Holiday village, Uvildy.

Chelyabinsk region is famous for its numerous lakes, amazing mountain archipelagos and unique nature.One of the best deep-water lakes is considered to be Uvildy.The locals affectionately call it the pearl of the Urals.And today it's the whole resort area in Argayash area.From all over the world tourists come here to enjoy the beauty of the local landscape, lie in the sun and take a dip in a freshwater lake mineralized Uvildy an area of ​​68 m2.

In the last decade Chelyabinsk region is actively developing in the direction of travel, there were many small hotels, holiday camps and recreational facilities that are happy to greet all new arrivals guests.The great demand among Russian holidaymakers enjoying recreation Uvildy "The Seagull."It has a high comfort, democratic rates for accommodation and friendly atmosphere.


Country complex is conveniently located at some distance from the highway, the bustling city life and smog - at a distance of 90 km from Chelyabinsk.Here tourists will have

the opportunity to experience the charm of nature and enjoy the silence.On the basis of all the features in a measured, unhurried and relaxing holiday.

The area is surrounded by pine forest, located near the picturesque hills and clear pond with ennobled beach.A special attraction was added blossoming exotic plants, most of which are listed as endangered and is on the verge of extinction.

recreation center "Seagull" (Lake Uvildy) will offer an exciting program: fishing, scuba diving, hiking for berries and mushrooms and more.You can also heal or qualitatively important business to conduct negotiations in a cozy, relaxing ambiance.


Uvildy Holiday Village "The Seagull" has different rooms - from standard to suites.Cleaning is carried out on schedule.

's service - one-story wooden Finnish houses with individual facilities and the necessary furniture.

For unpretentious guests of the complex can offer affordable accommodation in a brick building.There are rooms with private and shared bathroom (on the floor).

For large companies there is a separate one-story housing.In it you will find a bedroom, bathroom, sofa and appliances.

couples with children will always be able to stay in a cottage with three bedrooms.The house is separated kitchen area with full set of utensils and equipment.Available are three bedrooms and a bathroom.


In walking distance stretches sandy beach.The recreation center "Seagull" (Uvildy, Mechel) offers a versatile all-season vacation on the lake.During warmer offers water sports (catamarans, jet skiing, "banana", the yacht), and swimming in the winter - fishing.Free use - all amenities.


On-site spacious dining room.Meals are paid.Optionally, you can choose only breakfast, half and full board.It invites me to visit a restaurant that is open until midnight.The menu various delicacies of the European and Russian cuisine.Open bar with a rich assortment of alcohol.

Leisure activities

Accommodation and vacation in the complex available for everyone.Recreational Uvildy "The Seagull" is designed for different categories of tourists and offers a truly interesting and diverse entertainment.It works in pension Russian sauna with a swimming pool.Built playgrounds.There is table tennis, paintball club, billiards, football and basketball field.In the evening for everyone to open the door to a nightclub with karaoke and live music.

not be bored in a boarding house in the winter.A rental sled, skates and skis.You can skate on the icy hill, making snowmen.Active and fun entertainment will appeal to young tourists.Also for the children's playground was built with a horizontal bar, slides and swings.Recreational Uvildy "The Seagull" organizes corporate events, anniversaries, proms and various banquets.

Available technically equipped conference rooms of different size and capacity.To discuss with you the appropriate menu, pick up interesting competitions and shows.During the warmer months, you can have a picnic right on the nature.For these purposes, there are gazebos with barbecue, large table and benches.After these gatherings cheerfulness and lots of positive you provided.And for those who arrive by car, recreation center "Seagull" (Uvildy, CMP) provides a place in the parking lot.

How to get there?

from Chelyabinsk sent several buses to the village Uvildy - №№ 610 and 671. From the village to the base will have to go about 3-4 km, since public transportation does not go there.Simply call a taxi.