Club Paradiso 5 * (Turkey / Alanya) - photos, prices, and reviews of tourists from Russia

Club Paradiso 5 - a Turkish club hotel that is designed for the fact that her guests will find everything you need on site.It can be called and the city and the beach at the same time.After all, it is almost at sea, but on the other hand, is located on the outskirts of the resort of Alanya (Alanya).Club Paradiso 5 is the center of the city at a distance of no more than seven kilometers.There are plenty of attractive for different categories of tourists.Many travelers have written reviews about this hotel, laid her photo on the Web, but most of all she likes family and thorough people.We try to find out in this article what exactly are good Russian tourists in this hotel, why she gives them a positive mood.The more that our compatriots, judging by the reviews, there is not very much.


Airport away Club Paradiso 5 quite far - one hundred forty kilometers.Most tourists arrive in Antalya.And to get to Alanya need a transfer.The road is long, but not boring, and very beautiful.Those who travel on

their own, usually go by city bus to the bus station of Antalya, and then go up a flight of Alanya.The hotel is located on all the other hotels from the airport, so be prepared for long journeys - for about two hours.

that there is

hotel has its own infrastructure - it is even called the mini-city.It is located on several levels, planted with magnificent park.It's very green and beautiful.The area is so big that not all the tourists manage to bypass it for the holidays.Therefore, on arrival given a special card to be able to find his body.The hotel is a few five-story buildings and sixteen bungalows and villas.The latter even have their own swimming pools.The park has a lot of flowers and exotic trees, all surrounded by greenery and mandarin garnets.The hotel Club Paradiso 5 there is a gallery of shops, a beauty salon, laundry and dry cleaning.You can change money at a local bank.Tourists with their own transport can park it in the hotel parking lot.Powered and car rental - they can be rented for quite tolerable prices.Internet access is available for an extra charge.Every hour and a half ride Hotel bus to the city center.

How are guests

Hotel Club Paradiso 5 very large, there are about four hundred and fifty rooms.Some of them are for people with disabilities in movement, a couple dozen - for families, and the rest - are standard.A set of facilities characteristic of any good "five": a toilet with bath, air conditioning, TV, mini-bar ... Double beds, and apart from them in the room are a sofa and armchairs.There is also a kettle and all the coffee and hot drinks.Balconies are huge, equipped with plastic furniture.Seaview lodge without any surcharges and "baksheesh".All correctly and working properly.Cleaning, towels and linen - every day.Family rooms are duplex with two bathrooms, living room, kitchen and three balconies.Suites and apartments - ranging from sixty to 150 meters.Quite often guests write about that when booking a standard room without any additional cost they lodge in the room of the highest category, which they, of course, very welcome.

how to feed

Club Paradiso Hotel 5, as well as many Turkish "Five", located on the coast, offers a power supply system "all inclusive".In her work the main restaurant where you can taste the cuisines of different nations of the world (practically every evening theme dinners), cafe with snacks, sweets and drinks, and two bars with good wines and cocktails.A lot of variety of meat and fish dishes, and of course, baking, tori, desserts and fruits.There are also two restaurants "a la carte" - fish and barbecue, which can be at once free to visit during the holidays.The beach bar was covered with such excellent dinners that many tourists were too lazy to go back to the hotel.At breakfast, give the honey comb, at lunch - cake "Gozleme" with different fillings.At a dinner party a day grilled skewers and fish.Sometimes feeding fruits include chocolate fountain - children usually from him ecstatic.A lot of ice cream, moreover, very high quality, it can be there from noon until eight in the evening.In general, the food almost around the clock.

How indulges guests

But a lot of all kinds of entertainment - a good, even great animators, many of whom are Russian-speaking, every evening shows and a variety of programs, including a mini-plays and musicals.Animators constantly entertain kids - and the sea, and pool.There is also a mini club for younger guests.There they are taught to cook a pizza to paint T-shirts and so on.On the beach, arranged a great party, and on Fridays - disco and foam fire-show.You can do sports: volleyball, basketball, squash, tennis.There are diving instructors.On the beach there are many other water sports.And of course, worthy of special praise fitness center and spa - with a Jacuzzi, a must hammam, sauna and massages.

Where to swim and sunbathe

Since Club Paradiso 5 (Turkey) has a vast territory, the distance to the beach about a mile.We need to go down to the road, and then go through the underpass.But if you feel like stomping on foot, even through the park, it offers a bus that runs every half hour to the sea.Own beach, equipped with shower and toilet, there is a lot of umbrellas and sun loungers.It is very large, and the place lacks everything - so the problems with the reoccupation of sunbeds early in the morning there was not observed.Beach towels are issued in the spa center in exchange for a card.Sea deep, warm, clean.Tourists write that there are waves, but not very big.The hotel has several swimming pools.One of them is at the top level, and offers stunning views of the sea and mountains.The main pool with animation - near retsepshen.For children near the third reservoir has five water slides.


Price per room in this hotel in the night starts at sixty-seven dollars.When buying rounds of pay fifty thousand rubles for two people for a week.Now about the prices at the hotel.If you want to use the safe, you have to pay around two euros per day.Foam disco on the beach - Entrance 10 JeHotel bus to the city center is worth three liras, urban bus - 2. The most expensive museum in Alanya - a fortress.Log in there - fifteen lire.If you want to call a taxi to the castle right away, it will cost not less than $ 25.Hours-long walk through the sea with lunch and entertainment programs will cost 70 USD, if you buy at the hotel, and 35-40 - if on the waterfront of Alanya.The approximate price of the city's tourist office near the hotel - twenty-five dollars per person, but the third trip - free.

Where to go from the hotel Club Paradiso Resort 5

Most tourists prefer to visit in the evening Alanya - go into the city center in the hotel bus (his schedule convenient for tourists, the last flight back to a quarter hour of the night).There you can walk along the promenade to wander through the shops and shops.In addition, next to the bus stop is just a gorgeous park with ponds, fountains and attractions for children.If you decide to go there in the afternoon, you can visit the beach of Cleopatra, the beautiful cave near the city-fortress on a rock with its breathtaking views, the old docks.You can also take a boat trip and a ride on the boat, which comes in an amazing bay.To reach the castle, you need to take the bus number four, which goes to the top of the cliff.Another very popular excursion jeep safari (a late-night option).

Hotel Club Paradiso 5: reviews of our compatriots

Russian tourists visited here praise the staff: helpful, hard-working, friendly.Tipping is not possible to give still decide as quickly as possible any questions.Of course, it is better to know English, at least minimally, and then everything will be clear.The hotel is huge, there are resting people from at least ten countries.Russians are not very many, because if you want to someone to chat, you need to know languages.But it is also a plus - after all Europeans, coming to rest, very demanding, especially the work of the staff.But it themselves very polite.Very good and large rooms, especially residences and villas.About them a lot of rave reviews.The hotel is perfectly adapted to the needs of the disabled - here as elsewhere, many special ramps, toilets, and so on.Despite the fact that housing is on the hill, the people who find it difficult to move, too, can feel at the celebration of life.Sam stay at the Russians call an excellent and highly recommend the hotel to friends and acquaintances.Incidentally, in the lobby there is a gallery of photos of the guests who come here not for the first time.Similar reviews of the hotels in this region earned only 5 Vera Club Paradiso, located in Belek, close to Antalya.