Where to rest in September abroad?

summer passed, and with it the days are hot, bright sun.Empty city beaches.My heart was sad.Autumn came ...

But do not be sad.If you wish, you can extend the summer for the whole year.If you receive a holiday in September, consider yourself lucky!After all, the best time to relax by the sea is not found.You do not know where in September a rest abroad?Today we tell you about it.

choose the route

On Earth, there are many wonderful corners where you can relax from the city noise, enjoy the beautiful nature and to forget about the windy autumn and slushy or cruel winter.In some countries, awaiting their guests and in the autumn, we will visit today.So ...


magnificent nature, many unique attractions, magnificent beaches - all of Indonesia.Russian tourists familiar island of Bali.Here, well-developed infrastructure, offers the pleasure of meeting with many attractions of the island.Relax at the end of September in Bali - so combine a beach holiday with a tour.

In Indonesia, the average

daytime temperature is 30 degrees.In September, there is still ongoing dry season, so your rest is nothing to prevent.


If you do not know where in September to relax abroad to heavy rain and dirty beaches are not clouded holiday, we recommend you to the UAE.If the purpose of your trip - a beach holiday, it does not make sense to stay in the capital city - Dubai.Pay attention to the Emirate of Sharjah.There is much more low prices, and the hotel is in close proximity to the sea.Do not be afraid if at night you plan to visit cafes, discos and shops.Deals Sharjah to Dubai you will take free shuttle buses.Conversely, however, have to return by taxi.A good option would be a beach holiday and the emirate of Fujairah, located on the east of the country, on the shore of the Gulf of Oman.

Emirates in September - still a very hot month.During the day the temperature reaches 38-40 degrees in the heat and the water corresponding to - 30 ° C.But it does not feel the heat as all the rooms in the hotels are equipped with powerful air conditioners.


Our compatriots have long and apparently permanently chosen resorts in Turkey.It is quite reasonable prices, the Mediterranean Sea is quiet and safe, has excellent service.Moreover, the flight takes a little time.The territory of the country is washed by the sea just four - the Mediterranean, Aegean, Marmara and Black.Most well-known resorts are located on the Mediterranean Sea, in the region of Antalya.Autumn beach season is still ongoing.By the end of September, he completed only in the resorts of the Aegean Sea.

in September in Turkey is still in the hot summer.Daytime temperatures vary between 25 ... + 30 degrees, water is also not inferior to air masses and warms up to 26.


where else to go to rest in September?A great option - Spain!Here you can easily choose the resort, which you dreamed, designed for all tastes and financial prosperity.Millions of tourists choose holiday in this wonderful country for the excellent service, beautifully appointed, well-groomed beaches, beautiful nature.But at the end of October beach season in many resorts of Spain finishes.

But in September he was still in full swing.In the first half of the month is the heat (30 degrees C).On the beaches of the Costa Blanca and Costa Dorada water warms up to 23 degrees and above.


In September, many are trying to get on the Cote d'Azur to get beautiful bronze-golden tan under the rays of the sun is not burning.

The splendid Nice temperatures in September, an average of 26 degrees.


Where to go abroad for a vacation?This question is often worried about those whose holiday fell on the first month of autumn.If you want to relax on the beach, we recommend you to visit Cyprus.This island is more suitable for such other pastime.When in Turkey, Spain is already cold and damp, plenty Cyprus can swim and sunbathe.Besides its resorts are famous for their beautiful and tidy beaches.

If you want to combine a beach holiday with fun games, then you should go to Ayia Napa and Limassol.In these cities, a lot of night clubs, discos, cafes and restaurants.Relax in September with a child in the best resorts of Paphos and Larnaca.There are many comfortable hotels, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

Cyprus in September the weather is dry.The air warms up to 30 degrees, and the water - up to 26.


In September, tours in Egypt are very relevant.Weather on the Mediterranean resorts begin to deteriorate, and in Egypt remains comfortable.Popular and visited resorts in the country - Safaga, Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahab.

When there is a question: "Where to rest in September abroad?", Many experienced tourists confidently replied: "Of course, in Egypt!" Many of them are in these places do not involve the famous pyramids and temples and cemeteries, no!They entail the Red Sea.Here like to relax lovers of diving.The underwater world off the coast of Egypt fascinates.Fans of this water sport have to go to Dahab, El Quseir Sharm El Sheikh.

in September in Egypt is still very hot.The air warms up to 32 degrees and above, and water - up to 29 degrees.


Many tourists often ask tour operators to the question: "Where to rest in late September?" To answer this question is not easy.Why is that?Firstly, the availability of these - a lot, and secondly, it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances: a holiday prefer people with whom going on a trip, what are the financial opportunities, and so on. D.

We invite you to consider, in our opinion,interesting trip - to China.The beginning of autumn - a good time to explore its wonders.In the northern parts of the country at this time it is still quite warm, and the south is even possible to swim.

In the second half of September, you can get to the grand national holiday Chzhuntsyutsze (Mid-Autumn Festival).It is celebrated throughout China.In this country, a lot of amazing national parks, and, of course, all tourists dream of seeing the Great Wall of China.

Recreation in Cuba

Bright country that never leaves summer - Cuba.Holidays in September on this earth will bring a lot of unforgettable experiences and a bronze tan.

on Liberty Island climate is tropical - hot and humid.The average temperature - 31 degrees.September - it is the rainy season, but do not worry.Rains in Cuba are often, but they are short-term.After two or three minutes of rainfall terminated, and another two minutes to evaporate all the moisture.

In September, the island hosts many different festivals.Most of them are held in Havana.This bright, noisy and funny costume ideas that remain in memory for a lifetime.

Holidays in Bulgaria

best time to holiday in Bulgaria than in September, did not find.During this period, in the midst of Indian summer.Since the beginning of autumn the bulk of tourists are leaving, and there is the opportunity to relax in peace and tranquility on the coast of the Black Sea.

in September in Bulgaria is still very warm.Only in the middle of the month it begins to feel the coolness of the evening and night.

In this article we have tried to answer your question: "Where to rest in September abroad?" Naturally, we could not tell you about all the wonderful resorts that await you at the beginning of autumn.But we hope that you will make the right choices and well rested.