Where in October rest abroad?

in Russia in October, already cold and damp.I want to go somewhere to the warm sea and hot sun.But where in October rest abroad?Let's try to find a suitable route.

Turkey in October

considered the most popular resorts in Turkey.Despite the fact that the air temperature is significantly decreased compared with the summer months (from day 24 to 29 degrees at night - 13-17 degrees), the flow of tourists to this hospitable country has not diminished.Beach vacation in October in Turkey choose only the brave who are not averse to frolic in a pretty cool some water of the Black Sea and the Aegean.

But you can go to Alanya, Side, Antalya, where guests are always welcome.But do not forget that at night is quite cool, so warm clothes you will need on the trip.

On cloudy days you can go on excursions, visit spas, swim in the pool, which is in every hotel.

In Antalya you can visit the riding centers, of which there are several.The resort set and other entertainment - discos, nightclubs, cafes and restauran

ts.Have a good time in the luxurious parks of Antalya.There will find a fun even ballet lovers.They were always happy to see in the Theater of Opera and Ballet.

Many people whose holiday fell in the middle of autumn, thinking: where to rest in October?Abroad, this time you can still lie in the sun and enjoy a swim in the warm, like fresh milk, sea or ocean.

Holidays in Greece

you do not like extreme heat and overcrowded beaches?Then holidays in Greece in October, will fit you like no other.This month, the weather here is very comfortable.Day temperature is 24 ... + 26 degrees at night 16 degrees.The water is still good enough to warm up.Near the southern islands of the country's water temperature is still 22 degrees.In the second half of October the rains begin in Greece, but they are short and warm.However, the wind intensified.

Beach vacation

Anyone who wants to rest in October, on the beach, you should go to the south of Greece.Rhodes, Crete, Karpathos a magnificent resort that is not too crowded in the middle of autumn.Beach holidays in October good on the beautiful sandy (or pebble) shores of the Aegean or Mediterranean Sea.The island has many picturesque coves where the sea is calm and warm.

In October, significantly cheaper cost of living in hotels.At this time, easier to book a place, there are more discounts and interesting proposals favorable to holidaymakers.For example, the four-star hotel will cost you 6 nights from 15 to 25 thousand rubles.


October in the mountains of Greece - the best time for walking.I slept debilitating heat, the air was light and fresh.It's time to go to the mountains and enjoy the magnificent nature.The mysterious rocks and caves, scenic mountains you can see if you go hiking.

Cultural holidays, Holidays in Greece in October - the numerous trips around the country.On Sunday, the entrance to all museums free country.Do not lose this opportunity, visit Delphi, Thessaloniki, Athens.

In October in Greece, hosts many national holidays.Fans of noisy and cheerful celebrations can take part in the celebration of the Day of Ohi, small fish in the festival and the Festival of chestnuts.

Activities in October: where to

If this question for you is still relevant, it is recommended to pay attention to tours to the island of Cyprus.For many tourists, "experienced" vacation in October in Cyprus - an ideal solution.The weather conditions at this time on the island are very comfortable - the day is hot (+27 ° C), the nights are cool (+16 ° C), water is warmed up to +24 ° C.Just paradise!

Rest in October in Cyprus is popular for several reasons.The first is, of course, the weather.Beach holidays in October, is the most comfortable, so in addition to excursions and hiking, you can swim and sunbathe.

In October all hotels in Cyprus are pleased to welcome guests.They open their doors and offer the rest on landscaped area that are close to the seaside.Numerous resorts in Cyprus - Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Nicosia provide world-class service.

In the middle of fall blooms like Cyprus.If you are still tormented by the question, where in October rest abroad, do not doubt for a minute.Only in Cyprus in October, you will feel an incredible spicy scent of luscious meadow grasses, which awakened after the summer heat.This flavor you will not feel any spring or summer or winter.

In October, on the hospitable island of Cyprus velvet season continues.Many tourists try to come here in October, not summer.At this time the season starts entertainment.Arts Festival "Cyprus" takes place in several cities of the island.In addition, in Limassol are sports that are called "Lemesiya."

In Cyprus, you can spend an unforgettable holiday in October.Where to go on a tour of the island?Go to Paphos.Here you can enjoy an unusually tasty fruit that is for you to pluck right from the tree.Due to the unique climate here is harvested several times a year.

Activities in October: reviews

Most tourists vacationing in October, noted that this month to travel much more pleasant than in the summer heat.Everyone who happened to be at this time in Cyprus, noted the opportunity to swim in the sea and soak in the hot sun, when the storm is raging at home.Those who do not like the heat, quite satisfied with the opportunity to make a fascinating tour of the island.

holidaymakers in October in Greece believe that at this time in the country a better place to come excursions lovers.Despite the fact that the sea is still warm, the beach vacation is almost over, but the tour of the country leaves a lasting impression.

Rest abroad in October

Reflecting on where in October rest abroad, you can choose a lot of great places.It is not only the resorts of Egypt, Turkey and Greece.In the first half of October are very popular tours in Spain, France, Czech Republic.

In October you can relax in Goa.Prices for holidays on the Indian coast begin to rise in December, so in the middle of autumn, you can relax at very reasonable prices.

In October, the United Arab Emirates do not have even a hint of the approaching winter.It is a time of fresh fruit and a very comfortable weather for a beach holiday.

no less enjoyable vacation in October in Tunis.Summer heat subsides and the time has come caressing sun and warm sea.By the way, in October, is starting to gather figs, and you have the opportunity to enjoy fresh fruit.

Beautiful weather is in October in Jordan.Bathing in the Dead Sea and rich excursion program will stay.

hot sun and warm sea will delight you in October in the Canary Islands.

Joy will give you a beach holiday and Morocco, but be aware that, despite the heat of the day, the nights are pretty cool.

families with children in October is better to go to the Dominican Republic.This is an incredibly beautiful place, and the mild climate of these places will strengthen the health of your baby.

Tourists middle or older at the time prefer to improve their health in Bulgaria.You should not mourn the bygone summer.It can "catch up", such as in Nepal and Israel.In addition, in October - this is a great time to travel to the Middle East.