Why bankrupt tour operators in Russia?

According to statistics, each year in Russia ruined about five tourist companies.But in 2014, of course, broke the terms of all the records.Experts say that the data of bankruptcy can not be considered accidental.Why tour operators going bankrupt?What reasons have led to a crisis in the market?How to protect yourself when you travel abroad?You can find answers to your questions by reading this article.

due to bankruptcy

In the midst of the holiday season all the campers anxiously following the news.Why Russian tour operators going bankrupt?Media unanimously repeat that blame the poor state of the economy of our country.The fall of the national currency, geopolitical crisis and reduced demand for the services of the population - the main factors of default of individual firms, industry experts say.But is it really?

incorrect management decisions

Rosturizm published data showing that in the first quarter of 2014 the number of tourists decreased by 4%.Suppose the individual tour operators losing c

ustomers briefly reached 15 or 20%.However, in theory, these numbers could not lead to fatal consequences for the company if it has the necessary reserves.Thus, we can assume that one of the reasons to expedite the destruction of the tour operator, is the incompetence of leadership.


Tourist business - high risk area.The company undertakes to pay the expenses, planning actions beforehand.For example, it is a charter flight orders and buys a place in the hotel in advance.Then all the forces trying to sell tickets, but can not always find the right number of clients.That is why there are so-called "last-minute" tour designed to recoup at least part of the cost.

At the beginning of this year, it was clear that the demand for services firms reduced significantly.Those who came to the rational planning of business, cut costs and stay afloat.However, part of the business too optimistic about the future, hoping for high returns in the season.Unfortunately, the tourists do not meet their expectations - that's the answer to why tour operators going bankrupt.A jump in the dollar was in this time proved to be a convenient excuse.

intentional action

There is a perception that some unscrupulous companies have used the situation to the crisis in their favor.That is against the backdrop of devastation individual firms declare bankruptcy, collected seasonal jackpot and discontinued operations.However, experts in the field of tourism businesses believe that the destruction of tour operators in such a scenario is unlikely.If earlier flourished cheating all the time, it is now the law enforcement bodies carry out serious checks on deliberate deception.

Appreciation vouchers

next reason why ruined Russian tour operators - the rising cost of holiday abroad.Today, due to the unstable economic situation in the country, citizens are afraid to buy expensive tours.First of all, the drop in demand occurred in countries such as Tunisia, Germany or France."Mass" areas, such as rest in Turkey and Egypt, remain popular.Nevertheless, the firm's revenues are falling.If earlier the Russians gladly took expensive trips, but now are trying to find something cheaper.

Appreciation tickets

Ruined tour operators argue that their contribution to their default made and Russian airlines."Aeroflot", "Transaero" and other tie pricing for their services to the exchange rate.And often, the cost of tickets is growing even faster than the course itself.Operators booking charter flights, making 15-20% of the total cost in advance.It is clear that if the company does not recruit a sufficient number of customers, it loses bail.And the one who counted the same number of visitors as last year, suffered significant losses.

lack of lending

Not all insurance companies renegotiate contracts with tour operators, so each of them is at risk.Many bankrupt companies worked until recently, hoping for the support of the bank.Reigning in the tourist market nervousness forcing banks refuse to extend credit, fragile companies.

ban on travel abroad

following answer to the question about why the Russian tour operators going bankrupt, a ban on travel abroad for employees of power structures and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.It is this segment of the population most consistent and never regretted money on holiday for themselves and their families.Notorious company "Labyrinth" and "Neva" earlier took part in public contracts.The firm provides vouchers for government officials.And now, in part associated with the loss of their ruin those customers.

lack of licensing

Why tour operators going bankrupt?Today, anyone can open a travel agency without any problems.It's enough to register as a legal entity, rent an office and connect the Internet.The government no longer controls the tourism industry and has significant levers.Travellers protects only the insurance fund established by large companies.It was taken from him the means to close the debt Burned colleagues.However, even here there are problems.For example, the insurance company "Ascent" worked with "Labyrinth", "Neva" and many other operators.She took over the burdens, concluding contracts more than able to pay.As a result, tourists are at risk of losing money because by law, all debts will be paid in proportion to: a half or 30% of the total cost.

How to plan a trip abroad

Today, after the collapse of the tourist industry in the market, we take the choice of the company more than seriously.In order not to be in the ranks of defrauded travelers abandoned to their fate, you must carefully weigh all the circumstances.First of all, you should know which tour operators can go bankrupt and which surely continue the work soybeans.

Tips for those who want to find a reliable company

  • considered a proposal by several companies offering tours in the selected direction.Too low a price should be more alert than good news.Exception, for obvious reasons, are the "burning" tour.
  • Good reviews of friends and acquaintances of his trip are not a measure of reliability.As proved by the experience ruined the tour operators had not had the problems and fulfill their commitments data.To make the right choice, take the time and proshtudiruyte websites.It is better to look for news about the firm's independent portals as well as tour operators spread their resources only positive feedback.
  • Make sure that your chosen company is not in financial difficulties.Remember that the relationship between the operator, hotel and airline are based on special principles.As a rule, the company makes payments once a month, not taking into account the schedule of the arrival of tourists.And not the fact that your money will go to pay for your accommodation and flights.The operator can spend them, for example, advertising or staff salaries.Delay payment because of financial difficulties could lead to the fact that just before departure you will know that your ticket is not valid.

Increasingly, people in this country go abroad themselves.This is understandable - ruined the tour operators have failed to fulfill their promises, and the travelers found themselves in a quandary.Agree that the biggest plus in handling travel company - without the hassle of a trip.For you to buy tickets, get a visa and book a room, pick up the excursion.But increasingly, there is a risk that you not only relax, but get a mountain of problems.That is why many tourists are not looking for reasons to ruin the tour operators, and taking matters into their own hands.Fortunately, with the development of services for booking hotel and flight to prepare for the trip, you can not even get up from the couch.