Tenerife where it is?

Who among us does not like to travel?Even in summer, when the excess heat and the sun, we are drawn to overseas countries.And imagine November!Pale gray cotton heaven is not happy emotions, the window is visible only black graphics tree branches.Not a speck of light in the environment.And then in the memory pops a magical, musical word - Tenerife.Where is it?What is it?In which country is to swim out of the depths of the subconscious Resort?

And now we are taking up an atlas or globe, and begin to look for where the island of Tenerife.However, such a scenario is typical for any srednestaticheskogo person.The most lazy do differently.They stick to the issues to friends and family: "Tenerife - where is it?" But the most enterprising of us do not like to delay the case indefinitely.They go to a travel agency, buy colorful booklets and frantically leafed through them, trying to figure out where to go for a vacation in Tenerife.And make absolutely correct.

In fact, Tenerife - where is it?

excursion into the geography

All of us are aware of the Canary Islands and that they belong to Spain.But not everyone is aware that one of them in this archipelago has a sonorous name of Tenerife.Where is this island?In the Atlantic Ocean.And despite its formal affiliation with Spain, it is geographically closer to Africa.Therefore, the climate is appropriate."Land of Eternal Spring", this piece of land known as seasoned travelers.

Climatic features Tenerife

Such weather conditions and attract travelers to the island.Here you can relax at any time.In the winter you do not risk to get under tropical downpour or become a victim of the hurricane.A thermometer pleasantly pleased with their performance - 20 in the shade.In the summer, despite the proximity of the equator, there is intense heat, so tourists feel comfortable.The place where is the island of Tenerife, can be considered a paradise for vacationers.On the sides it is surrounded by two other representatives Canary Islands - La Gomera and Gran Canaria.Also very interesting island.

But back to Tenerife.Although quite a comfortable temperature on the island is noted the proximity of two different microclimates.This is due to difficult terrain.The mountain ranges that divide the island, do not let the storm clouds to the south, so the lion's share of deposits (80%) goes to the north.There's wet and windy.Where in Tenerife warmer?Of course, in the south.After all, this part of the island is securely closed from the weather impregnable wall of mountains.Here are the best beaches, the ocean is more relaxed, and the rains are very rare.It is in this direction and sent millions of tourists each year, who know where to rest in Tenerife.

are planning a trip to the island

the best time to visit this oasis of relaxation, warmth and bright sun?Experienced travelers say that you can come here at any time of the year.However, it should take into account several features.The hottest month in these parts is August, cold - February.But the best time to travel - September or October.This is because the water warms maximum, the sun is not too hard bake.And the influx of tourists is not very big, which means you can relax in relative silence.It is also a great opportunity to catch up with the outgoing summer and be back in his warm embrace.

Where to rest in Tenerife?

This issue is of concern, perhaps, any tourist.Resorts are myriad.If you choose the southern coast, the most popular among tourists are considered to cities such as Los Cristianos, Las Americas, Costa Adeje.There is warm and sunny all year round.But in winter slight rain and wind.

West Coast also attracts with its beauty.Considered the largest resort of Puerto de Santiago, Los Gigantos.It is noteworthy that in the summer the weather here is almost the same as in the south.In winter, sunny days even more.

If you want to get acquainted with the northern part of the island, then there are some attractive places.Where better to go for a vacation in Tenerife to enjoy the sights and natural masterpieces in the north?Look in Puerto de la Cruz.It is a good alternative to the tourist south.The town lies in a valley, so here is a little winter sun and quite rainy.But in the summer, you will not feel any difference in principle between the southern resorts and pearls of the north.

Choose a temporary shelter

Before you go on a fabulous journey, you must determine the place of residence.Otherwise, any vacation can be considered spoiled.You decide to visit Tenerife?Where to live on the island?

I must say that the tourist infrastructure is highly developed enough.Therefore, a cozy piece of land is literally full of hotels that are rightfully his star.It all depends on what part of the island you choose to stay.

  • Blue Sea Lagos De Cesar. Hotel is an excellent choice for those who decide to relax in the west of the island.It is suitable for youth and for families.Everything is there for children: mini club, pools, special furniture.Do not be deprived of attention and adult fitness, spa, gym and the opportunity to play golf or table tennis.And you can safely bask in the terrace and enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains or sea views.
  • Club Hotel Riu Buena Vista. Fly to the south of Tenerife?Then this hotel is for you.Heated swimming pool and jacuzzi, tennis court and bowling alley, water sports and diving - all this awaits you here.And close to the sea.Why not an elegant place to stay ?!
  • Botanico & amp;The Oriental Spa Garden. For those who are fond of the north of Tenerife, will open its doors this stylish hotel.It is literally at the foot of the famous volcano of Mount Teide and is situated close to the chic garden with exotic plants.This hotel is a perfect place to relax.You marvel at the combination of intimacy and exclusivity.And yet here you provided plenty of entertainment.

Beaches magical island

That's what it is impossible to forget to visit these charming places, so it's about the beaches.These islands for lovers of sunbathing and swimming are striking in their beauty.Their calling card can be called majestic cypress trees that surround the sandy space, golden sunsets, turquoise waves of the Atlantic and, of course, the "Blue Flag" - a sign of purity and ecological beaches of Tenerife.

There is another highlight.The island has plenty of beaches with black sand.It is a reminder of the ancient times, those times when there rebelled Teide volcano pouring lava flows.Gusts of wind and sunshine turned the frozen crystals in a fine dust, which served as a cover for modern beaches.

Those tourists who prefer a lazy rest on the golden sand, too, will be able to find a refuge for the soul on the beach.They do not even have to search long.Millions of tons of imported sand adorn many island resorts.

Where are the best beaches in Tenerife?And which one to choose for your holiday?

northern part of paradise

Need a break in the north of Tenerife, which is amazing beautiful beach Martinez?The southern part of his restless because of the surging waves, but surfers consider it their ancestral lands.The northern - a paradise for those who prefer a quiet sunbathe and enjoy the sun.Remarkable and complex "Lago Martinez."It includes several pools, but most of it takes a man-made lake.Among the flood of water here and there discernible islands, which are based on hardened lava.

What we appreciate the south?

Beach with the ancient name of "Troy" might attract your attention.It is the abode for those who prefer to holiday in the south of the island.In the resort town of Las Americas are two sandy miracle called "Troy."Increasingly, they are combined into a single beach.They are valued for what is almost 20 years, are the bearers of such high scores as the "Blue Flag".Thanks to the amazing cleanliness, this place attracts not only visitors.Local residents also do not refuse to rest on this artificial beach.

West Coast Tenerife

heard about the island of Los Guyos?A great option for those who decide to explore the western areas of Tenerife.I must say that the beach area is small.But he is considered one of the sunniest.No wonder that his second name - "Algeria".And here you can admire the peaks frowning Los Gigantes.This rock giants that local tribes in ancient times was called "The Wall of Hell."

Beach - animated tale

And do not want to visit Hardin?It is impossible to pass by this man-made wonder."Beach Garden" - is the translation of his name.Indeed, only here you can stroll through the cozy alleys nice coconut and banana trees.And it does not hurt to look into the amazing park parrot named "Laura".History lovers will be interesting to admire the architecture of the castle of San Felipe.

Gastronomic Guide to Tenerife

Coming to rest in any country, we are interested not only in its sights and beach areas.An important question is, where to eat.Tenerife hungry you will not stay.There's work, both national and international (eg, "McDonald's") public catering.

level restaurants and cafés is determined by the plug.If you see the logo of one of cutlery, so it's better to ignore the institution.However, excellent cuisine, and you can expect in a restaurant with 4 forks.For the most part this is an indicator of luxury interior, rather than the skill of the chef.

Restaurants Tenerife

In fact, all the local power point can be divided into 3 types: meat, fish, and serves island cuisine.Where you can enjoy these delicacies?

  • "El Meson Monastier." It's not a restaurant, but a whole network, surrounded by a gorgeous park.It is located on the territory of the monastery complex.You can try all you want: the steaks and fish, coffee and local wines.
  • Bodegón Campestre. like meat?Then you here.Prepare this product are on the coals.However, this is not the only way of preparation.Meals are served in the restaurant on a special board made of olive wood.It is believed that it gives a special taste like spicy meat dishes and vegetable garnish.
  • La Vieja. This fish restaurant, located in the small village of La Caleta.What pleases the most, so it's native speech (as the staff are Russian) and menus in Russian.It is worth to try the fish soup of the same name, as well as assorted seafood and fish.

What can offer national cuisine?

kitchen island is quite varied and colorful.It is able to satisfy the most discerning palates.Among the meat dishes valued festive meat, which is watered by local wines.And here it is possible to taste hare sauce "salmorejo".Believe me, this dish you will not find anywhere else.

Fish are often presented in the form of cooked.This Vieja (having a deep yellow color and delicious taste), and bokanergo and familiar to us perch.Islanders like feeding the fish with spicy sauce and wrinkled potatoes.This is a true delicacy for the locals.

Especially tasty desserts.It offers a kaleidoscope of fruit, starting with the familiar melon and papaya ending.And of sweets worth trying "Benmesabe."So called honey-egg cream, to which is added the cream and rum, cinnamon and almonds.

Where to try the local cuisine?

not know where to Tenerife to get acquainted with traditional Canarian cuisine?Go to the small family restaurants that are in the local villages.For example:

  • The Canarian Tipico can enjoy delicious soups.Fish dishes there is also at altitude.
  • Here you can taste the chicken in a provincial restaurant Oasis, which is located in Adeje.
  • Do not you want to try the snails in green pepper and finish dinner glass of fine wine?Then go to El Duende.

all faces revealed before the tourists Tenerife, delighting them and hitting their hospitality and originality.It is an island where life is playing with colored inks, and every day seems to be magic.

Now you know almost everything about Tenerife where it is a magical place where you can relax like what hotel to choose to stay.But personal experience is always stronger and brighter, so it's time to buy tickets and learn about the mysteries of the island alone.