Egypt in November, the weather, opinions about her, Entertainment

November - is time, when every citizen of our country begins to get out of wardrobes warm clothes, shoes, wrapped up in a woolen scarf, revel in hot tea or coffee.It's time when most want in the summer heat, under the scorching sun on the sandy coast.It is time, when dreams about the next vacation more often enter into a dispute with the autumn depression.And at such a time it is best to fly to Egypt.

What tourist studying, planning their trip to Egypt in November?

weather, opinions, points of interest, possible entertainment - that's what we will discuss.

visa, airfare prices: the nuances and peculiarities

trips to Egypt in November can be purchased at very favorable prices, because the holiday season has long ended, and the huge influx of tourists there.Therefore, many tour operators offer their customers the latest offerings and a very low cost options for leisure, the main thing - the right to seize the moment.

this season in Egypt - rest.Prices can be adjusted in November except during the

rainy season.During this period, of course, much cheaper than usual, you can buy a ticket, but also a complete rest is unlikely to succeed, because not be able to fully enjoy the sun, sea and sandy beaches.

The average trip for 7 days for one person will cost about $ 300-400, the cost will depend on several factors:

  • comfortable hotel;
  • power;
  • location, etc.

As for the visa, our citizens it can be issued at the airport upon arrival in Egypt.This requires only a passport, whose action for two months longer than your stay and pay the $ 15, then you are welcome to Egypt for 30 days.

is worth noting that only four hours on the plane - and you already soak up the warm rays of the Egyptian sun, try on your favorite swimwear and sunglasses.

Egypt in November, the weather, the reviews about it

Before you go on a journey every tourist exploring the temperature regime of the country of destination, because it affects all the rest, and the content of the suitcase.What temperature is preparing Egypt in November?Weather (reviews about it is confirmed) pleasantly pleased holidaymakers.This month it is great, because the period of extreme solar activity took place.In November, you can enjoy the warm sun and gentle, it will not be so scorching.The air temperature is around 25-26 degrees, and the water warms up in the same way.After lunch, the solar activity is reduced, which means you can safely go on excursions, shopping trips or just for an evening stroll the waterfront.

The only thing that may disappoint - it is the rainy season.In November, it happens sometimes, therefore, rest can be hopelessly corrupt, so before the trip is best to update the weather forecast for the next month.

In general, tourists are very happy with the temperature regime November in Egypt, many called the velvet season.


Do you have a great opportunity to spend time on the ATV or jeep, furrowing expanses of sandy deserts, and notice all this will not take place under the scorching sun, and under his gentle rays.

One excellent option active pastime is surfing.But it is worth noting that, in addition to traditional surfing, offers something new and memorable, and it is surfing the waves of sand.In this case, as it turns out it is not surprising, everything is easy, but the adrenaline added.

For divers the best choice - it is Egypt in November.Besides diving on the major Red Sea resorts is simply amazing - rich underwater world will enchant you with their colors and shapes.Plunging into the seabed, and want to grab something to remember, but in some cases it is not recommended, as among the inhabitants of the underwater across poisonous and dangerous items.

Tour to Egypt in November and can memorize good shopping.After all, to go shopping is always a pleasure, and with the end of the season sometimes sellers cut prices on many goods.Do not be afraid to bargain for a few more dollars on a particular souvenirs, it's always a pleasure.

Tourists delighted with the beauty of Egypt.After all, in addition to a nice tan, they bring a lot of impressions.

Things, or what one must visit

Practically every hotel or tour operator offers its customers to fill the time spent on the beach, is not only pleasant experiences, but vibrant emotions, cognitive historical tours, and simply walks to places of historical value.So why not combine a holiday in Egypt in November, with vivid memories?

first place that wants to visit every tourist heading to Egypt - a pyramid.They admire its grandeur, the height of architectural thought and power.The second destination in the excursion program is the Lighthouse of Alexandria.Well, after visiting these places you can go to the Valley mummies, to the Great Sphinx or the Sinai.It should be noted that historical sites in Egypt very much, and all of them to visit for one trip is simply impossible, so it is worth considering a few stages of rest.

Choose a city for holiday

choice for many forms trip to Egypt in November, weather, reviews about the rest, prices and other key components.The most popular resorts in Egypt are Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada.There tourists are waiting hotels of international standards, as well as budget options for recreation.

If you plan on traveling with children, it is better suited for this quiet and peaceful Hurghada.But for lovers of fashionable pastime is to give preference to Sharm El Sheikh.

For those who want to devote more time on trips, rather than wallow on the beach, should pay attention to Nuweiba, as its location most convenient for this purpose.

not only tourists, but also are treated

for people with psoriasis, asthma and bronchitis, November - the perfect time to visit the Egyptian mud resort of Safaga.Clinics offer procedures which will not only strengthen your immune system and will be the prevention of the above diseases, but also perfectly cured already developed symptoms.

Red Sea resort is located in the mountains, it is very rarely sandstorms, and the air is filled with freshness.International resort gained fame thanks to a very clean sand, which contribute not only in the treatment of skin diseases and musculoskeletal system.