Where to rest in October in Russia?

Autumn is a wonderful time of year.The air is fresh and light, nature is painted in different colors, although marred by rain and weather, which are constantly in October.But do not despair if you do not know where to rest in October in Russia.In this article, we'll learn about the beautiful places in our country where you can go to the middle of autumn.

this time of year comes the off-season.In most regions of recreational opportunities are declining.Although, if we talk about our country, and in October holidays in Russia is possible.Here you and various autumn fun and all sorts of entertainment.In our country, you can not just spend a pleasant holiday, but also to improve their health.Here you can get great pleasure in exploring the many attractions.

October holiday in Russia will give you positive emotions, and will incorporate native traditions.In our country you can learn the history of the appearance of vodka, felt boots and fur-tree toys.In addition, it is possible to relax with family or f

riends, you can spend time with a loved one or alone - it will depend on your goals and desires.

In order to get a charge of vivacity in the fall, it is not necessary to leave the country.You just have to know where to go to rest in Russia in October.

Southern regions

While in the middle zone of our country comes a cold snap and the rainy season begins in the south continues to warm sunshine.Therefore, if you do not know where to rest in October in Russia, it is still not too late to go to the Black Sea coast.Anapa, Adler, Gelendzhik, Sochi and other resorts are taking their guests until the end of the month.

should not forget about the Crimea.So, in Saki is still active season treating brine and hot mud.In Yalta or Yalta, even swim in the sea does not work, to feel the air and sun baths and breathe the sea air is also very good.

north latitude

If you do not know where to rest in October in Russia, it is worth noting that a great place to Karelia.Though this region and is situated on the territory of our country, it can without exaggeration be considered exotic.It is ideal for hiking, fishing and hunting.But the most common form of recreation here is rafting.Despite the apparent danger, this active sport attracts a huge number of tourists.

Some people specially selected for release in October.Where to rest in Russia and healthier, they know firsthand.They choose one of the many local resorts or guesthouses.Special demand for preventive use suburbs.

Moscow region

If you do not know where to go to rest in Russia in October, it is worth noting that the Moscow region this time of year is beautiful, clean air and golden leaves in the pine forest you will leave a lasting impression.The local boarding offers a selection of treatments and services, here you will be able to rent equipment for sports and excursions to visit.

It is best to rest the whole family, because children can strengthen the nervous system and the immune system, and experts of the highest class will eliminate your health problems and help a wonderful rest.Where you can spend time and without family, because in this place you can find activities and entertainment that you will not be bored.If it is necessary, then, for you especially prepare food diet, and all kinds of medical procedures can help improve your mood.

Ivanovo region

So, if you have not yet figured out where the break in October in Russia, we can consider a trip to the Ivanovo region.Here there are many recreational resorts.Offers inhalations and therapeutic baths, massage, and laser therapy.At this point, everyone will find something for themselves - the children entertained in special play room for children and adults can go to the gym and play billiards and tennis.


If you still do not understand where the rest in October in Russia, it is possible to consider and ecological tourism.This kind of rest will allow you to get acquainted with the world of living and inanimate nature, with the guide will show the most beautiful places.You should know that eco-tourism - a great fighter with depression and exciting vacation.In our country, there are magnificent views of the river and, amazingly beautiful, you can climb the mountain and down to the ground.You will have the opportunity to see nature for the first time on the other side and realize that our land is brighter, more interesting and closer to us than the Seychelles or the Maldives.It should also be borne in mind that eco-tourism is an inexpensive form of recreation.

St. Petersburg

If you do not fit active, you can simply buy a tour to the northern capital.Here, every building and every street deserve close attention.Savior on Spilled Blood, Kazan Cathedral, the Hermitage, Nevsky Prospect, St. Isaac's Cathedral - Russian attractions such gloomy autumn look particularly grand and monumental.


Also in October, you can go to Russian resorts in Pyatigorsk, Yessentuki, Zheleznovodsk, Kislovodsk, or.These towns with great hospitality greeted the fall of people who do not like the sultry hot weather, and choose a moderate mild autumn climate.Frequent visitors here and those who have school-age children are left at home in the care of parents or its second half.Autumn on the CMS is incredibly soft, without changes in temperature and strong winds.In October, the city transformed into a blooming garden with a riot of colors, yellow and red carpet of flowers, and then hibernate, covered with crisp white duvet blanket to sleep happily till spring.

In general, no matter what place you decide to go in October, then you will be disappointed unlikely.Russia - this is an amazing country, which is perfect for relaxing, regardless of the selected season.