Pension Musser - photos and reviews

Pitsunda seaside town, situated on a mountain hill river Bzyb in the Soviet years has won fame health resort with favorable climatic conditions.The pride of the picturesque village is a protected pine forest, stretching for 4 kilometers along the coastline and numerous cypress, boxwood alley, turned the area in a green tunnel.Due to the abundance of vegetation in the vicinity of the air has unique healing properties.

The city built many luxury resorts, hotels and hotels.One of the most popular and affordable pension systems Musser is on the Black Sea coast.Here come the restoration of mental and physical health.Guests can enjoy the scent of pine forest and the atmosphere of peace, enjoy the blooming valleys.

Features and location

Pension Lakoba-Musser, former KGB sanatorium, which is located within walking distance of the town cottages known public figures - Gorbachev and Stalin.Is a building complex on the closed protected area Pitsundsky-Myussera park in the valley.Musser.The beauty of the la

ndscape give a unique tropical vegetation, pine and pine forests, vineyards and ridges of the Caucasus.

The air is so clean that dizzy.And thanks to the huge amount of iodine-bromine algae climate has health effects, especially in people with pathologies of the endocrine, nervous and respiratory systems.After a seven-day stay in this unique corner of the resort manages to strengthen the immune system and restore emotional state.

In the pension Musser go for peace and quiet.Everything here favors a measured and leisurely holiday.Near no noisy highways or settlements.For safety strictly monitors security bureau.Guests of Abkhazia, if desired, will always be able to go to the center of Gagra and Pitsunda.The road will not take a lot of time - 15 minutes on the bus and you are there.The city has an extensive infrastructure, ranging from small shops and chic restaurants finishing.


modern pension Lakoba-Musser testimonials from satisfied travelers constantly receives positive.Touted friendly staff, neatness and Room equipment.There were no complaints about the cleaning and water.Pleasantly surprised holidaymakers pure water without additives and with a pleasant taste, which comes directly from an artesian well.

The 17-storey building, one will find comfortable room, based on your own preferences and material prosperity.Available rooms for the budget traveler with facilities on the block.There are apartments of class "suite" with two rooms, private balconies and bathrooms.

FREE accommodate extra cots, bedding and bath accessories.On each floor there is ironing equipment, freezer, seating area with a TV and a kitchen area.


Thrice nutrition on the European system "buffet" included in the price guests.It is organized in the spacious dining room, which is on the 12th floor of the building.In the summer, tables are served on the veranda at the dining room.

menu consists of national and European cuisine in a resort complex Pitsunda.Musser pension (name Lakoba) welcomes guests in the summer outdoor cafe.You will be treated to a real Abkhazian wine and lamb kebab.


own well-kept and well-maintained beach is located 50 meters from the apartment building.The coast of sand and gravel, with dedicated spaces for recreation and games.From beach equipment - wooden chairs and sun awnings, which are issued on bail.Log into the water shallow and safe for children.

established breakwaters, so there is virtually no storms, and the water is crystal clear.Apart from a beach holiday pension Musser offers water attractions: yachting, catamarans, inflatable mattresses.On the beach there is a place for volleyball.Outdoor massages.


the disposal of guests there is an indoor heated swimming pool.For private car - parking.It opened a cinema and a library with a rich collection of books.Once will miss and active guests - at their disposal a modern gym, as well as table tennis and billiards room.

On the first floor there are slot machines, a sauna and a beauty salon.For an additional cost will be connected in a complex Internet Musser.Pension reviews received mostly positive.Many were delighted with the fitness center: you can exercise at any time, under the guidance of an experienced instructor.Also pleases guests evening entertainment.Organized concert show featuring professional teams and groups.

Pension Musser equipped with kiosks, medical center, a karaoke room and a travel agency.A wide selection of tours is impressive.So, for example, customers are offered a trip to New Athos, blue lakes, waterfalls and various interesting places of the country.Tourists tours leave reviews, ecstatic.

program for children

The complex is allowed to bring small children.For kids isolated secure area on the coast.The building has a playroom, where children under the supervision of an experienced and friendly teachers will be busy entertaining hobby: modeling, drawing, active games.In addition, on a daily basis for children's cheerful competitions with jokes, songs and dances.What also contributes to the fact that the rest just loved this pension.


Describe all the charm of this place is endless.It is better to come and see for yourself this piece of paradise.You can reach it by plane or train to Adler district, and from there to the border post of Abkhazia by taxi or bus.Alternatively, you can use the shuttle service (fee).Just 20 minutes will take you to the boarding house Musser (Abkhazia).

Reviews majority of tourists reported that the complex has a high quality of service, comfort and genuine hospitality.Good words are also spoken for catering: all dishes are delicious, nutritious and varied.Here you can really spend time away from everyday city life, to get the most out of communion with nature.And all this at an affordable price (from 750 to 1500 rubles per day).