Abandoned talc quarry "old lenses": description and photos

City Ekaterinburg has a rich history and an extensive list of interesting objects that are worthy of the attention of any tourist.If you become boring city life metropolis tires frantic pace of life and so I want to go to the country, we recommend you go to the largest abandoned quarry "old lenses".This is an amazing energy and beauty of the place.

It was here 40 years ago, production from mineral - talc.Today it is a tourist area with spectacular natural scenery.Pit - unique creation of man and the environment.Here you can watch the confrontation between nature and the industrial development.So let's take a closer look to this place.


Located pit "old lenses" Chabrier in the picturesque village, just 20 km from the center of Ekaterinburg.Almost every resident knows this fantastic pit talc and repeatedly visited here.Enormous popularity he enjoys among the people from other cities.Constantly on the horizon can be seen the whole delegation of newcomers and tourists enthralled.To go down

into the pit have the narrow wooden steps, but it does not scare the guests, and even, on the contrary, it causes a feeling of joy and a lot of emotions.

When did?

Prior to his appearance mineral extraction was carried out near the town of Sysert.Work on the new site began in 1927. The depth of the pit is 100 m, width - 250 m, and the length - more than 400 meters.Industrial production was made until 1974, then a monolithic talc section "frozen" until an unspecified time.

reason is to change the technology of mining.Talc deposits found in the "New lens", and now their development is carried out in other ways.And the "old lenses" into a deserted abandoned pit.Nature absorbs the years abandoned industrial machinery and everything connected with it.

However, the pit is protected, which favorably to arrive.At the bottom of the quarry "old lenses" fossil has not been exhausted, so the indefinite future will continue to develop the deposit.A plot to finally become a huge bottomless lake, it is regularly pumped from the ground water running down the steep slopes.

A charming place through the eyes of tourists

When tourists come here, they have the impression that they are located near the Egyptian pyramids.Everywhere huge overhanging rocks covered with greenery.At the bottom of a small lake of bluish tint.A house built on it with a pump, which is home to the guard.

Over time any waterfalls flowing trickle career on the ledges and gradually destroying them.In the winter, with freezing temperatures, waterfalls turn into ice.Often you can see ice climbers.The pit reigns silence and serenity.

indescribable natural beauty is simply fascinating and frightening at the same time.Tourists often find valuable minerals (talc, pink tourmaline, quartz and more) at the bottom of the excavation pit "old lenses".Directions here will depend on the chosen path, but more on that later.

detailed familiarity with the excavation

When you place the bat first on what to look for - it's a huge trolley, now immersed in wild vegetation, and once served as a distillation of talc by weight.Moving on rickety ladders, tourists get into the world of tranquility and unspoilt nature.The reminder of the human intervention is a big excavator and a giant electric saw, from which breathtaking.

the middle of thickets of bushes scattered rusty tools and appliances broken in.A little further drain pure spring ice water.A few years later overgrown with trees and fully absorb the remnants of once working equipment.Even today, the canyon has become a major tourist town.In every weekend, regardless of the season, at the bottom of the site you can find the crowds of people with barbecue.

It is a popular place for photographers and artists, such as the beauty is unlikely somewhere otyschesh.Steep slopes, covered with moss and white birch trees and sandy soil, gleaming talc, create an atmosphere of magic and mystery.Cut off from the big city and enjoy nature - that's why the crowds arrive at the quarry "old lenses".Rest tents attracts both residents and non-resident guests.

How to get there?

get to points of interest can be from several points.Leave your own car from the western part of the city and move Polevskoi path to the stop "Field cultivation", then turn left towards the village Shabrovskogo.To reach the station "Sysert 'and turn to Chabrier.

traveling from the eastern part of the metropolis to the quarry "old lenses".How to get to the site?The Chelyabinsk highway move to the village Sedelnikovo (follow the signs).After about 500 m notice fork, turn right in the field, at the next intersection is the road to the depot, turn right and go to the station "Sysert."Then we should move to the left to the village of Chabrier.

to the quarry can be reached by bus.We wait at the bus stop "South" Public transport (№ 9), which runs to the village of Chabrier.The driver will tell you where to go.Before talc plant will have a little walk through the railway.