"Koktebel" - a water park for children and adults (Crimea)

Many tourists dream of visiting the resort town of Koktebel.Water park, named in honor of the village, is one of the largest entertainment centers in Crimea.It is distinguished by its huge area and a variety of attractions, which are designed for both adults and children.This entertainment complex is located in the same village, which is located in the Southeast part of Crimea.Open "Koktebel" (water park) was in 2007.To this day, he has successfully encouraged their visitors.

As already mentioned, the area is a huge entertainment center - forty thousand square meters.And all of it is covered with giant water rides, pools, hot tubs, restaurants and bars.The design of the water park in the style of Treasure Island.Its logo "protects" the parrot Silver.

Attractions "Koktebel»

In the entertainment center "Koktebel" there is a very wide range of attractions, which are represented by different water slides.These facilities for younger guests made in the style of cartoon characters.Slides at the water p

ark only twenty-four.The most memorable attraction "Koktebel" listed below include installation.

«Space hole" - this slide is remarkable for its steep descent length of sixteen and a half meters.The depth of the pool reaches almost two meters.Use the sub mats.

«black hole" - the slide is a downright local landmark.Its height is about eleven meters.But because of its confusing and winding black tunnels, length of descent is about one hundred meters.As a vehicle for "black hole" guests are given a choice of single inflatable mats or rafts.

Installation "Kamikaze" is one of the most exciting roller coasters in the entertainment center "Koktebel".It reaches a height of twelve meters.Due to the steep slopes and the fact that the slide is open, the descent on it can be called unforgettable entertainment.In this setup aids are also inflatable mats.

«Family raft" - gives its name to the installation of the entire essence of the idea of ​​the attraction.This water slide is very wide pipe for the descent.This is necessary to ensure that the whole family on an inflatable raft could come down on them.

«Coastal Brotherhood" - is a system of interwoven multi-colored pipes.Vehicle - mat.

«Flying up the boat" - a whole roller coaster.Only they are transferred to the water.This ride is famous not only for typical water slides steep slopes, but also rises.The vehicle - an inflatable raft.

So bored certainly do not have visitors entertainment center "Koktebel".Aqua Park (pictured below) is famous not only among the Crimean.Reviews of it can be heard outside the peninsula.

Children's Services Children's Services

water park "Koktebel" is twelve different slides made in the fairy-tale style, shallow pools, pirate brig and labyrinths.Parents can simply leave their children in the area set aside for them in the care of experienced staff who will engage young visitors in search of treasure, journey through the game interesting routes or any other fabulous adventure.

Relaxing holiday

There is another reason to visit the village of Koktebel: water park, in addition to extreme pastime water attractions, offers a comfortable and relaxing holiday.Here you can visit the hot tub, soak in the sun loungers under the warm sunshine or in the cool shade.Hungry visitors will be welcomed with the hospitality of the local cafes and restaurants, which will pleasantly surprise your guests a variety of European and Ukrainian dishes.Toilet in the "Koktebel" search is not necessary - they are everywhere, like lockers and showers.

For those who came to the water park with your own car, convenient parking is provided.Its services are absolutely free.

The water park "Koktebel" rest not only comfortable, but also safe.The whole entertainment center is under the protection and surveillance.Each attraction you will have to wait for the instructors.Also, the water park is a medical center.

Theodosius - a water park "Koktebel»

Typically, the easiest route to the Crimean village of Koktebel is through Theodosius, from which the walking bus and the buses.They run to that destination for about half an hour.The train station is just a few steps from the bus station.To get from here to the town of Koktebel, you can even take a taxi.But, of course, by public transport, you can do it much more economical.

Minibuses and buses departing to Koktebel, have appropriate signs with the name of the village.Last bus leaves at eight o'clock.

ticket prices "Koktebel»

In determining the value of the tickets were taken into account several criteria for staff entertainment center "Koktebel".Water Park can be visited at economical prices at a certain time.Administration announces discounts that operate on certain days of the week.In the second place on the ticket price increase affects visitor.If it does not reach a meter, to pay for the entrance is not necessary.If the number exceeds one hundred and thirty centimeters, then you must purchase an adult ticket.The third criterion - it is the direct dependence of the price of the place of residence of the client.If the guest residence permit marked the Crimean peninsula, the water park "Koktebel" it will take on a more economical price.Entrance for visitors is always more expensive.In the summer of 2014 the highest price for a ticket for the adult tourists are one thousand rubles, for children - six hundred rubles.When buying tickets issued bracelets on hand.When they lost you have to pay a fine of one thousand rubles.

Waterpark "Koktebel": reviews

Reviews water park "Koktebel" sound very different.Among them there are both good and bad.Some visitors, comparing the water parks "Koktebel" and "Pike" is brought into the argument their discontent huge queues at the ticket counter of the first entertainment center.They note that the seat reserved for cash, it is not grayed out, and if you get there on a hot day, you can easily get sunstroke.When buying children's ticket baby, even with a lifejacket, prohibit visiting adult zone.And at the entrance and at the time, when you leave the center, it is necessary to provide bags for inspection.For their food is forbidden to come to the entertainment complex "Koktebel".Water park is not too happy visitors democratic prices in the local cafeterias.However, it overshadows fun atmosphere in the center, a variety of attractions and amenities.