Where to rest with a baby

believed that traveling with a baby, is a troublesome thing for new parents.However, the age of the child up to a year is the best time for a family holiday.After all, at this age, the baby sleeps a lot and can not move a lot on their own.The most important condition to ensure a comfortable trip is the right choice for recreation.If you need background information on the Trans-Baikal area it can be found on the website http://zabaykalski.flado.ru/chita/city-info/list, here you can find the location of all the cafes, restaurants and drugidh seating.

The first thing we must pay special attention to the period of acclimatization.On average, in order to adjust to the new climate requires about twenty days.That is why the place for rest should be chosen taking into account the smallest temperature differences.For example, do not need to go in the winter to tropical countries.To travel with a baby you need to choose the right climate zone.This trip is the safest for the baby.

If you do not want to spend mu

ch time on the journey, it can be an ordeal for a baby, it is best to go on holiday in a country house or recreation.In this case, remember that the domestic issues that are associated with the care of the baby and accommodation, will fall entirely on you.Although in this case, you can save significant than relaxing at the resort.

If you want to relax by the sea and want to get your child acquainted with the sea air, do not choose the hot summer months for travel and beach where accumulates the least people.Avoid travel to distant lands with a climate that is very different from the Russian.The beach should be chosen such that it has a gentle slope to the sea.Pre care should be taken to the windows there was no noisy companies under the windows of the hotel where you are staying.

The greatest popularity in the fall has a rest on resorts of Egypt, Greece and Cyprus.Egypt is a popular holiday resort in autumn and winter, for families with infants.This contributed to a short flight, the absence of the visa regime and the warm sea.In addition, the resorts of Egypt have everything necessary to ensure a comfortable stay in infants.The hotel provides a special children's rooms, where children will be under the supervision of an attentive and friendly staff.

not as strong acclimatization different Cyprus.During the day, still warm enough for swimming weather, in the evening it is necessary to have to dress warmer.On the flight to Cyprus, leaving not much time.Parents like the local food and wine, and the kids will be new to a warm gentle sea.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the most successful place is Rhodes.On it you can stay all day long, taking the stroller and walking under his gentle sun, enjoy the local beauty and ancient ruins.

Before you go on a trip, you should consult your pediatrician about the need for vaccination of children.You also need to know whether there is a children's doctor, shops, a children's goods and other necessities of life and health of the baby things in the place to rest.Also, you need to prepare all the necessary medication before the trip.