Which beach Novorossiysk choose?

Novorossiysk city - a place where modernity is organically intertwined with the history.Tourists come here to relax, get on the plain, bordered by mountains and located on the shores of the warm and clean Black Sea.Here around - endless beaches, mountains covered with pine trees, and unspoiled lakes.It turns out that going to the sea, you are likely to encounter a problem on what beach to Novorossiysk.We can help you decide on the matter by giving a bit of information about the entire coast of the city.

What you need to know to rest, arrived in Novorossiysk?

If you want as quickly as possible to see the surrounding countryside, go to the park named after Lenin and use the Ferris wheel.This is the best version of how a bird's eye view the city.You can also visit many other thrilling rides.Also for children and adults, there are a planetarium and a water park where you can quietly spend the day.Select Novorossiysk beach for beach holidays can be a different way - to rent a yacht or a boat and go in sea

rch of such a place.At the same time see a lot of different other interesting places such as Cape to the monument of love - a meeting place for all romantics and lovers, "Malaya Zemlya" - a huge memorial complex and others.The coastal urban area has a length of 50 km, including a number of holiday villages.Can you imagine how many beaches here?And all, including climate, helps to make them perfect for a vacation.Sea water to the peak of the season is heated to 26 ° C, and the season lasts from mid-May to October.Air temperature can be up to + 40 °.So, let us choice, given that the move from one beach to another - not a problem, thanks to well-developed transport system.

Beach Sudzhukskaya Spit

is necessary, first, to note that the Novorossiysk offers leisure facilities is not worse than the many famous holiday resorts, with the same bright sun and warm sea, for far less money.And on the set of cultivated, clean beaches do not have the hustle and bustle common to many resorts.There are three very popular coastal areas, here we are with them and begin.Sudzhukskaya Spit - Novorossiysk city beach, having a length of just over one kilometer.It is a triangle, its base connected to a large bank.At the right bank is Aleksino (fishing village), the left - the already mentioned "Small Earth".Spit separated from the sea salt lake, where there are shrimp.The beach, as well as the bottom - pebble.Closer to the bottom Aleksino becomes sandy, so it is convenient to play water polo and volleyball (there is a special playground).Nearby there are cafes, discos, bike rental, locker rooms, convenience stores, attractions - all you need for entertainment and convenience.This beach has an area of ​​Novorossiysk for bathing children and equipped for people with partial disabilities.From all parts of the city here pubic transport.

Beach Aleksino

This beach - bulk, artificial, gravel having a length of one kilometer and a width of 40 meters.It connects the village Aleksino (more precisely - its coast) and Sudzhukskaya braid.From an environmental perspective, these places are the most prosperous in all the nearby areas.There are always in season, you are guaranteed a warm southern sun and sea air is saturated.And since the beach is located in the city, it will be available to all the entertainment of Novorossiysk to the center which can be reached in 15 minutes by transport.If we consider all the beaches of Novorossiysk, this feedback is the most numerous.Its uniqueness lies in the unique combination of the pebble beach and sandy bottom.At the entrance to this place is a parking lot, on the coast there are awnings, changing rooms, toilets, year-round café.

Beach Wide beam

around Novorossisk has many wonderful resorts where you can be nice to relax, swim in the sea and sunbathing.But chic local cottage called only a wide beam.Before us - a great holiday village with a special unique climate similar to the climate of the Southern coast of Crimea.Here, the heat: hot, dry summers and mild winters.If you explore all the beaches of Novorossiysk, photo area, the surrounding nature, you'll understand.Along the coastline of the beam are the mountains, slopes are covered with unusual vegetation: hawthorn, jasmine, juniper and barberry.Above the surface of the sea are formed couples who, passing through juniper, rise up and create thus a greater density of ions with a positive charge, which is very useful for the human body.From the Novorossiysk to the village is only 10 kilometers.On its territory there are 42 resorts, each of the guests could choose a place on your own taste.

Description Service on the beach Wide beams

For lovers of sea and mountain holidays in this paradise - 230 days of sunshine.The length of the beach - a little more than 750 meters, it - gravel, large rocks at this.Seaside - perfectly clean, we can say, crystal.In such places there are always fans of outdoor activities for them all conditions: there are jet ski rentals and ski equipment, as well as paragliding.You can order a trip on a luxury yacht and swim in the open sea.For spearfishing and scuba diving are the transparency and depth of the sea and rich underwater world.All these entertainments organized by the local diving center.There is also other infrastructure, customary for such resorts: discos till the morning, cafes and restaurants, open all year round, souvenir shops and boutiques.

Other beaches Novorossiysk

you were presented the largest and most luxurious beaches of the city before us.But of course, such a long promenade there are other places for swimming and sunbathing holidaymakers.Briefly tell you about some of them.The central beach of Novorossiysk, located between the breakwaters - gravel, has a length of 300 meters.It has sheds, toilets, massage, open-air cafes.We offer services such as jet-skiing and banana boat, beach equipment rental, including sun loungers.Not far away, 50 meters, a water park operates.There is another beach - "Neptune" - pebble, one kilometer in length and a width of 10-12 meters.The bottom and pebble, depth increases slowly.It works changing rooms, toilets, summer café.All along the promenade passes a pedestrian area with public gardens, playgrounds and shops.The only beach Novorossiysk called "Sheskharis", located in the industrial zone of the city, between the dry cargo and oil ports.This is a small pebble beach, to him from the Sukhumi highway, passing here, coming down the track.There are composting toilets, changing rooms and sheds.I use it mostly locals.So take a look at several beaches and choose the one for your holiday.