How to book and how to purchase tickets via the Internet

stand in long queues and communicate with the cashier window through the recess nobody will like.Whereas previously there was no alternative, and our parents had to storm the offices of companies or go to the airport, it is now possible to prepare all the necessary documents and pay for the round trip from home - book air tickets through the Internet.You do not need to have some special knowledge and skills or are trained, you just know how to use a computer and read carefully this material, use the tips outlined in it.

Selection of the airline or agency

There are several approaches to how to book air tickets through the Internet.The first of them - use the services of a special agency.It is, of course, on the websites of these organizations that are working with several airlines.Through the agency can quickly find the right flight, so there is no need to find out what serves the interests of the carrier direction.It is necessary to go to the sites of intermediary firms before to buy tickets over th

e Internet because:

  • sometimes they provide seasonal discounts or savings bonuses;
  • they happen more payment options;
  • can compare prices of different airlines.

However, apart from the merits, the agency has its drawbacks.They receive money for their work as a percentage of the price of tickets purchased.Sometimes airlines mortgage intermediaries in the share price of the flight, then it does not matter exactly where the book flights.But as a rule, the cost of services the agency increases the cost of the buyer, then turn to the more profitable services directly to airlines.

Both approaches can be combined with each other.For example, to find the right flight through the agency's website, and then go to an Internet resource, owned airline to complete the transaction.

Finding flight

Typically, the process for those who are faced with the question "How to buy tickets over the Internet?", Does not cause much difficulty.Select the appropriate form field start and end points of travel, the date and number of seats, taking into account the age of the passengers.If you plan a trip to one end, mark the appropriate item on the site.Some resources, you can activate "floating date", whereas in the absence of tickets on this day you can see the number of neighbors.Pressing the start of the search, move on to the choice of flights and ticket categories.

categories or classes of tickets

people who have not yet accumulated the experience of such operations and do not know how to buy tickets over the Internet, certainly very different surprise at the price of tickets for the same flight.The cost of the flight may be different in two or more times.The point of the selected class tickets.Different categories of airline tickets vary, but the distinction between "business" and "economy" have almost all.Small classes found much more - up to 10 or more species.They usually differ slightly.The buyer of the ticket category "business" or "first class" can use a special reception area, waiting room high comfort with an expanded list of services, as well as large, comfortable chairs in the front section of the aircraft.Different types ekonombiletov different possibility to change the parameters of the reservation, the Commission for refusing to flight restrictions and the transported luggage.There are also situations where the two tickets, belonging to different classes, do not differ in anything other than price.

The fact that airlines often set a low price for a ticket in an effort to attract customers to your site, but limit the number of discount seats to make the transportation profitable.Thus, when a cheap place finishes, the buyer has to opt for a more expensive, to be able to fly on the appointed day.

should also mention the class of so-called "shuttle" transport.In this category are sold very cheap, buy over the Internet here, as a rule, is not possible.Payment flight in this category have made during check-in.

electronic ticket

defined the correct category, you can go directly to the registration of the ticket.When it comes to international traffic, it is necessary to prepare a passport before how to buy tickets over the Internet.Otherwise it will be enough Russian document.The desired form field and enter the name of the passenger's name and passport number.After that there is the payment procedure, which we discuss in more detail later.The outcome of the event will receive a ticket by e-mail.To go anywhere to pick up a printed copy is needed.The fact that now the majority of airlines using e-ticket.After receiving the document, you can print it or simply overwrite it indicated in the booking code.With this data, you can at the appointed date to go to the airport.

Secure Payments Online

Before you start booking, you need to transfer to the card the amount expected to be spent on flights.Buying over the Internet in most cases involves the use of international payment systems.The most convenient cards such as MasterCard Standart or Visa Classic, they on the other side there are three-digit code that will need to be used, processing the transaction.Some banks require to pass a two-stage authorization to confirm the purchase.In this case, enter in the form of a code that comes in the mobile phone number or the password you specified on the printout from the bank.

Do not forget to specify the amount written off assets before order tickets over the Internet.

safety of the operation is largely dependent on the buyer.Implementation of all the warnings, which warn financial institutions, giving the card user, insure against unlawful debiting.Also, before you start the procedure of payment, is to make sure that your computer is equipped with modern anti-virus system regularly updated database of signatures.

Changing flight

Before you order tickets via the Internet, is to make sure that the chosen dates really fit, and the number of passengers will not change.Otherwise, the booking will have to change the settings or return tickets.Coupons certain categories of return, alas, can not.In other cases, part of the sum will be offset, however, the full cost of the ticket will not be able to compensate.


Many carriers in recent years provide this convenient service, as online check-in.In this case, 24 hours before landing, you can visit the site and by specifying the booking code, select the location of the plane of the free, as well as identify their dietary preferences.

As a rule, there is a choice between the classic and vegetarian meals, vegetable or fruit.Check out the selection of food offered by the shipping company even before you buy tickets through the Internet.Reviews will help understand how tasty food or that airline.

Conclusion I hope that after reading this overview of the reader there is a general understanding of how to buy tickets over the Internet.There is, of course, many nuances that can make flights more comfortable and cheaper.This program of gift miles, and shares held by the airlines.However, to get acquainted with these features better, you need to immerse yourself in the e-commerce a little deeper.The presentation of the information is sufficient to draw your flight or friends to answer the question "How to order tickets over the Internet?ยป