Where in November rest abroad is best?

desire to have a good rest does not disappear with the arrival of autumn, and some people have even intensified.That is why many of them are wondering where in November rest abroad?Naturally, the correct answer to this question depends on what type of recreation like the man, beach, sightseeing or skiing, but to start is to consider options.

Where to go in November for a tour?

November is an excellent time for tours - there is no sweltering heat, but still not very cold, and the prices compared to the summer is much lower.For his trip to Spain, you can choose from its many museums of France, with its unique places and objects, the Czech Republic, different medieval atmosphere, as well as the Netherlands windmills and residents, completely free from prejudices.

If you are looking for, where in November rest abroad outside of Europe, be sure to pay attention to China.Here, in this period, a lot of sunny and warm days, contributing not only rich excursion rest, but swimming in the sea, as in the co

untry, in addition to numerous historical attractions such as Confucian Temple, Forbidden City, the mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang, the National Park Huanglong, the Temple of the sourcelaw, there are also stunning beaches.

Holidays in the Maldives in November

People who want to spend a beach holiday in November abroad should pay attention to the Maldives.This month is one of the most suitable of the year for swimming and sunbathing in the country.In November, the Maldives pleasing dry and sunny weather, and the ocean is warm and calm waters.

however, rest on the beautiful beaches - it's not the only thing to do in November in these islands.There are all conditions for diving - the crystal clear and warm ocean water with a visibility of over 50 meters, uninhabited islands, lots of coral reefs and a variety of underwater flora and fauna.In the Maldives, located throughout diving centers, which provided all the conditions for this training is not easy, but very exciting case.

Maldives are great lovers and excursions that are looking for, where in November rest abroad.One of the most popular tourist places is the capital of the state - Male.Here the attention of tourists are presented mosques, museums, galleries, numerous souvenir shops and cafes with local delicacies and drinks.

UAE in November: what to see and do?

In November, the season also offers a beach holiday in the UAE.It was from that time and April in the country the most favorable weather - moderately warm and very rare rainfall.Holidays in the UAE - is the dream of every lover of beach holidays.It is probably impossible to find a hotel with a good service on the beach, than those offered by Emirates.

Tourists who decide to spend their vacation abroad in November, the UAE is also remembered for the many attractions that are rich in this country.For example, in Dubai the attention of visitors to the city include: Jumeirah Mosque, old buildings Bastakiya and Al Fahidi Fort.Ajman famous former residence of the Emir, the Museum of Forth, Ras al-Khaimah - the ancient city Yulfar, Sharjah - Faisal Mosque and beaches Khalid Lagoon, Fujairah - ancient trading port of Dibba, Al-Bidiya, the palace of Al-Hale, Abu Dhabi -ultra-modern buildings, as well as mosques and bazaars.

The November holiday in Egypt

Despite the fact that there are many places where you can spend your vacation in November, where to go - the first question asked by every man, came to rest this month.Beach lovers and exotic can safely give preference to Egypt.November guests of this country pleases lack of sweltering heat, the warm sea and the opportunity to get acquainted with many attractions.

Egypt - is the perfect combination of high quality service and low prices.In addition, the state has a lot of unique architectural monuments of the epoch of Greco-Roman Empire, pharaohs, Coptic and Islamic cultures.If you have long thought, where in November rest abroad, and finally chose Egypt, then you simply can not ignore the Sphinx, the Pyramids.Visit the Egyptian National Museum, Karnak Temple, the Monastery of St.Catherine, as well as the natural attraction - the Coloured Canyon.

Thailand a great beach vacation in November

Holiday in Thailand in November - is the dream of all lovers of dry and very hot weather.This month visitors countries can soak up plenty of fabulous white beaches and enjoy socializing with pristine pure nature.Of particular note is the Thai service that has long been synonymous with quality service.

Numerous entertaining excursions to local natural and man-made attractions of Thailand are able to diversify great vacation in November.Reviews one day rest in the country, unanimously claim that a reasonable combination of price, quality and diversity of nowhere.Particularly noteworthy are exotic islands, Buddhist temples and monasteries, magical statues of Buddha, the Royal Palace, the school MuangTay boxing and many other places.The only thing that should be considered tourists, so as not to spoil your holiday November is the fact that in Siam reign the rules of conduct that must be followed.

Where to go skiing in November?

If you already can not wait for the arrival of winter and want to spend a ski vacation in November, where to go, can also be found.An excellent option would be one of the ski resorts in Austria, Switzerland or France.

Austria attracts tourists with its unique resort that has long turned into the whole alpine village with distinctive traditions.French Alps provide skiers a wide choice of routes and the perfect snow cover.And for the winter holidays Switzerland level things can only say that 2/3 of its territory is covered by mountains.

As you can see, the options where you can spend a wonderful vacation in November, overseas, there are so many, we just need to decide what you wish for, and understand that you allow your finances.