Where to go in Sochi attractions, entertainment.

Sochi is rich in natural and historical monuments.Here, each region boasts attractions and sightseeing objects.The resort stretches for 148 kilometers along the Black Sea coast.In addition to the natural beauty and the warm sea, you certainly can find a lot of beautiful and interesting places.For more information about where to go to Sochi, we describe in this article.

Sochi parks

in Sochi arboretum you can walk through a bamboo grove, and see rare plants of the subtropics.In the park, at the bottom, there is an alley of magnolias, the rose garden is divided, there is a pond with swans.But the top is "Chinese Courtyard", a Japanese garden and a grove of redwoods.There is also frequent fountains and sculptures.On the cable car you can get on a small observation deck in its booth is usually carried out tour.

worth noting that walking tired not soon succeed - in the arboretum has many gazebos and benches.Here you can also see the Butterfly Garden, a small aquarium also exotarium with birds, crocodil

es and snakes.For preschoolers ride on a cable car and free entrance to the arboretum.

Also, if you do not know where to go to Sochi in the summer, the garden can be identified, "Tree of Friendship", which is located near the stadium and Sochi station.At this point rising hybrids and tropical trees - for example, a hybrid of grapefruit and lemon, and oldest hybrid tree was made many vaccinations plants from different countries.At the same time after a walk, you can sit on the bench or in a cozy little alcove with roses and bamboo.

By Kurortny Avenue - the main street of the city - walking is best in the evening, after the heat subsides.And when finally it gets dark on the Plane-Tree Alley begins an amazing show Singing fountains.

Aquariums in Sochi

Where to go with the kids, do not miss in this city?On the waterfront near the concert hall "Festival" is a water park "Mayak", which pleased your kids frolic.Swim in the pool and water ride with seven runs in the open only in summer.Children can take a ride with slides and splash in the shallow pool and climb on the playground created in the form of a ship "Scarlet Sails".On the beach "Beacon" or by the pool, you can sit in a chaise lounge and dine in the cafe, especially because nearby there are several pieces.

If you still have not decided where to go to Sochi, the following information will also be useful to you.Year-round water park "AquaLoo", located 23 km north of Sochi.There is a children's playground with 3 slopes, 8 water slides and wave outdoor pool.Here, even in winter you can go to these hills, as "Black Hole", "Free Fall" and "Braid", and for children under the roof there is a complex game.

Amusement parks

So, where to go to Sochi in the heat?The whole family can take a stroll in the park "Riviera".At this point, there are roller coasters, rides and children's prize-winning rocker.Play in racing simulators, "shooter" and video games can be in the center of Goodwin.Racing suit on carting circuit.In addition, you can enjoy views of the city, riding on the Ferris wheel.You can simply walk in the park: at this point is health path - "health trail".

also "Riviera" is the opportunity to visit the exhibition of wax figures and the dinosaur robots, see a collection of vintage costumes and vintage cars, to wriggle into curved mirror, go to the Butterfly Garden, as well as take pictures with characters from the film "Avatar".The open-air theater on the stage of the summer festivals and concerts, and you can in hot weather or dolphins in the aquarium to hide from the sun.

Happylon Pirate's Park - is an indoor amusement park, which was opened in 2012, the SEC "Moremoll."On this island of entertainment every day, you can ride on attractions such as the "Typhoon", "Sea Flight" and "Tsunami" for the prize winning contests devices (there are about two hundred games and videosimulyatorov), and then have lunch in a local tavern.For preschoolers there is a "Pirate Town" and a five-tiered maze for kids - children's carousel and rocking crib.

oceanarium, dolphinarium

Thinking about where to go to Sochi, tourists, not to mention the biggest dolphinarium in our country (nearly 1300 people), which was opened in 2012 in the park "Riviera".The indoor hall held performances of sea lions, dolphins and sea lions, which can be accessed throughout the year.Kids under 5 years old do not need to purchase a ticket for the performance, most importantly, bring your birth certificate.

About dolphinarium opened and Sochi oceanarium, which will be of interest to all those who do not know where to go to Sochi.Walking through the halls that resemble a grotto, you can find the bright tropical fish, sharks, moray eels and rays, as well as coral reefs.

in Sochi also has a hippo, crocodile and penguins that live in marine zoos and aquariums to Matsesta.It is home to reef sharks, piranhas Amazon Black Sea fish and crabs, walruses and seals of the northern seas, Nile crocodile and caiman.Daily carried an exponential feeding seals, hippos, otters and penguins, and on Sundays you can see how fed crocodiles and sharks.

Sochi Zoo

figure out where to go to Sochi, you need to tell the story of the zoo of the city.It is located in the sanatorium "October".The zoo is not big, but at this point you can see kangaroos, peacocks, llamas, camels, lynx, porcupine, Ussuri tigers and ligritsu Marusyu, which is a cross between a lion and a tigress.Last year here from Tanzania brought two cheetahs.


in 2013 in Sochi Art Museum held an exhibition "Wonders of the media."You can see in the interactive hall on a large screen inside the famous painting itself - for example, to be in an old mansion near the great lady in the forest or among the bears.The interactive desktop make their own picture of the fragments, while on a spherical screen in the form of the Earth there are interesting facts about the worldwide Olympic movement and the Olympic Games 2014.

Art Museum houses a collection of ancient treasures and weapons that were found in the Mzymta, as well as works of Russian artists of XIX-XXI centuries.There is also a virtual exhibition displays paintings from the Russian Museum.

Rest in Sochi is comparable to the active seething source: life here is in full swing around the clock.For locals and tourists alike, the necessary conditions to forget for a while about the routine of everyday life and enjoy the atmosphere of incredible emotion.