Temperatures in Greece in September.

considered ideal and comfortable in September for a holiday in Greece.This is not the hottest July and August.Literally in the first couple of weeks come autumn temperatures along the coast and has a delicate reduced value of + 27-30 degrees, which carries much lighter than + 34-36, and then all of 40 degrees.The country is beginning to catch up with tourists who do not like the heat, but they want to swim in the warm sea.Temperatures in Greece in September just for them: there is no heat, it begins a nice warm period.

What do tourists in Greece in September

All conditions contribute to the fact that the number of tourists is not reduced compared to the summer.Why not.The weather is windless, there are almost no rains.Therefore, despite the high prices, tourists who have chosen this country and because of the peak season, a lot.During this period, less dangerous to swim and sunbathe and engage in various water sports.Vacationers in paragraphs lease take great pleasure boats, jet skis, equipment for

sailing and scuba diving.Over the mountains of the Balkan Peninsula cold northern winds do not get, but bring moisture and coolness of the summer monsoon.All this does not prevent thousands of tourists get charged the most positive emotions, get a lot of pleasure from beach rest, excursions and participate in various festivals.

Holidays in Greek Islands

In the central and northern regions by the end of the month the weather begins to deteriorate and gradually becomes not such a good and stable as the summer.For example, on the island of Corfu can charge a very protracted and nasty rain, accompanied by wind.But after such bad weather, cold weather often comes strong warming.To obtain a guarantee of good weather, choose the southern islands.So, until the beginning of November to keep heat on the island of Rhodes.Therefore, the question of what the weather in Greece in September, about Rhodes answer is that good.Even in the case where the air may cool down at night to 15 degrees, the water temperature will appreciate 20.

Excursions in Greece

With the onset of September comes to Greece to cool, and immediately increased the popularity of tours.In many areas you need to book a place in advance of tourist groups.After the temperature in Greece in September is just designed for trips to famous sites of Greece, where travelers can see with their own eyes the beauty and greatness of the culture / architecture peoples who lived a thousand years in the Balkan peninsula.And if you're lucky to get to the festival, it will be able to compare the modern culture of the Greeks and ancient culture.It is interesting.The more that you can always take a break from sightseeing program and enjoy a pleasant beach holiday.After all, you are in the state of Greece, in September, the water temperature is 25-26 degrees here at the beginning of the month and slightly less in the end.

Shopping in Greece and other entertainment

If in the beginning of autumn price in malls and small shops are kept at a high level, then by the end of September, they begin to decrease.After the influx of tourists is reduced, and a significant, especially in the central and northern parts of the country.Prices are pleasing to the eye and help to shopping.It is also well to temperatures in Greece in September, as the coolness midday adjusts to some activity, rather than lying on the beach.Travelers walk the streets, go almost every shop, buying them gifts and gifts to friends and relatives.You can buy a fur coat and the cold Russian winter.This month is ideal for a wide range of leisure activities - both passive and active.A soft and comfortable weather is suitable for people of all ages.Therefore, if you are asked what the temperature in Greece in September, answer with a clear conscience, that is very good.Cool evening, although many of those do not believe, do not interfere with the travelers to hold open verandas street cafes and restaurants.

conclusions of the September holidays in Greece

At the end of the article will try to draw general conclusions on the question of what the weather in Greece in September and how profitable to go there for a vacation in this period.As already noted, coming to rest in the country in the early autumn, the material benefits you get.Since the price of air tickets, hotels, and continuing cost of ending prices in the shops, the money you do not win.But if the interests of the majority of beach vacation, this is your time.By the end of the month the situation is slightly different.It is already possible to obtain material benefit, but the comfort of rest, it is likely to suffer.They begin to grow wind, which often end with heavy rains and storms.It knocks down prices on vacation, but its quality has not particularly affected.So the conclusion is - the temperature in Greece in September and arranges most of the rest can be recommended for this period of relaxation.