modest, and at first glance inconspicuous, first greets guests at the Moscow highway on the way to the major resorts of the Krasnodar Territory.

Located in the village of the Tuapse district, about 60 km from T

uapse and 110 km from Krasnodar.Urban settlement, part of the recreation area, is the closest to the regional center resort village on the coast.

you like to spend the weekend locals and citizens, as well as the many tourists who are attracted by the natural landscapes of Dzhubga, mild climate, warm sea and spacious beaches.

Geography and climate

Universal Card Dzhubga (with the sights and access roads) shows that the town is located at the mouth of the same river on the shore of the bay of the Black Sea and surrounded by mixed forests.

from Krasnodar to the village pass the motorway (M4 and M27), both having a length of about 110 km each.The road passes through Adygeysk, Hot Key and Caucasian passes.

It should be noted that the beaches in the resort of sand and sand and pebble.All of them are wide enough, so they rest on comfortable even large companies.

Climate - subtropical, Mediterranean type.In summer, dry and hot, and winters are warm and wet.

Usually sleeper traveling on vacation in the village Dzhubga and attractions are not interested in more than the availability of camping sites and avtoturbaz.

ideal place of accommodation, according to many travelers, it is believed campsite for motorists "Dawn", which offers summer houses and housing for 700 people (winter - 425).

Here on the coast, also has a boarding house "Dzhubga", with its own equipped beach.

How to get to the resort

in Dzhubga is no rail link, and the nearest airport is located in Krasnodar.From the bus station "Krasnodar-1", located next to the train, to the village shuttle bus.It takes about 2.5 hours.Ticket price depends on the route (100-150 rubles).

From other cities (Tuapse, Hot Keys, Rostov, Sochi and so on. D.) Direct flights shuttle buses.From Krasnodar, Tuapse and Hot Springs also sent a shuttle bus (rates do not differ from bus routes).

best to get into the Dzhubga private transport, which is convenient to go to the beaches and bays.The quality of the roads are good, and the path is easy to navigate.Only in the season should specify in advance the availability of parking near the property as at the time at the resort a lot of cars.

history of the village

Talking about interesting places in Russia, not to mention the village of Dzhubga.Sightseeing, excursions and trips to this city in one way or another connected with its history.

And the name of the village comes from antiquity, translated from the Circassian language it means "Valley of the Winds."Although there are other translations: "flat spot", "the place where the fog spread out" and even "night beauty".

Dzhubgskaya The village was founded at the mouth of the river in 1864, after the expulsion of the indigenous inhabitants - Shapsugs.The village is the headquarters of the battalion Shapsugskoye shore.

Initially there were about 360 people (65 families).Now these places is Stanichka neighborhood.After the elimination of the battalion in 1870, the settlement was renamed the village Dzhubga later became a village.

By 1905, the village consisted of 74 homesteads Russian peasants.The main impetus for the development of the village was the construction of the port Crimea-Caucasus shipping company.In the settlement there were customs, postal, telegraph and visiting vacationers.

in 1935 in Dzhubga opened holiday home.At the same time the park was established, which decorates the village and in our days.And in 1966, the locality was declared a holiday village.

Coast Dzhubga located between Cape town and Shapsuho Hedgehog, which according to the plan, in fact, like a prickly animal.

itself Inal bay got its name in honor of the first Christian preacher appeared in the V century on the Black Sea coast.His fate, little is known.

Features local hotels

range of accommodation to accommodate vacationers quite diverse: from the private sector to conventional hotels and guest houses.The difference in price depends primarily on the level of service provided and equipment.

Private sector and hotels can be located at a distance from 300 m to 3 km from the sea.Accommodation near the sea must be booked in advance.

choosing a place to stay, do not rush to pay.It is best to explore the room or read reviews and photos.Cheap accommodation options can be found away from the coast.But there are advantages: quiet, clean air and low prices.

Dzhubga What to see?Landmarks

It should be noted that the town is famous for its natural beauty larger than the architecture, monuments and museums.Many travelers come here just to enjoy the quiet singing of birds and the desert coast.

However, the resort has its own water park with many different water rides for adults and children.The eponymous entertainment complex area of ​​20 hectares is located in the open air.Open water park from 10 am to midnight, in the evening often hosts youth discos foam.Because of the heat during the day the price of tickets from 14.00 to 19.00 a bit cheaper than in the morning.However, it is impossible not to draw attention to the fact that during the cold season water park is not working.

summer night on the local beaches are youth-entertainment.

In the vicinity of the village you can see an ancient dolmen, which has long been steeped in legend and mystery stories.

Take a tour to the colonel falls, dry beam or Guam gorge recommended active travelers.However, the organizers have warned that about comfortable shoes and sportswear clothing should take care in advance.

From the top of Mount Hedgehog picturesque panorama of the coast.Here, at any time of the year you can see the romantic tourists and photographers hunting for photos with stunning views of the sunset or sunrise.

addition, Dzhubga attractions, photos of which can be found in guidebooks edge, it is impossible to imagine without the Museum of wooden sculpture, which contains carvings made from natural materials by local craftsman Grzelak AM The exhibition is called "Oddities of woods."

beautiful legend Dzhubga

About the name of the river Dzhubga there is a sad legend.In ancient times in this region lived a noble Shapsug, who had a beautiful daughter Dzhubga.His father allowed the girl to walk through the garden only at night so that no one man could not see her dazzling beauty.Many wooed her, but his father refused all suitors.One young man made his way into the garden and stole the beauty.A loving couple disappeared into the mountains.But my father hunted them and killed her husband, and Dzhubga forcibly taken away.Heartbroken "night beauty" jumped from a cliff into the river, which was called by her name.

According to ancient legend, the village Dzhubga and attractions which are now known outside the region, appeared after the armistice Adygei warring tribes.In honor of this feast was arranged, where Elder defeated for good luck pitcher.In his order on the site appeared a village called Bzhid ("broken vessel").